NYC Protests Against House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Visit to NYC Charter School

PROTESTERS: Paul Ryan, shame on you! Greedy, cruel, selfish, too! Paul Ryan, shame on you! WILHELMINA PERRY: I’m Dr. Wilhelmina Perry,
and I’m a community activist, and I represent LGBT faith leaders of African descent. I’m here because I object to the policies
that are regressive of this administration. And I believe that Ryan and DeVos are not
to be able to come to Harlem and find that we are accepting. We are protesting against their being here. PROTESTERS: You work for us! You work for us! You work for us! TIM MURPHY: I’m Tim Murphy, with the anti-Trump,
anti-extreme-right group And we’re here today with other groups to
tell Paul Ryan we think he is shameful. Watching him and those other men drink beer
last night and laugh and toast each other, when they just succeeded in taking a step
toward stripping millions of poor, vulnerable people that rely on Obamacare and expanded
Medicaid—to see them celebrating that, to see them celebrating nothing but stripping
people of basic healthcare, is sickening. PROTESTERS: Hands off our healthcare! Hands off our schools! MARIA BAUTISTA: My name is Maria Bautista. I’m with the Alliance for Quality Education. Eva Moskowitz, the CEO—CEO of a school—has
invited Paul Ryan, who has attacked people’s dignity and access to healthcare, right? That’s a basic human need. Actually brings him into a school that’s
a majority black and brown community, that are going to be disproportionately impacted
by Paul Ryan’s policies, by Trumpcare. And we’re saying, no, we’re not having
it. PROTESTERS: For trying to kill the ACA, Paul
Ryan, you will pay! MARY SOMOZA: My name is Mary Somoza, and this
is Alba Samosa, my daughter. Her twin sister cannot be here today, Anastasia
Somoza, who spoke at the DNC on behalf of people with disabilities, 56 million Americans
with disabilities. I am the mother of four children, that include
two with significant disabilities—cerebral palsy from birth, pre-existing conditions. My daughters are Medicaid recipients. All their services—wheelchairs, healthcare,
visiting doctors—will be gone, because they’re going to put block grants on Medicaid, and
they’re taking $800 billion out of the Medicaid system. So, what that comes down to, it’s always
the most vulnerable people who suffer. And there are many of them in this state and
around the country, including Trump supporters. PROTESTERS: Paul Ryan, shame on you! PROTESTER: Paul Ryan! Paul Ryan!

17 thoughts on “NYC Protests Against House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Visit to NYC Charter School

  1. Oh what a valuable lesson the foolish and might in our government will learn. People are getting angier and more fed up with this administration each day. This movement will not stop anytime soon either. Doesn't matter what the government does. Too many people are upset, angry and have had it. Those who have never had a reason to protest government do now on so many levels.

  2. Paul Ryan makes Satan look like a boy scout! He is only working for insurance companies NOT Americans!

  3. If you believe health care is a right, by all means, learn the practice yourself and begin providing affordable health care to others.

  4. Corporations hate the poor. The Dems Rep are the mouthpieces for Corporations . If your pissed at Trump,Sessions.for fucking up your healthcare Don't be there just puppets of Corp .If you have insurance or a bank account with a major Corporate provider .Pull that shit out go with an independent insurers,Bankers. You'll get better deal anyway..If you don't buy their SHIT Corps won't have a leg to stand on and we can quit playing this game.

  5. Elites only care for other elites… Hey Ryan! Social security is the only reason you went to FUCKING COLLEGE, you horrible douche bag!

  6. none of your have even read the health bill but that wont stop you from hatin on it..

    Obama care FAILED ! what don't you get about that. ?

    That means No insurance carriers want to be part of it..

    Aetna pulled out this morning

  7. Health care is not a human right, but that doesn't mean there shouldn't be a safety net. If someone is sick because they are disabled or the government poisoned their water (looking at you Flint Michigan ) yeah you are entitled to compensation. However there are so many people sick in this country from preventable diseases linked to people's lack of diet and exercise.If you are sick because you fail as an individual by smoking cigarettes or eating fucking El Monteray Chicken and Cheese tacquitos , you're on your own fuck off. Let's work towards preventable care instead of health care. Let's make good quality food accessible to all, not just the privilege Whole Foods crowd. Also food stamps shouldn't cover fucking soda pop or fucking cheetos.

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