Ninebot Z6 Z8 Z10 Update SUB DE/EN/ES/PL/RU

Hello dear friends, today
with a short update to Ninebot Z. It’s about the valve, it’s so nice here
is hidden. You remember, it was under this cover
here. For this you need this valve adapter,
which can be the problem at the same time. You have to tighten the adapter with the hose,
but the lower piece can turn. That means if you put the adapter on the
Screwing the valve too tight, it may be that you do not get it anymore, because it is
stuck firmly down on the valve, but stuck the hose
rotates. If that happened to you,
is there any possibility of using something Creep oil to work and the air pressure too
increase. My alternative is some tape. You’re wrapping around here. If I hold and turn here now, that is
it’s impossible that it does not turn. At the same time, you should make sure that
the valve is clean and if necessary with Compressed air or a brush cleans with it
can not collect sand in the internal thread and it
thereby getting stuck. But that ‘s how you are on the safe side and
gets the adapter again and again. In our last video we have you too
not shown how to play music about the Ninebot can hear. That’s easy: you go into your Bluetooth settings
and looking for new devices and the Ninebot
you will already be displayed. Just connect and there is a voice message. And already it is connected. If I want to listen to my music now, that is not a problem. And if I want to decouple it again,
that’s easy too. The sound quality is ok, could be better
be, but also worse. It’s just a unicycle. That’s it from our update. Very important: there was an update for the battery
Management System, please install necessarily and the bike never for a long time with low
Store battery stand. See you next time, yours

5 thoughts on “Ninebot Z6 Z8 Z10 Update SUB DE/EN/ES/PL/RU

  1. For the valve use this cheap and way better!
    TPMS Tire Ventiel Messing Metalen Ventiel Extension Rechte Boring Voor Vrachtwagen Motorfiets Auto 100mm/140mm/200mm to Clipboard

  2. Hab Euch vor 14 Tagen entdeckt und schau mich grade durch Eure Filmbank. Super.
    Gibts schon einen Termin. ab wann das Ninbot One Z in Deutschland erhältlich ist?

  3. Der Adapter vom alten Ninebot E geht auch. (Der ist mir zwar auch steckengeblieben) aber, wenn das Ventil sauber ist, und ein wenig ÖL aufs Gewinde, alles ist gut!
    Tip: Das Z10 fährt sich besser mit niedrigem Reifendruck. … und da "zickt" das Ventil beim Abschrauben, zur Not voll aufpumpen, Adapter ab und Luft mit dem Finger nach Gefühl ablassen.

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