32 thoughts on “Official Destiny 2 Licensed Razer Peripheral Suite Teaser

  1. I recieved my Elite and Goliathus Destiny editions today. The mouse looks absolutely epic! I love the black and white color scheme, which extends to the braided cable, coupled with the red accent scroll wheel (alhtough you can still change the colors as you see fit). The only downside is that the mouse is heavier than the standard Elite, which is the perfect weight for me. I think it's because of the better built quality of the Destiny edition. With regard to the mouse pad I think is ever so slightly too small and I wish they omitted the 2 from the design and only included the Destiny logo as with the mouse. I think the number 2 spoils it.

  2. When do these come out? I will buy all of them, I just hope I don't have to wait till September to do that

  3. I have 1 question, I want to buy destiny 2 for the pc. I have razer chroma stuff, so will my setup react on the game?

  4. why the ornata tho. why not support your blackwidow v2. membrane keyboard for over a 100 bucks don't make sense

  5. Razer is like the apple of gaming. Expensive, made from cheap materials, but it feels expensive, just because of the technology used.

  6. have a da elite and a ornata chroma, destiny 2 edtion would be nice but can't spend money just on that 🙁

  7. Razer may not be the absolute best on the market (especially for the price) but out of all things why a membrane keyboard for gaming?? I know the ornata's an innovation but still, if you want any gaming peripherals and are willing to spend a lot of money, (on a razer product) why the ornata?? What about the Blackwidow family?

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