Nintendo Switch ExpressVPN DNS setup

Let’s walk through the steps for configuring
DNS settings on your Nintendo Switch. To complete this tutorial, you’ll need a
computer, a Nintendo Switch, and an ExpressVPN subscription. Note that changing DNS settings can enhance
your streaming experience, but won’t offer you the full privacy protection of a VPN. If you want to use VPN on your switch, consider
connecting it to the internet through a router running the ExpressVPN app for routers. The setup process has four steps. First, you’ll set up a DDNS hostname through
a third party service. Second, you’ll register the hostname with
ExpressVPN. Third, you’ll look up your MediaStreamer
IP addresses on the ExpressVPN website. Fourth, you’ll input the IP addresses in
your Nintendo Switch’s DNS settings. You’ll need to use a third party service
to establish a DDNS hostname. For this tutorial, we’ll use Dynu, a free
DDNS service provider. Note that ExpressVPN is in no way affiliated
with Dynu, and you are free to use whatever DDNS service provider you choose. To set up a Dynu account, visit At the top right corner of the screen, click
“Create Account.” Fill in the necessary information before clicking
“Submit.” A message will display saying Dynu will send
you a verification email. Check your email and click on the link. You’ll need to log into your Dynu account
using the username and password you just created. Once you log in, click on “DDNS Services”
on the left side. Then click “Add” in the top right corner. You have two options for the next step. Most users will want to select option one,
but advanced users familiar with setting up their own domain can select option two. If you select option one, simply create your
desired hostname and enter it in the blank on the left. If you select option two, enter your existing
domain in the blank on the right. Now click “Add.” On the next screen, uncheck “Wildcard IPv4
Alias”, “Wildcard IPv6 Alias”, and “Enable IPv6 Address.” Then click “Save.” Your Dynu account is now set up. Now it’s time to visit the ExpressVPN website. Click “My account” in the top right corner. Then enter the email you used to set up your
ExpressVPN account, as well as your ExpressVPN password. Click “Sign in.” On the next page, click “DNS settings”
on the top right corner. Scroll down to a section titled “Dynamic
DNS Registration.” Enter the hostname you just created with your
Dynu account. If you used option one when setting up DDNS
with Dynu, the hostname will follow the format If you used option two, simply enter the domain
you used. Click “Save Hostname.” The word “updated” will flash on screen
to let you know the hostname was saved. Return to your ExpressVPN subscription page. Select the green button that reads “Set
up ExpressVPN.” On the next page, select MediaStreamer on
the left. Two IP addresses will appear on the right. Copy down both IP addresses from the ExpressVPN
setup page—soon you’ll enter them into your Nintendo Switch’s settings. Turn on your Nintendo Switch. Select System Settings and go to “Internet.” Select the internet network you want to be
connected to and choose “Change Settings.” Then go down to “DNS Settings.” Select “Manual.” For Primary DNS, enter the top IP address
you copied from the ExpressVPN setup page and press OK. For Secondary DNS, enter the bottom IP address
you copied from the ExpressVPN setup page and press OK. Note that your Nintendo Switch might reformat
the numbers so that each number between the periods is three digits—this is expected. When you finish entering the IP addresses,
click “Save.” Your Nintendo Switch will tell you the settings
have been saved. Select OK. Congrats! You’ve configured the DNS settings on your
Nintendo Switch! If you have any questions, ExpressVPN Support
is available 24/7. Thanks for watching!

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  1. It won't work, i got an 2801 – 1028 error when trying to connect to Facebook, saying the page isn't encrypted. Is having the vpn app for the routeur a mandatory ?

  2. I dont understand why bother going through all the dynu creation account & dns settings. My switch is hard wired to my vpn router and works fine. Is this manual dns setting more secure?

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