Ninebot Z6 Z8 Z10 Test SUB DE/EN/ES/PL/RU/العربية

Hello dear electro-sport friends
Now the time has come: Ninebot would also like to be in the 18 inch league
play along and not bad !! namely with the Ninebot Z series
why Ninebot Z series? Because it
the Z6, Z8 and Z10 are there. We have for you the Z6 and the Z10, so that
smallest and the largest wheel. The difference is in
Essentially, the Z6 has a 574 Wh Battery has while the Z10 1000 Wh
has the Z6 drives maximum 35 km / h and the Z10 maximum 45 km / h. That’s because in the smaller wheel,
So in the Z6, a 1200W motor works, while in the big wheel 1800 W
work. It may be natural that the engine
is identical and that just the Performance was adjusted. Otherwise the wheels are identical. The slope at the smaller wheel is
20 ° and the Z10 maximum 25 °. The Ninebot Z carries up to 150 kg
and that’s definitely it adapted for the European market. Most striking is
of course, this fat tire and me I measured it once
and got to over 10 cm. That means one
very wide tread. With the air pressure you can yes this bearing surface
still vary a bit, so determine how a lot of
it really touches the ground. The wide tire is good for driving stability,
but a bit disadvantageous for that Power consumption. For example the Kingsong KS18L
is the absolute energy-saving champion. It will go much further than that
Ninebot Z or you would have to inflate a lot of air. Nevertheless, as you can see here,
very agile! We would not have thought that. As with the ES2 scooter
from Ninebot, it is now with the with the app too …
Of course, the app has to be installed first become…
then do not forget the permission to otherwise the app will not work
work or the bike can not find … And then you have to do this again
Confirm all safety instructions and you have to be each one too
Watch for three seconds, so different it does not work. Ninenot really wants to stop
make sure everyone understands it and even if
we did that and then the bike want to unlock, then it says that
At least 1 km first time should drive before the speed
can unlock. Otherwise we have the classic ones
Operating elements: namely the input and output Breaker – it really does work here
Nice sounds – reminds me of R2D2 –
Or does that sound kinda cool, but you know not exactly what it is or whether it is
says something, but it was just great. The charging socket is under this
Rubber cover and thus well protected against water and the charging plug looks too
completely different than anything we do so far and so can not
be confused. The RGB LEDs are
of course reconfigurable: bicolor, by turns, whatever you do
want – or flashing – and you can also turn it off. The Ninebot Z finally has light,
So a built-in light, you have to So do not buy extra and that
is really bright, as you can see here. You also have this cool LED ring, so
as with modern vehicles and behind Of course, then the tail light or
the brake light The trolley is not factory-installed,
that means who does not want a trolley does not have to use it either. Who him
but he has to assemble it first –
with the fender or without – that can you decide. Of course that is not
Sheet metal, but plastic. First of all, you have to go left and here
on the right the first 5 screws unscrew, then there is
two such spacers. Take these out. They are labeled with links and
right, if you see her later you can not do this
confound. First, insert this fender. There are again 2 screws, the
are there. You have to
Screw her up here. Then laterally the
2nd and 4th screw
screw on and then you can screw on the trolley, you put it
just over it and then you screw the stuck on remaining screws and then you have
then you can do it with a suit, you can do it completely take off normally or
drive in and then you can use the bike move the trolley and whom it
I do not like him, he can do it again disassemble. A small feature of Ninebot Z is
the valve: because you do not get that way just go, unless you open this
Shut up and then screw it Valve extension on it and
can inflate the air. Ninebot Z now has this, too
Sensor in the handle, that means, if you do that Wheel lifts, then it is definitely
off and when you turn it off, go it
back to. Who still wants to know how
to let the wheel turn freely: you just have to lift it on the pedal arms
and then you can let it spin freely. But carefully! You can sit there
hurt quickly because of the tire very free – that is very good for
the Driving, but of course you come too
faster at this tire, because he just barely protected. But pure
technically this is great and that is also our final
Impression: it drives mega stable, too in the field, you have seen it:
Cobblestone streets – that is quite a bit away and it’s a great one
Bike for the terrain and has by the way You also have to process very, very well
say, so the quality of the whole Thread we looked at,
is already very well done and one clear recommendation from us: who such a bike
with 18 inches needs and this wide Would like to have tires for the terrain
he also has no alternative because all the other wheels
have significantly thinner tires. Therefore, the bike is already in its class
once and an absolute recommendation, from us. That’s it from us again, to the next one
Time, Ciao!

23 thoughts on “Ninebot Z6 Z8 Z10 Test SUB DE/EN/ES/PL/RU/العربية

  1. Hy Ferenc,
    Top Video, wie immer! Prima auf Trolley etc eingegangen. Was ich mir mehr gewünscht hätte, ist ne Meinung zu Power/Torque/Beschleunigung!
    Immerhin hat das Gerät nur max 58Volt…im Vergleich zu den aktuellen GW/KS mit 84V echt bischen schwach auf der Brust…

    Ach ja…V8 wird, soweit ich weiss, nicht mehr von 9b produziert werden. Einfach zu wenig Unterschied zum Z10……

  2. MONTAG ist es da!!!!! Danke Ferenc für die super schnelle Abwicklung! Kann es kaum erwarten. Das ist soooo G….. das Ding !!!!!!!!!

  3. das wird dann mein nächstes einrad 😀 verfolge den z10 schon länger und da es den jetz bei ihnen gibt, werd ich ihn auf jeden fall dort kaufen. der wird dann bei den offroad strecken genutzt wo der v10 einfach nicht mithalten kann. habe aktuell eben den v10 und dann wird es ein upgrade vom v10 zum z10 sozusagen 😀 bloß in sachen optik ist der z10 kein wirklicher hingucker, bloß eben was das ding an leistung bringt und der reifen (offroadbiest) und der akku und die verarbeitung, boom das is für die one's doch ein klarer schlag ins gesicht, wobei der e+ einfach immernoch in meinen augen das beste und schönste einrad is

  4. приятно видеть попытки интеграции русского языка!;) Благодарю за внимание к русскоязычным!)

  5. Hallo Ferenc!
    Ich fahre zurzeit ein KS 16-A und Suche nach einem "Upgrade".
    Da ich sehr wenig wiege, fällt es mir schwer mit einem KS 18-L sehr steile Hügel zu erklimmen. Ansonsten dachte ich an folgende Räder:
    Gotway MSX, Inmotion V10F Kingsong KS 16-S und Ninebot One Z10.
    Welches dieser Räder ist leicht bergauf zu fahren bzw einfach sehr agil?
    Liegt es grundsätzlich an größeren Rädern (18") oder an der Software?
    Vielen Dank für deine/eure Hilfe 😉
    PS: Wieviele Zentimeter sind die Pedale des Z10 über dem Boden?

  6. Vielen Dank für das tolle Video! 😊
    Ihr beantwortet alle Fragen die man hat. Ich habe ein Ninebot Z 6 zu Weihnachten bekommen und bin sehr gespannt wie es ist ! 😊

  7. How can I reset my z10 it will not balance and only free wheels when powered on?? Can I factory reset or calibrate motors please help?

  8. I have had to buy a replacement z10 motherboard but it will not work? Do you know how to unlock the board please..?

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