Netflix SAVED Piracy 🏴‍☠️

Hey guys, and welcome to This Is Now. Once again, Ken and Austin are out of town at IFA in Germany, so here I am. The Minecraft Let’s Play
is coming, I promise, and as soon as Austin
gets back in the country, I’m making him do it. Over the past 10 years or so, we’ve been living through
the cord cutter movement. Millions of people fed up
with the big cable companies have canceled their
expensive subscriptions in favor of far cheaper
streaming services. But have we reached a point where we officially have too
many services to chose from? Just off the top of my
head there’s Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO, YouTube
TV, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Disney+, Apple TV+, Sling, Crackle, CBS All Access, I mean the list goes on and on. Now I think we can all
agree that streaming video is pretty awesome. I mean back in my day you
had to go to Blockbuster, spend an hour trying to
pick out a movie you wanted then you had to go to
the counter to pick it up because all those VHS cases were actually just empty displays. And then only to find out that
they were all out of Shrek and then you had to start
that whole process over again. But now if I want to watch something I spend that hour just
trying to figure out what platform it’s on. I mean, Stranger Things is on Netflix, Game of Thrones is on HBO, The Boys is on Amazon Prime. And I need a paid
subscription to each of these to get to get all that content. Or, you could just do what we
did before streaming platforms and just pirate it. First of all, let me be clear, we are not endorsing that everyone go out and just pirate a bunch of movies. However, the way the streaming platforms have fragmented the market, it almost feels like we’re
being pushed back into piracy. I mean we’re already starting to see it. Game of Thrones season
8 premiere was pirated over 55 million times in
the first 24 hours alone. And HBO only had only around
16 million paying viewers at the time. Back in 2007 when Netflix first
started streaming content, to be honest the experience kinda sucked. Their catalog wasn’t all that full, it was consisting mostly of older movies and internet speeds
really weren’t fast enough to even stream video
at higher resolutions. It was way better to
just hop over to KaZaa or The Pirate Bay and just
download a movie or 12. I did have LimeWire as
well, I did prefer KaZaa, that was just my preference. Not only could you get
the most popular movies but since they were rips of DVDs, they were often a higher qualities than what you could stream, even if the movie had
that little DIVX logo watermarked in the corner. There are of course gambles
with torrenting content. Like is it a virus or is it even actually what it says it is. I mean you think you’re
downloading Shrek 2, it takes all night to
download and then bam! It’s actually just two
Shreks having fun with Fiona. But I mean like hey, it’s free, right? I remember trying to download
all these songs from KaZaa and I would constantly get this fake song that was actually just a guy
pretending to be Bill Clinton, and be like, – [Bill] My fellow Americans. But at the end of it it would
be like an advertisement for some sketchy website. I don’t know if anyone
else ever downloaded this but it happened to me like a ton of times. However as Netflix grew
they expanded their catalog and streaming technology
got better and better. And a lot of people started to realize that they would just rather
pay for the convenience of something like Netflix instead of going through the hassle of trying to pirate something. It use to be easy to choose
Netflix over another platform because the quality of
their original content was just so much higher than anyone else. But now, pretty much every company has super high quality shows. And now as these companies keep producing more and more of their
own original content, they’re no longer just platforms but now they’re more like a TV network. The problem here is that
all the other networks like NBC and CBS have realized
that there’s a lot more money to be made by having their
own streaming platform and completely eliminating
Netflix or Hulu as middle men. But of course you have to
have a catalog of content in order to justify that service. Our good friends over at
Snazzy Labs did a great video on why Apply TV Plus will fail because they only have
five shows at launch. And that’s why NBC is
taking back The Office for their up coming service, that’s why Disney is taking
back all of it’s content for Disney+. I mean soon Netflix will consist solely of it’s own original content. For as long as I can remember, people have said the
same thing about cable. That’s it right there. Now I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but in defense of the cable companies, it is not entirely their
fault for the high prices. But they still do some real sketchy, (child grunts) When cable companies such
as Spectrum or Comcast make deals for airing networks, those networks usually come as a package. Take Disney, the owners of ABC and ESPN, obviously the cable companies wanna carry those massively popular channels. But Disney will also push to include one of their less
popular channels as well, like Freeform or ESPN8: The Ocho, in a package with their more popular ones. While technically gives
viewers more options, it also drives up the cost of cable. And I mean let’s be honest, nobody’s watched Freeform since
Pretty Little Liars ended. So here we are full circle, we finally have an a la carte option. But for most people it’s just not feasible to have subscriptions to
each of these services. Personally, I canceled
Netflix a couple months back, but with all this amazing content
locked in behind paywalls, I may need to find a new way
to watch all these great shows. Thank you so much for watching
this episode of This Is. You could check out a couple
of our other episodes here, be sure to hit subscribe,
ring that notification bell because if you do, I’ll
finally be able to afford all these subscription services and I won’t have to pirate all my content.

100 thoughts on “Netflix SAVED Piracy 🏴‍☠️

  1. Ive never spent a cent on a movie or a videogame , piratebay , utorrent, and VLC player all the way <3 ( and on my country s pirate site ( ) you never get viruses or false things )

  2. I love your videos but this one… I didn't get to know anything which I hadn't known before or couldn't have realized myself. 😅

  3. Neetflix and prime are the only services im subscribed to and will be permanently subbed to these.
    Rest all, piratebay and torrent.
    Disney would have earned more if they released their content on existing platforms rather than on their own platform.

  4. to download movies/softwares/series, always "advance search" by google and choose "persian/farsi" in it.there will be direct links with all qualities and highest speed possible
    sites like :

  5. Been pirating for almost 15 years, never had one wrong/spam download. Pirating is easy if you know the actual source and where to download from.

  6. Piracy is not the solution. You download your favourite show, who cares? No matter what consumers do, the media industry never learns. Instead, they do more stupid things and when you complain about that, something even more ridiculous happens. It's just that as long as they don't make them go near bankrupt (piracy won't help this at all, it's ineffective just saying), things will not change.

  7. Downloading videos from LimeWire and Kazaa was a crap shoot. You might get what it says it is or you might end up with a snuff film or kiddie porn. That was the kind of wild west we lived in back in the early 2000s and the crazy shit we went through to watch movies.

  8. Blockbuster > Streaming. Nothing wrong with going outside getting some fresh air and picking some movies you actually want. So much basic mainstream stuff is missing from streaming and its filled with hallmark channel type mid day movies and foreign films nobody ever heard of. At least with Blockbuster you knew you were eventually going to get what you wanted, so many titles are not existent on 1 streaming platform vs another. Losing the library is a bust.

    A lot of the "originals" and Netflix/stream bought content is downright awful and at times too political with pandering. Every show falls into this trap. Blockbuster "exclusives" generally were better, yes even some side horror movie sequels, etc. Curation of content and algorithms are also garbage too. A lot easier to walk past films you don't like then have them bombard you constantly on a screen.

  9. Pause 1:20 read all those options, might get into some trouble there buddy, he decided to fix it by adding 2 ticks lol 5:16

  10. The thing is, piracy today isn't what piracy was 10 or 12 years ago. The internet connections were awful compared to today, resulting in a lot of time loss if you downloaded the wrong file or got bamboozled with a song.
    Today, most releases are checked by the community and there are a handful of websites that only allow good quality content on their platform. Besides, with magnet links, all you have to do to download a movie, series or whatever is choose the content, click the link and there you have your download. It's ironic, but I realised that it is easier to just pirate what I want than surf Netflix, Prime video, Hulu and HBO to see if they even have the movie I want, and be mad if they don't.

  11. Today's episode is brought to you by Nord VPN. Get 75% off by clicking the link

  12. Pluto TV and Crackle are both free. As I'm sure a bunch of others are free also. Crunchyroll has a free account for those who like anime.

  13. And here I am in a place devoid of this topic because I have never had any interest in watching any of the original content being made by streaming services and only watch sports and general youtube/twitch content.

  14. Kazaa was the best in the early days but limewire completely shut them down. And I definitely got the Clinton fake a few times 😂

  15. 70% of these services are only available in the USA anyway. What a fucking joke! Open up the internet finally and make everything available worldwide. Geoblocking is such a backwards concept and doesn't stand the test of time in this interconnected world anymore

  16. I'm not out here endorsing piracy of any kind. But, if you make the content difficult to access, we have no other choice.

  17. Yeah my balance is having Nvidia Shield TV Android box and have ipvanish running at all times and I'll have a few apps on there where I will pay for the content that I really want and the rest of it is going to be very unique APK files. Balence.

  18. So here's what I'm doing to fix the problem you are portraying.
    Me and a couple of my friends (like 6 people) each pay for one subscription and share the passwords,
    we opt for the highest option, so more than 3 people can watch at the same time.
    It's a LOT better than having 100 subscriptions and 100 different passwords to remember.
    We made a group chat that's just emails and passwords labeled for each service and tadaa!

  19. While companies are slowly making everything harder to find and more and more expensive. Pirates are compiling all their stuff, making it available in easy to get places for free. And you wonder why people start pirating again.

  20. In India now Government has allowed people to pay for only channels they watch on cable. You can pick which channels you like and pay ONLY for it.

  21. Here in Iraq we have something called 'Cinemana'. If you're internet is provided by this company called 'Earthlink', then you can use this app (it's also a website) . It has everything. All the shows from Netflix, HBO etc. It also has Arabic subtitles, so people can understand.

  22. Honestly, I like Netflix, but these days it has so little of what I want to watch (and will have even less in the future) that I often just buy the Blu-Ray, Rip it to my PC, and store it on my media server for the whole house to watch whenever they want. You can also copy the files onto your phone for entertainment on the go. You can even keep the special features in separate files if you want. A Home media server is the best way to watch movies and TV. Nothing illegal, no hassle, no slow downs (presuming you have a wired connection) FULL HD Quality all the time.

  23. had to get a vpn as I subscribe to netflix and download most everything else due to getting a letter from my isp about doing so. tbh the vpn probably cost more than the streaming apps but my privacy is more secure on public wifi as well

  24. Got Netflix. Where is latest supernatural? Fuck its on Netflix USA. Where are my Anime? They are on Netflix Japan and are not even subbed. Where is ** show? It's on other platform.

    Got TPB free subscription. Where is anime, supernatural, ** , etc. Everything is here!!!!

  25. Hmmm… In third world country. There's a website that only a moderators of that website, pay for all the subscription and we only have to access their website that full of ads. Which i don't mind because i didn't pay any money to stream series or movie from their website. I find it convenient. Because none of that streaming services available in my country.

  26. i see the rpoblem. i mgiht need to look else where due to alto fo my shows is old liek 1980 and in non english languages.
    but one thing thast good is if you are more then one that pays for it that makes it cheaper.-

  27. dude what going to happen is that eventually, EVERYONE will begin pirating movies. Until the companies realise streaming services are bad. so they will revert and put all their shows on Netflix. But EMPHASIZE ON THE WORD EVENTUALLY AS IT COULD TAKE A WHILE.

  28. Cutting the cord and going to streaming only (legit) actually cost more than having a cable + internet bundle. The reason for cutting the cord was to save money but now one does not save anymore.

  29. I don't usually broadcast this stuff, but my current project right now is to collect every UFC event (all 242 and counting) at 1080p

    So you're going to say "but PG Plays, UFC 1-100 is only available in 720p at best" and yeah, you're right. But I can full screen on a 1080p monitor/tv and then use a capture software to copy the events at 1080p. Yeah it's upscaled but that's the point.

    Gordon Ramsay shows are also on amazon prime and a bunch of us are just paying for that without caring or watching. So now seasons 1-15 are on my computer. I already had 16+ but was sitting on season 1-15 at a low quality rip

    What's my point? Yes, all these tv networks are moving to streaming and making their content available on 1080p+, and that's awesome for pirates such as myself. It means that there will always be high res content available to pirate and there's no reason for me to pay 100+ dollars a month for a few channels to watch a few tv shows. And if for some reason there aren't seeders for a show, I can just sign up for xyz tv station for a month and get it. Bam.

    I remember when netflix would monitor torrent download patterns to find out which movie(s) to offer. It makes sense. Pirates represent what the people really want to watch.

    And before anybody asks: I probably have 13-16 terabytes of stuff only because I stopped downloading "everything". Combined with the need to back up the data (if you've ever accidentally lost terabytes of stuff and have no idea what was lost, this is why) and I have quite the expensive little hobby

  30. Nothing beats a good shaky cam rip of a movie with heads in front of the screen really makes you feel like your in the china .

  31. uh sites like have all movies in one website it does have a lot of ads and it is illegal but what can i say better than paying for a shit ton of things

  32. Honestly, that’s such a lame “excuse”. You can still just rent individual movies and shows from platforms such as iTunes and Google Play and you can listen to music FOR FREE from YouTube and Spotify while still allowing the creators and record labels to get at least, some of that ad money even if it isn’t a lot. I mean, you want free content? That certainly says a lot about you really.

  33. As an avid pirate ever since 2009, I can happily say that I do not pay for ANY streaming services like Netflix, Amazon or Hulu and have seen everything. Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, The Grand Tour, The Boys, Handmaid's Tale, and upcoming shows like The Mandalorian and MCU Phase 4 shows without paying a cent. Being a pirate is SO easy and to me way more convenient than browsing Netflix's library for what you wanna watch.

    Radarr/Sonarr/Bazarr + Jackett + Ombi + Plex all hosted with Docker makes pirating super easy. It grabs any movie or TV show that only I am interested in, downloads them automatically while I'm at work, and they are stored on my home server running a Plex client. All I gotta do when I get home is fire up my set top box (in this case Shield TV), run Plex, and boom…all my content ready to be watched.

  34. Why were people originally downloading movies/shows? Because cable TV required so many separate subscriptions that it became un-fesable for the end user to pay for. THEN Netflix came along, put a whole bunch of shit from all different studios and production companies on one platform and payed them a sizable license fee for that right but then that wasn't enough, Disney wanted their own, everyone else wanted their own and what will be the end result? People will just go back to pirating everything again because paying for all those subscriptions will be un-fesable

  35. as a member of a private tracker, never been worried about malware and fake content on there, there's no dumb person there have courage to upload a torrent that contains malware in there or fake content as they will get instant ban if they do. and given that torrent client are very flexible now a days, with a use of rss and other things, all of this can be automated and feed to your media server of your choice (plex for example).

  36. Around 02:35 No it's not completely free, bandwidth, your time, electricity, torrenting, vpn and other protection and antivirus softwares costs money 😂

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