Ninebot ES2 ES4 Scooter Roller Test SUB EN/ES/PL/RU/العربية

Hello dear Electro-Sport friends It’s still pretty cold, even when we shot this video, but spring and summer are coming and that’s where we got it right product for you: the Ninebot ES2 scooter (scooter) Where that means, there was already a first generation ES1 – but we do not have it here, but we have the second, better generation Yes, of course, I wondered, will the ES2 really be that fast? In self-experiment I even have Reaches 26km h, but the speedometer does not have to be accurate. That’s why ours Speed ​​test and also has revealed that he creates a whopping 25 km / h. Of course this depends on the weight, so slightly heavier riders may not reach that speed the battery should bring you 25 km far and that seems realistic The battery is the way – as with other scooters – installed in the handlebar That means he is relatively unremarkable. The scooter weighs according to the manufacturer 12.5 kg but we measured strangely several times 12.2 kg so a little easier. Nevertheless one can carry the scooter quite well but a child would probably have difficulties, so no lightweight but not really heavy and for this solid workmanship and this construction, the weight is already completely okay. The scooter has an 8 inch front tire and a 7.5 inch solid rubber rear tire. The engine provides 300 watts and should be able to handle a slope up to 10%. I have tried with my weight – that’s just 60 kg – to come up the underground car park and that goes up to half And then the scooter goes out of power, but that’s fine, because the slope is very steep. Smaller gradients are not a problem at all, we have this for example and the gimg great. The Rollter carries up to 100 kg, but it is very sturdy and I think that it could be charged even higher. But it is intended for 100 kg. Incidentally, this scooter has a suspension front and rear. In front you can see the spring under this cuff. And in the back this is very interesting: The last piece is movably suspended and the spring is under the scooter and if we occur now, then one sees in slow motion, how the The scooter bends so easily And in the other slow motion you can see how the pen works. So you can drive over bumps without that you get stuck somewhere. As with virtually all scooters, we have the right on the handlebars the “throttle”, so with the one accelerates and left is the brake It is enough that you give a bit of “gas” when starting off (pushing off), because if I press the completely mastered, nothing happens. You can not start at full throttle, so to speak. This scooter also has a cruise control. But I just tried it just before this video, which is why I have only a little blurred video. It works like this: activate the “cruise mode” in the app and then I hold the speed that wants to drive for 5 s with the lever. Then there is a beep and I can let go and the scooter goes by itself. To exit this mode, I either press the throttle or the brake briefly But before you start, you have to do a bit of DIY You push the handlebar and Hold the fender tight and then tilt the pole upwards The little metal tongue you have to fold up Otherwise, the scooter is not properly locked and could theoretically collapse. Now you can unfold the stand pull the cables out carefully Remove the packaging and take the screws Now take out the other cable Please plug the plugs carefully and carefully together Never get caught by force! They could break. Carefully store the cable in the pole The cables must not be crushed in the handlebars Front is where the LED light is installed There are 5 screws, but you only need 4. A screw is replacement When screwing together pushes on the handlebar from above The screws have to go easy to screw! Unfortunately, you still can not go now. We have to connect to the app first You first install the app you have to grant some permissions, for example “Allow locations” – otherwise it will not work Do not ask me why, you can certainly withdraw these permissions later, but you will not get anywhere else Here presses on “Vehicle Search” The scooter is then found It will probably be that you have to update first that is relatively easy and self-explanatory, then again “reconnect” Then there is “activate nb es2” and also press here. This activates the scooter. then you have to enter an email Attention: it does not have to be your email, that means you could do something there but it may make sense for new ones information or software updates that you are simply informed Now we’re still not done, because Ninebot wants you to look closely, what can go wrong there – so to speak. And you have to look at these security images for at least 5 seconds and then you can wipe them further I accelerated this a bit And if you have looked at all the pictures, you have you can finally disable the lock and there is a speed limit. But you can stop that. When the lock is open, you can drive as fast as you can You could also set it password protected, eg for your children If you press the power button briefly, you can turn on the light The light is really useful The tail light must be turned on by app. The brake light always works, you can not turn it off There are 3 different power modes. You choose Cyclic between the three different modes with a double click 1) Get the highest range but also a limited speed The 2nd mode: all parameters are balanced Mode 3: highest speed and power But the shortest range The gas is very sensitive as I said So it’s really enough to press 1-2 mm down In the handlebar is also the charging socket If you charge the scooter, then These taillights pulsate slowly the display then shows the state of charge in percent As we have already shown, there is a stand on the side that works very well How do you work the scooter together? First of all, this metal tongue is down, which must be folded down. You hold the handles and kick your foot Carefully press on the tongue and gently push the handlebar downwards The fender then locks in again Now you can easily carry the scooter In the app you can also adjust the underbody light And there are different modes, such as an alternating flashing of 1-4 colors that you can set yourself You can also set how strong the energy recovery is When I go off the gas, how much the scooter then brakes by itself the more it brakes, the more energy comes back Our conclusion We really had a good scooter in our hands. The tread is fully rubberized and thus slip-resistant It has been omitted here on this rough material, where otherwise dust and lint are stuck Overall, this aluminum bar is very high quality, the handlebars stable and the switches robust. The scooter has found a good balance between comfort, power and weight. You can upgrade this scooter with an additional battery, then the scooter should be even faster. Overall, I can really recommend this scooter. He’s really fun We would be glad if you buy this scooter from us! Thank you for watching and see you next time! Ciao!

23 thoughts on “Ninebot ES2 ES4 Scooter Roller Test SUB EN/ES/PL/RU/العربية

  1. Übrigens ist der ES1 nicht der Vorgänger des ES2 (genauso wie der ES4 nicht der Nachfolger vom ES2 ist – einen ES3 gibt es nicht). Es sind unterschiedliche Varianten. Der ES1 ist langsamer, hat keine Beleuchtung für hinten und den Unterboden und die Federung fehlt. Der ES 4 ist ein ES1 oder ES2 mit Zusatzakku an der Lenkstange. Damit wird er jeweils 5km/h schneller und fährt 45km statt 25km.

  2. Hello from Singapore. This is very good review. Could you share the max distance for each mode? In red "s" mode, I get only 13km. Is it normal?

  3. Danke für den ausführlichen Test. Ich habe meinen ES2 heute gekauft, musste aber leider feststellen, dass der Lenker inklusive Lampe leicht nach links zeigen wenn das Rad gerade nach vorne zeigt. Daher leuchtet die Lampe immer leicht zur Seite. Habt ihr schon Erfahrungen mit dem Problem?

  4. Is der Scooter erlaubt auf der Strasse wie in der Schweiz (seit 2018 wie ein normal Fahrad) ? Natürlich nicht auf den Bürgersteig !

  5. Ich konnte einfach nicht anders, geordert aus D für D. Ohne STVO, meine Gedanken waren: Laesst sich per App auf 20 runterdrosseln, Blinker und Licht ist erfüllt, Versicherung habe Ich bedenken ob die nicht eine Zertifizierung shen wollen. Eure Meinung dazu ist gefragt, forscht und mega gespannt die NOCH verfügbare 25 km/h Version gekauft zu haben die zur Not an unsere Freunde in Österreich auch weiterverkauft werden kann. Ich hoffe es kommt nie dazu. Bin Carsharer und MOIA, sowas passt komplett ins Kontor, ist hip, geil und macht fun auch für U40 😉 Ich hoffe Ich habe nicht zu hoch gepokert, Kann Ich das Teil in D nach EU Parlament Stempel drauf dann legal weiter benutzen ?

  6. Kleiner Tipp, stell dich weiter weg vom Greenscreen dann gibt es auch keinen grünen Lightspill. Hintergrund 1 Stop schwächer belichten als Vordergrund.

  7. " noch ist es ganzschön kalt als wir den roller getestet haben"…vergangenheit,gegenwart,zukunft, sollte man schon einhalten gemusst,oder fandest du das nicht ?

  8. شكرا لك….
    لقد قمت بالفعل بشراء هذا المنتج بعد مشاهدة الفيديو.
    لقد افادتني الترجمه العربيه كثيرا في فهم التفاصل

  9. Habe denn gleichen mir gekauft der mediamarkt Verkäufer sagte er hätte 35km/h Geschäft wenn es stimmt wie hat er es gemacht?

  10. Wie kann der akku der wesentlich kleiner ist als beim m365 denn eine höhere reichweite haben ? Mit dem m365 kommt man realistisch 15km weit, also dürften mit dem es2 doch maximal 10km drin sein wenn man etwa 80kg wiegt ?!

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