Noah Centineo Clears Up To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You Love Triangle Rumors

-I’ve been seeing you in
a lot of headlines recently. -Oh, no.
-No, it’s all good stuff. [ Laughter ] I just thought it would be
very kind of shocking. It says like,
“Noah Centineo dyes beard blond, sends Instagram into a panic.”
-I don’t have a beard. -“Elite Daily” said,
“Noah Centineo bleached his beard, and I need to lie
down right now immediately.” [ Laughter ] “Cosmopolitan” — “Noah Centineo
just bleached his beard and is literally
making his fans unstan.” [ Laughter ] “The Cut” — “Noah Centineo
bleached his beard to punish us.”
[ Laughter ] They’re talking about this photo
that you posted. It says, “What’s happened?”
-Oh. Hey, I was aware enough
to know what everyone was thinking with that —
“What is going on?” You know?
-Yeah, yeah. -It was a…
-So what — what did happen? -I’m rebelling.
[ Laughter ] -Wow, you’re such a rebel.
Yeah. -I’m like,
“I got to change something.” -Yeah.
-No, you know, I was sitting at a hair salon,
and I saw a salon-ist that had dyed blond hair.
-Mm. -And I thought, “Mm.
I should do that with my beard.” [ Laughter ] -Did you think about
just dying your hair first? You went straight for the beard? -Well, I was like,
“I shouldn’t do the hair.” You know,
I wanted to buzz the hair, but I couldn’t buzz the hair
’cause, you know, we were working on something. And so I went,
“Well, what can I do?” I said, “I can definitely
bleach the beard.” And, you know,
if worse comes to worst, I just shave it off,
and it’s not there anymore. -That’s true.
-It was a catastrophe, clearly. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. It didn’t really work,
but you got to try it. -Oh, you know what was crazy?
I burned my face in the process. You can actually
kind of see the redness. -You really burned your face?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, I put —
you know, bleached it, and it was all purple
and weird at first. I sat there for like 15 minutes,
and then my face starts to burn, and I’m like,
“Yo, what’s happening?” Like, my face is on fire, Jimmy.
-Yeah. -And he’s, like,
“No, no, no, it’s cool. Like, we can’t —
if we take it off now, then it’s gonna be, like,
orange.” [ Laughter ] And I was like,
“Orange, platinum blond — is it that bad?”
I was, like “I’ll deal with it.” -Or just ruin my face, yeah.
-Yeah, why not? And so when I took it all off,
I just had burns on my face. -Well, I was —
-It’s not that bad. It really wasn’t, you know?
[ Laughter ] It was worth it — to rebel. -Of course, our producers
found a photo of — I dyed my hair once. It’s pretty awful.
-Can’t wait to show this. Come on.
We got a picture, right? Please, do we? -There’s me and Jamie Foxx.
[ Laughter ] It was real bad, dude.
It was… [ Cheers and applause ] It’s awful.
Look at this. -I actually don’t… -This is —
Like, it was terrible. [ Laughter ] Dude, I look like the Joker.
I don’t know what’s happening. [ Laughter ] -I like the —
It’s the V — The V-cut sweater makes it
even better, I think. That’s a really deep V, huh?
-That’s a deep V. Looks like
I’m being mugged or something. I don’t know
what I was going through. Whatever, man.
Like, a midlife crisis. -You got to be there, yeah. -I ran into you at
the People’s Choice Awards. -Yeah, that was cool.
-It’s always good to see you, and your knee is better.
You had crutches and everything. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Of course, you won that night. Which is, I’m like,
“Of course he wins. He’s on crutches. Now he’s
got to get up the stairs.” I was, like —
I was gonna help you up, but it was great, you won for —
was it Best Comedian? -I think Choice Comedy Person
or something. -Yeah.
-It was weird. I don’t — -No, it’s great.
-It was amazing. -Thank you, thank you.
Yeah, yeah, thank you. I was honored, and, you know,
super, super humbled by it. -But you were up against, like,
Kevin Hart and Adam Sandler. -Oh, yeah.
-I mean, that’s got to make you feel pretty good, right?
-Man, so my dad was in the audience when —
when I won, and he was, like, freaking out. He thought he was
gonna get mugged because he’s like,
“Bro, these are, like — these are, like, superstars,
and you just, like — you’re up on that stage,
and, like, they’re gonna kill me, bro!
Like…” [ Laughter ]
He was tripping out about it. He literally
didn’t stop talking about it for about an hour and a half.
-Oh, my gosh. -It was the —
It was really cool. It made — you know.
-It was a good part of the show when you were —
-Yeah, I like having my dad and my fam with me, man.
-That’s awesome. I want to talk about the movie “To All The Boys:
P.S. I Still Love You.” -Yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ] I know, I’m geeking out.
Yes. I’m freaking out ’cause it
comes out February 12th, which is perfect
for Valentine’s Day. We have a date.
We’re gonna get together. -That’s right.
-Get some Domino’s. -Screen the movie, you know.
-Yeah, get some pasta primavera. Stuff like that.
-Okay, it’s on Netflix. We can order in.
We could Postmates if we really wanted to.
-Right, yeah. We can do all that stuff.
Where does this sequel take off? Where does it start?
-So, it starts off — Starts off
on Peter and Lana’s — Or, Lara Jean’s.
I’m sorry — Lana’s character. Their first date after
they are an official couple. And then, from there —
People are calling it a love triangle,
and I don’t think that’s the most accurate way
to describe it. -Okay.
-But what happens is, Lana’s character
essentially begins to commit emotional adultery
on Peter Kavinsky with John Ambrose,
if you guys know who that is. -Ooh.
[ Audience “Oohs” ] -I’m kidding.
It’s not like that. She —
[ Laughter ] You guys are like, “Dang!
That’s like a real word.” Like, yo, be careful. No.
[ Laughter ] -You can’t just
throw that word around. -Yeah, it’s emotional. No.
-Yeah, emotional. -So, someone from the past
shows up. -I know.
-And, you know, she reads his letter,
and it gets a little conflict. -Oh.
And I heard that they’re working on a third film, too, right?
-Yeah, yeah, don’t worry. Peter has long hair
in the third film, too, like — [ Laughter ] -No beard dyeing.
No beard bleaching. Nothing. -Definitely not.
We did this after the fact. -Yeah.
-It’s ready. I think you guys will like it. -I want to show everyone a clip.
Here’s Noah Centineo in “To All The Boys:
P.S. I Still Love You.” Take a look. -Wow, they have big menus here. -The bigger the menu,
the fancier the restaurant. Everybody knows that. It’s actually
a two-fork restaurant. They give you the second one
just in case you knock the first one
off the table. -No, that’s — that’s not it.
-That’s what it is. -No, it’s not.
-Watch. You ready? Oh.
-Peter, stop. It’s so embarrassing.
[ Fork clatters ] -It’s a good thing
I have my backup. -Mm-hmm.
-[ Chuckles ] This is my first date. I’ve never
been a girlfriend before. I hope I’m good at it. ♪♪ -I mean, come on.
Come on. [ Cheers and applause ] Come on. Noah Centineo, everybody!

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