Netflix Quick Guide: How To Watch Netflix On Your TV | Netflix

-Hi. I’m Matt Marenghi, and I’m part of the
team that builds the user experience here at Netflix. There are lots of different
ways to watch Netflix. Many of our members watch on
their laptops and PCs. But the majority of the more than one
billion hours of movies and TV shows our members watch each month
happens on their TVs. That makes sense. Relaxing on the couch in front of your
big screen TV makes for a fantastic viewing experience. Getting Netflix on your TV
is really very easy. There are literally hundreds of devices
that deliver a great Netflix experience onto a TV, including so-called smart TVs
that have Netflix built right in. Just look for the Netflix icon on
the menu screen of your TV. Or your TV’s remote control may even
have a Netflix button on it. If you don’t have a TV that connects to
the internet, there are many other devices that will bring
Netflix to your TV. On the higher end, there all the popular
game consoles, like PlayStation 3, Xbox, and Nintendo Wii or Wii U. On the more
affordable end, there are lots of media player devices, such as Roku and Apple TV,
as well as Blu-ray players and home theater systems from all
the major brands. You may already have a Netflix-capable
device in your home without even knowing it. And many of these devices offer streaming
in 1080p high definition with Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound for
a truly immersive experience. So go ahead and enjoy Netflix
on the big screen.

100 thoughts on “Netflix Quick Guide: How To Watch Netflix On Your TV | Netflix

  1. That did not tell me HOW to watch. His team is doing a pretty lousy job if I can't figure out how to use it on my TV without a tutorial.

  2. want Netflix on any tv in your house? And very conveniently without needing a smart tv, or console? … Fuck you

  3. Hi I need help,I have a Samsung UN46d8000,i want to get app Netflix on this but I can not see it on there,how can I get this app for my tv?

  4. Watching netflix never ever more difficult utilizing this premium
    I am seeing some motion pictures every night due to this

  5. Nice view on this, so many vpn had been banned from watching netflix in most regions but only one vpn i know for this year that still watch netflix on the TV and computer with ease. To get the VPN click on my username, and check below video to see review website, the vpn is rated as the first and consistent vpn for netflix there.

  6. Jeeze! my first reaction was the same as ALL the comments that are before me. I sat there stumped as to what I just had watched! Absolutely NO help, whatsoever!

  7. Well…THAT was odd. The title said "How to watch Netflix on your TV…I thought it was going to show me how to set it up, buttons, etc..

  8. Wow, Netflix. Talk about lack of truth in advertising! The draw, the title of this vid is HOW TO NETFLIX ON YOUR TV … did you edit that part out and if so, why?

  9. I tried to cast netflix on my TV.. guess what. I have to sign in on netflix on my tv so I can cast from my phone? Wtf, are you serious… who ever makes these dumb stupid lack of features please do us a favour and resign from your job… totally pathetic.

  10. I just want to know how to go back o a part of the series to watch it again I've been watching forensic files but I can't get it to go back to a story to watch it again it just keeps going back to continue

  11. I rang JB HI FI at Tuggerah NSW Australia who sold it to me and asked them did they have one connected in the store to show me how to use it he said no I don't think that is good business because they sold it to me they should be able to show me how to use it

  12. We have a smart tv, [a very basic smart tv] Hience 50" Netflix is not on the remote, at a loss to know what to do. We have foxtel iq3.

  13. Bloody useless. I was able to get mine through my Blu-Ray player, which has a Netflix button on the remote. Check out the equipment you have and use Google to actually get help.

  14. wow, what kind of bs is this?? I need to find out how to make movies work on my tv (because i don't see any option to switch to movies rather than series) so i click on this guide "How To Watch Netflix On Your TV" and you waste my time. I have no idea how this company survives. TOTAL CRAP. cancelling!

  15. tv's have so many names. what do you guys call and oldfashioned tv when attempting to set up netflix or to change it when i have new router passwords etc. and is theretwo passswords one for security and one for router passwords wpa is which one?

  16. all he is doing is selling his product and showing off who he is HULLOOOOOOO we wan t to connect the
    TV to netflix and us mirror or whatever to make it big on our tv please use your questions of the public to assist you is future with your product this was of no use what so ever

  17. This is how you cast Netflix from your iPhone to your tv. You don’t! Nothing will work because they want you to pay extra for home internet. They don’t want you watching Netflix on your unlimited data phones. Not even a lightning cable will work and if that doesn’t nothing does.

  18. that was a complete waste of time, all it did was say what different bits and pieces you could use to get Netflix on a TV.
    There was no help whatsoever. If this is the standard of Netflix then i will cease using it when my free month is over!
    All i wanted was a tutorial not the guff given be the chap in the film.

  19. I been asking since 2017 and every one saying just get internet or wifi ok then what's next? Stop get comcast next!

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