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Hi, I am once again with and today
a “next-gen” wheel as the saying goes, You already know the Firewheel and are there
it is actually only a competitor and is the Ninebot.
And that looks really nice and also has a very unique concept. We have
Here this beautiful rubber grip, the one show can we have a charging socket, the
looks very different than other wheels, because it has different PINs, can be the power supply
not be confused with those of other wheels, We have here a very comfortable cushion, the
are really really thick, and the pedals they gave also a whole lot of effort.
The like something smooth at first glance look, they are not at all,
because here the rubber protrudes directly from the pedals out. The rubber is incorporated into the pedals,
So already made very complicated, not only just a cast part but screwed properly.
Because they gave themselves properly Doll trouble. And in general, the quality of Ninebot
is quite outstanding. Here are no Column and there are no apparent edges.
That’s really awesome. That’s from my View one of the best I’ve ever Räderm
have seen. Although these glossy surface does not like
Forgive scratches, but really great and they fässt to like.
The Ninebot One has an app for the mobile phone, we show you the same times in detail,
and that is really interesting, because that we can conclude the wheel not only,
we can limit the speed, Show your battery level and various driving data,
Mileage and range etc. So we show you now the “Ninedroid” app,
which is in fact really interesting, because we the wheel at any have so well so far,
and I’m already connected and our test-Family is already on the bike. And the first look
her here before the whole values ​​here so the wheel take place, so the power consumption,
the Rouven commutes yes, and we see here parallel power that is received,
we see the Odometer reading, the temperature, the battery status. And there is also a super
Setting: namely we can the hardness degree change this wheel that goes under the
Menu item “Riding Model”. and are now We at “hard”. Rouven: geh doch mal before and
back to the wheel! So you see, it bends not one. And now pretending
I need this mode to “soft” and to the wheel to be restarted. Now again
the same back and forth and can be seen clear how severely einkickt the wheel, which is
now super soft, softer than the Firewheel Incidentally, that is, the mode is very special.
But as I said, there are a variety of Intermediates, you have not quite hard or
Choose soft, you have 10 different Levels to choose from. Really great, for example,
the function of the theft protection. But parking times please the wheel from now, and
I press now the castle and the wheel is finished. If you now
moving the wheel or takes away, then beeps the wheel and my phone vibrates and also
the LEDs will flash all the time, in red and in blue. So this is a theft protection,
no one can take away the wheel unnoticed. Although he now switches on and off, gets the wheel
he is no longer turned on. You can use it do not drive, until I now again
entblocke, I make time to get back on the Press lock below the left and now
again everything is ok and he could go on drive.
This brings us directly to the next point: Because that Ninebot One How fast is now actually?
Yes, and passing over 20 kmh and it warns even only from 20 kmh, so it is not already
los earlier, as in Airwheel, but the Rad warns until 20 kmh and then we, we
have reached the maximum, and may our Adjust speed. We do now
the speed test and as we see already, just above 20 kmh and the beautiful
is the Ninebot that the speed warning until 20 kmh and is also only as
because the pedals tend upwards. The power button comes here quite modest therefore. Though
is the only one button, which means that the can not jump out during the ride,
because it is just a button which governs the whole thing electronically.
And that was it – really – if we here not these wunderabren LEDs on the side
would. The I’ll show you later times in Dark because it is not good here in the bright
is visible for the camera, the human But eye already. The also show the way
the battery level, and indeed when the battery is empty, then the LEDs not only fall
optically from, but also change the color from green to yellow to red.
And the colors are not as arbitrary, but you can configure directly,
you can say, for example, when you brake, that the LEDs come on, the show of course
the battery level, and you can see the colors choose freely while driving. Plus
We go skiing holiday in the app and are here it and now I can direct the Light Settings
say I want the red wheel, and then looks you look at it the same right in red, so it
responding in real time. Or green again, or blue, or yellow, or we have preset
Color sequences, for example, “colorful breath” – Yes, and then that would be in accordance with this
change, depending on the setting. The handle is ergonomically designed really
and thus he fässt on really well, the does not express, he is pleasant and if you
collapses him, he disappears. In this respect, the really well.
A special feature: although we have no light front and rear, as the Firewheel example,
but we have everywhere here and there threads you can grow some accessories and
others just too light. This reflector strips here on the side,
back and forth, we ourselves have attached to For reasons of traffic safety, belonging
not normally do so. To gain access to the valve to the air
inflate what you getting all hope makes, because you should indeed so 3 bar upwards
drive, you must remove this plastic ring. But this is not difficult, here are those
Notches, as you can very carefully go in with a screwdriver or
with a flat object and this ring Remove and then you come to the valve
zoom and it can inflate normally. A test day is over and the Ninebot
E One has a really positive impression Leave with us. We have here the great
Version tested with 240 Wh and who our test driver at 85 kg Safe 16 km
brought, during sporty driving. So if you are lighter or slower
ride, then you come further in any case. This positive impression began the way
already when unpacking, since waived Ninebot on plastic and instead it uses recyclable
Materials in the package, which should really make all. Etws unpleasant incident on the weight, it
is not really easy and the handle is Although beautiful to touch, but one has the impression,
He slips a sometimes a little out hand. The app, however, is a great
Thing if you limited the data. We have found in the test that the number of app
Wanted to send away data and should ye with your Android or iPhone data easy
limit, because I think it is not necessary, Ninbot that sends any data into the grid. The Ninebot One E ran for me
immediately safe and familiar, had even to upgrade any problems on the wheel and
the – I think – is always a good sign. All in all an excellent quality
and you could be the Ninebot One E in my webshop buy.

36 thoughts on “Ninebot E Test Deutsch DE/EN/ES/RU

  1. Gut gemacht! Also für mich momentan die einzige Review weltweit die auch informativ ist, echte Produktpräsentation. Ich glaube in English hätte die Video auch viel Erfolg…

  2. Toller Review und Glückwunsch zum neuen Shop!

    Hab das Ninebot One E seit Januar und bin glücklich damit (allerdings ungeschickter Anfänger).
    Ergänzungen zur eurem Bericht:
     – Die Pedale werden eingeklappt durch je ein Paar Neodyn Magnete gehalten – sehr pfiffig und komfy.
     – die Software wird immer besser, sowohl die Firmware auf dem Rad, als auch die Android App hatten schon mehrere Updates. Auch den lustigen Schreibfehler ("Pwoer") haben sie gefixt 🙂
    Nicht so toll:
     – bei meinem Rad ist der Tragegriff abgebrochen. Wohl ein Materialfehler im Kern aus Aluguss. Darum musste ich es auch demontieren.
     – zur Demontage muss der Knöchelschutz aus Gummi runter. Der ist geklebt.
     – zwischen dem Fach mit der Elektronik und dem Radkasten gibt es ein offenes Fenster im Gehäuse. IP65? Durch tiefere Pfützen würde ich mit dem Teil lieber nicht fahren (aber wer will das schon?).

    Das Problem mit dem Griff ist wohl ein Einzelfall. Mein Rad stammt ausserdem vermutlich aus der ersten Serie. Die Pedale sind um Klassen besser, als bei den ganzen einfachen Solowheel-Clones, trotzdem hab ich mir Griptape Auflagen zugeschnitten (Lasercut – Interesse?). Jetzt sind sie für mich perfekt.

    Viel Erfolg mit eurem Laden und danke für die vielen informativen Videos. Grüße aus Berlin.

  3. Hallo ihr beiden,
    da habt ihr wirklich ein ausgezeichnetes Video gemacht! Man bekommt richtig Lust auf das Ninebo one. Muss mich meinen Vorrednern anschließen: ihr habt das weltweit einzig gute review für das Ninebot One gemacht!

  4. Haben Sie auch die AIRWHEEL geräte getestet? Ich stimme Ihnen zu das der NINEBOT zur zeit der Top Gerät ist. Ich habe in 3 Monaten über 650 km auf den Electric Einräder gefahren und 232 km nur mit NINEBOT ONE E.

  5. Tolles Video und gute Erklärung. Man findet leider (noch) nicht so viele davon was Ninebot angeht. Ich meine hiermit Deutschsprachig. Ich wünsche euch viel erfolg mit euer Shop auch. Gruß aus NRW

  6. Hallo köntest du mal ein video machen wo du das firewheel und das ninebot vergleichst und vieleich auch das ninebot one E+ mit dem 320Wh akku vielen dank

  7. which one is better for me? the firewheel f528 or the ninebot? i like speed and i want to ride about 20-40km

  8. hi I have a question, why at 20 km/h wheel starts to bend, what does it do? Is it possible somehow to get rid of?

  9. Three small wheels sticking out on a springy material would help greatly when getting on or off I think.Small things like that would make it far more acceptable to many more people. At the moment it still gives the impression of a circus act. It would be helpful if an extra battery pack can be plugged in whilst in use to extend its range.

  10. Der Ninebot E hat ein Überhitzungsproblem und ist daher nicht empfehlenswert. Wenn dann nur der C+ und der neue E+ ;). GREEETZ

  11. So what are we waiting for to see a full size one where a person can sit on the inside and self balance too?

  12. Hallo great850,
    klasse Bericht, danke dafür.
    Wie sieht es mit dem Versicherungsschutz für die Einräder aus? Gibt es mitlerweile Gesellschaften die eine Haftpflicht anbieten? Falls euch hierzu Infos vorliegen würde ich mich über eine Info freuen.

  13. Ich weiß das man für den NINEBOT Elite E Black eine Mofaprüfbescheinigung brauch sit das auch bei diesen gerät der fall?

  14. My original battery is not charging more then 25.4 volts can it be repaired or should i buy a new one and if so where can i purchase one

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