NEW 2017 MIBOX 3/3c MDZ-16-AA change it to Android TV 2.0 ROOT 😎 English UI Tutorial

hi, this video will help you change the xiaomi mi box firmware MDZ-16-AA to this new version now for previous people who followed my previous video I’ll show you what has changed from the previous firmware first we will go to youtube first we have changed the Google voice search Casey neistat let’s try that and yep it’s working now here’s how to do it if you actually just press it right now the microphone button it won’t work but you need on your remote just focus yep so here you see the microphone button when you click OK you need to click ok and immediately hope and hold the microphone and speak but you only speak after healed of the tone on the TV box so if i click ok right now hold into it let me try again MKBHD so let me try it again it’s kinda hard doing it on camera but mkbhd and release there now second thing is Google cast we have here too smart TV youtube TV app which you can use to watch the YouTube also but if you want to watch if you want to cast youtube video from your mobile phone or tablet then you need to install the Pacific version of YouTube I will have it link in the description let me show it to you this one here youtube 11.20.54 if you follow the link you You will go to this page and here you see the variance version of this youtube version available for every android device for the android android phones following the ARM architectures or the ARM64 or the X86 architecture for every screen dbi so just find the one That work for your phone or tablet and install it and you’re good to go now also we have right now the ok button on the remote is working for games I have tested a few games none not all of them work perfectly like a real racing 3 or Asphalt 8 but the rest work flawlessly also I don’t know if you can see this on camera but the gyroscope on the remote is walking also on the screen I saw it a couple of games so it’s working now if you need to clear the running apps all you need to do is triple press the home button so one two three wait second and there it is just Clear all Spotify work great of course I don’t want to get to copyright strike but you get the idea now here we have sideload launcher for the apps so you can see all the installed app on the TV box I have a few apps installed many now for people who are asking about Netflix well you need to install the normal version of netflix not the TV version it will work but it won’t be perfect for the remote control if you have a mouse or a keyboard always connected to this TV box then it will be great otherwise like here for me it’s working with the remote but I cannot like search I guess I can stream from my device but I haven’t tried that yeah I can skip forward, and you get the idea here I have shortcut for the normal settings if you need access to that also The setting here so that’s it for now I will follow up that tutorial if you already follow up my first tutorial I have it linked here just click here somewhere and you should skip forward to the part you need it for anyone who’s running the Chinese version of this TV box just follow this tutorial now for this to work you will need a male to male USB cable like this one I just Used two USB cables and attach them as you can see here I’ll show you how when you open USB cable you’ll find four wires you just need to color match them Red to Red White To white green to green back to black the reason I used two the same manufacturer USB cable this gesture so I can get the same colors and don’t get mixed up now that second thing you’ll need is a USB Hub like this one third mouse USB mouse preferably a wireless one and USB stick now first thing you need to do is to downgrade the reason why is you need to downgrade to form where one point four point three point two and that’s because the lower firmware or the highest won’t allow most work in recovery mode then you need to download the files i’ll have them linked in the description the first one is the first home turmoil 300 megabits you will find it has to file update and try on the update just move them on a USB stick then reboot to recovery and you should be able to change the firmware for first time you have to do it you see there’s a Bluetooth symbol so the same way we did before but we need this time we need to press the back key and the ok key so not these two these two together press them and plug in the power keep pressing until you see the recovery screen on the TV get it bluetooth back and ok non bluetooth home and menu after it’s finished you should be running the 1.4 farmer in this case you just need to go to you just need to plug in the TV via adb debugging to the computer ok so i just downgraded to 1.3 let me check out and go yes so that is correct you need the first to downgrade to 1.3 point the 106 you see if it’s one point three point one 14 then you’re on the wrong wrong ok this is the first so this is the first firmware we need to downgrade to second we need to prepare the second USB Drive and we need to upgrade it to one point four point three two but it’s not the usual one point four point three to its modified one so we can install the dd-wrt ok so now we need to do is unplug it plug in the second USB and then back and home this way we can enter recovery very important ok let’s try it out back and when you have sorry back and home or back end ok and it’s looking for that simple okay it’s almost finished we are right now upgrading to one point four point three two but it’s the modified version it’s not the normal one point four point three two so to recap first we need to downgrade to one point three point 0 point 106 then upgrade it to one point four point three two I have them both link in the description after it upgraded right now we need to enable USB debugging and make sure to have ADB drivers installed on your PC the best way to make sure its installed do you can install android studio so it’s erasing and we should start soon all right it’s going to load up the first time be right back okay so we just put it and it will sink the ring skipped okay you check yes running one point four point three two and here’s the option for the eddie BTW walking usually it’s hidden if the this option is hidden then you need to install some i’ll show you how to let me just plug in another HD come on USB debugging was enabled eliminate so right now we are booted and we are running we are running one point four point three but it’s a modified version now we need to enable USB debugging it’s right here but sometimes it’s not showing here if it’s not showing here is how to do it you need to insert a USB stick with this application elaborate link in the description it’s called start settings with which it will allow us to it will allow us to to change the language first and you can enable developers option using see everything we are right on and one Android settings and if you go here you can change it to english and then about the box that we go to the build number at the end and you click eight times you are now a developer’s it now we have this option right here in the end developers options you go to hear and you check USB debugging here you allow it when you plug it into the computer for the first time we will ask to be to confirm this connection with this pc just confirm it but since shown here i think it’s better to do it from here adb debugging so we enable a DVD bugging you should restart yep it’s rebooting let me just unplug my us meet here plug in the USB cable let me go on you’re busy you need to go to ewr peer recovery installer and you need to wait until it loads this year it’s right here let me box of and connected I go to the mailbox I think it’s connected double check stay connected here done here didn’t ask me for conforming debugging for confirming to allow to debugging for this device to pc which is I guess it’s looking good so let’s try install pwr be recovery does that click any key to continue operations so after we did the first and second that I try to install the twr p recovery but also didn’t work so right now we should reset it you can go to the setting and select reset select delete all apps and resetting okay so I just finish everything data and we have a DVD buggy in his own so I’ll plug it into the computer right now let’s see the recovery installed later for people who are running the first firmware just go to the TV put up here and choose a reboot to recovery and click OK at this point what you need to do is get your USB help and plug it in plug in the flash drive will be back out ewr p don’t forget to change the end log it in TV box MOS is working just like to allow modifications and is what we need to do first we need to wipe go to advanced while we check everything except the microsd select wipe down go back back back in select restore select storage USB OTG select ok and check everything here in select white restore now it’s gonna restore the one gigabyte so we’ll give us back on its finish storing you need to click reboot system and all should be well first will be funded with this new login screen the first time it will take few minutes after that when the tv box boot it shouldn’t take long and Android no the remote is not working so we need to press these two bubbles to rethink it in qu e and now they’re not the same thing so you just finish installing the firmware the TV box in graduation so here’s what i recommend after that get a USB stick here i have a eight gig USB stick stick it in the TV bolts and keep it here permanently because the TV box memory is so little you won’t be able to install many apps like i have you you see I only have right now 300 megabits 36 and this will only allow me to install one or two extra apps but if I have the USB stick I can stall as many other one you need to go to the me box settings here okay right here go to accountants Claridge’s now USB debugging it will be gay night but you will find out that your flash drive won’t work so what you need to do is click allow reboot then after a 3-volt it should be here a lot then click also the night Rosie knife and then reboot our TV box after that your USB pass should work now one more thing in general settings scroll all the way to the end and you see storage in the options here in Chinese click it and make sure you have the second option chosen if it’s already just get real ich it again just to confirm it because sometimes in cash the stuff don’t know function so we need just to confirm it again of course you go to software update turn off intelligent update and I have here the installed keyboard app it’s called linky keyboard now the reason I use this app linky keyboard yeah we need to remove the space bar between bling and key so the intelligent Google will understand it anyway this is the keyboard let’s working for this TV box now the reason I chose this one said the previous one is because this one are always allow you to install another languages like here solid one you can have Arabic Russian Greek Hebrew Ukrainian German Italian dodge and the Turkish so here you can install other keywords from this app also well I also recommend you install this app store it’s called up to it TV app store i have a link in the description also now the good thing about this one is the back you can install the netflix app or other apps from here but if you go to settings and choose preferences allow you click allow to remote install and here allow silent install it will require root of course now what this will do it will install the apps automatically on your SD card or in this case a USB stick you need to change the time zone hope so guess just go to settings time date and time and change the time zone matches your area so that’s it if you found this tutorial helpful just hit the like button and if you have any question just leave them in the comment out prior to answering as soon as possible see ya

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  1. UPDATE " for everyone who's having trouble with TWRP backup not showing, you need to change the backup folder name, to match your box name.
    the best way to do that is by creating a small backup using TWRP, then copy the folder name and delete it, then rename my backup folder with the copied name.
    BUT FIRST, make sure your USB stick is showing in TWRP."
    here is a video about it;

  2. Hello, I have the MI box MDZ-16-AA running on MUI 1.5.25 chinese version. I have tried all possible ways found online to set it on the recovery mode but it has failed. Is there any other way to install the engilsh mode without entering the recovery mode? . I have tried the back + Ok, menu + ok but all have failed. Thanks

  3. Hi Al Tech … 1. I can't run Amazon Prime Video. There was a crack available: Prime Video Launcher ( but xda-developers have removed it now as per the request of Amazon. Am not able to find it anywhere else either. Any ideas ??

    2. Any chance of a newer version of this ROM soon ?

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  5. Hi @AL Tech, I think I can do everything right up to the "Install-TWRP-Recovery" part where I get a screen with the title "the mibox system recovery" and does not display the "unmodifed system partition"
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  6. Thanks for the info, but I'm stock after the downgrade. When I try to install the new upgrade, a "the mibox system recovery" screen appears and doesn´t allow me to install anything. Could you please help me? Greetings from Mexico!

  7. your box is laid out different than mine ..mine is all in Chinese all i can make out on bottom of box is MDZ-16-AA I got some of the language to read in English. in the menu but that is all .. everything else is still Chinese ,also i downloaded aptoid to get kodi..well kodi downloads but no build at all will install? i am new to streaming but i have came a long way since April but HELP…. please im so lost have no clue what to do .. dont mind so much about Chinese as long as i can get kodi can i mail to you and you program it get all Chinese off lol…no really

  8. Hi Al,

    I have succeed to root the MDZ-16-AA, the problem now is, it cannot read my USB flash drive even the USB debugger mode already ON.

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    I also installed Kodi but I'm unable to add sources for the videos… I have a NAS connected to my network and the Nvidia shield I have in the living room has no issue finding it, but the mi box doesn't find it (either bu NFS, FTP or upnp) 🙁
    Before flashing Android TV, I didn't the 2 issues above. Do you know how I could fix them ?
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  12. Can you recommend me if I already got 1.4.32 and when I did TWRP recovery. TV is shown normal boot recovery not in your version. I cannot do downgrade to 1.3.106 since the rabbit and Andriod guy shown up a second and immediately shown black screen . Appreciate any helps.

  13. Hello
    Is it possible to select [email protected] with this rom ?
    With the chinesse version i just de 50hz or 60hz…

    Did you test a 24p vidéo with Plex ?
    And what about judder with a h.264 file @23.976 please ?

  14. Please, I have a question, what is the file that you put in USB OTG (time in 21:00) ? and thank you very much for this video!

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  19. I tried fist update from 1.3.106 through force recovery – success
    i tried second update to 1.4.32 through force recovery – recovery went success but when it boot up, i am still with 1.3.106.
    Any idea why this happen? I did ensure all filename (including xiaomi_update file) are correct

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    The xiaomi_update file has this line:
    But in ES explorer the usb device is mounted on udisk0. Could this be the reason even with the "hard way" I cannot flash 1.3.106 ?

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  31. good job. saved my life. for those who cant detect usb otg, try a small backup in mibox memory, thn paste the os into it and restore backup from it..

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    green <-> green
    black <-> black

    or in another way

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    2 My USB does not turn on, I have followed the option of USB debbuging is active

  34. Hello,
    I have wiped by wrong everything on my box, when i started the box it looks som this video.

    Cant boot tried to but recovery mode it shows the same.

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  35. USB Hub not working with mzd-16-aa.. If I connect stricltly from laptop to usb port of the box – it works fine. But when I connect USB Hub to box – there is no any result.. Do someone had the same issue?

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  39. Hello, is there any region restriction on the google playstore? I'm not able to even download google chrome from playstore. Nothing come up when i search for chrome. If i search through browser it's just showing me Full Description button with no install button.

  40. For those still trying to do this: if your Mi box was ever on firmware 1.5.x, chances are that you won't be to get the modified/rooted 1.4.32 update from this video to install, because your box's boot partition got updated with increased security (against rooting). Downgrading did not remove the protection for me. I was able to downgrade to 1.3.106 but it won't get rooted and it won't upgrade to the modified/pre-rooted 1.4.32.

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