Nonprofit seeks computers, accessories to bridge technology gap for students

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Children’s Books On Wheels distributed literature at a hot meals event at the Sleepy Hollow Multipurpose Building in Tamina, Wednesday, May 13, 2020. Each person that received a hot meal also received books for any children within the household. CBOW is now seeking donations of computers, tablets and accessories to […]

Children’s Books on Wheels (CBOW) is on a mission to provide access to working computers to vulnerable children in the community prior.

The literacy program, KidsTech, will collect gently used computers, tablets and accessories beginning Friday, Aug. 7 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the CBOW Sleepy Hollow Multipurpose Building, located at 9845 Sleepy Hollow Road in Conroe.

Gently used computers and hardware should be wiped clean of all personal information and data before donating. Acceptable items include 64-bit devices, screens, monitors and networking hardware, keyboards, hard drives, RAM, chargers, power cords, network cables and display cables – 2015 or later models only.

Cosmetic damage and slow computers with at least 2 CPU cores are acceptable if they are 2015 or newer products.

“Children and families are our most precious resource and the KidsTech Program will allow our vulnerable children and youth the opportunity to continue their education virtually with their peers in our most isolated communities,” said CBOW Founder Rita Wiltz. “Please join us to help continue filling the gap between literacy and our youth.”

Every donation will be evaluated and refurbished as needed by a high school tech wizard attending The Woodlands High School, Jinesh Jain.

Jinesh Jain is a junior at The Woodlands High School, with experience repairing technology issues as a volunteer for his teachers since elementary school. With deep interest in all-things-technology, and passion for electronics, he developed an interesting hobby to make intricate hardware and software repairs to mobile phones and computers. Jinesh wanted to use his skills for a social cause so he started donating his first earnings to an animal shelter. It also gave him satisfaction to know that by re-using electronics, he is reducing the environmental waste.

During COVID-19 Jinesh started noticing that low-income families got hit the hardest with the virus. During the current pandemic, risks associated with in-person education makes it even harder for the low-income communities, where one in four children does not have access to computers at home and literacy rates are the lowest. Jinesh connected with CBOW to utilize his skills to collect used computers, refurbish, and re-deploy to the children in need for e-learning purposes.

Donations that are not acceptable include ….

 Major Physical Damage (cracked screen, broken keyboard, etc.)

 Computers older than 2015

 Dirty Computers with external or internal dust/cobwebs affecting performance

 CRT screens

  Non-working accessories like screens, mouse, keyboard

  If under quarantine due to COVID-19 infection

Donations will continue each Friday in August at Children’s Books on Wheels, 9845 Sleepy Hollow Road in Conroe. CBOW is a 503 (c) nonprofit organization and every donation will be accompanied by a receipt. Refurbished computers will be donated to eligible children and youth in the CBOW Literacy Program in the community to enable them to stay connected digitally to education resources. Sponsorships opportunities are available by contacting Rita Wiltz, Executive Director at CBOW at [email protected] or calling 281-844-7596. CBOW follows all CDC guidelines on social distancing and sanitation.

The mission of Children’s Books on Wheels is to promote literacy by providing books and educational literature to Pre-K through 12 grade children and their families. Learn more about Children’s Books on Wheels by visiting their website or Rita Wiltz 281-844-7596 – [email protected].

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