Ok Google regula la Intensidad de la Luz

In today’s video we are going to see a tutorial
half android half electric on how to increase or decrease light intensity using
the google assistant and this video can worth if you have the wizard installed in
the phone or if you have the device at home google home to send the orders that we need, then a light bulb that is
dimmable if incandescent of filament is worth anybody and this one
led you have to look for it to put dimmable or dimmable and you can find them like this
with warm light or whiter light more or less watts, they are not very expensive I will leave link in
the description and another device we also need that
It is a dimmer with wifi connection, this is compatible only with wifi networks 2.4
ghz, supports a maximum of 300 w that having note that a led bulb for a house
consumes on average 5 w because imagine all the that we can put on the same circuit, and
the price is around 10 15 euros, so good for what it offers is not bad
the connection is super simple this L and this N is the input at 220 volts l phase N neutral
and the middle one is exit phase for now I will connect it like this with a plug
and a led lamp to configure it this type of devices the most normal thing is
installed in a junction box and here you can see the measurements, it has
11 cm long and the thickness is about 4 cm and about 2 and a half centimeters on the other side well to configure it we must have the network
active house wifi we plug the controller to the current and open the smart application
life which is the application that allows us configure the appliance we create a new account the first thing we put
our country as we see the list is big, I think they have not left any behind, here
This Spain and now gives us the option to register with the email or putting
our phone number, we must put a number or a real account because then we
they will send a message with a confirmation code well I already have the account created so
I am about to add this device that it’s on this device list and this
it’s called a dimming switch, which comes to be dimmable switch ok now it tells me to press the button on
dimmer, until light starts flashing Quick
the light is already blinking but i will again because it is recommended to do it when
let’s configure the regulator so we leave it for about 15 seconds with this button
from here pressed and when released it should flash so with a speed of about two times per
second as we see now here it reminds us to connect it to the
2.4ghz network, no need to worry because when we finish the configuration the phone
we can reconnect it to the 5g network we can manage the controller by wifi in this step it starts to scan and when
go for 20% more or less will detect the device and register it in our smartlife account
automatically well we already have control of the bulb
from the smart life application the application it supports voice commands but there’s
a small drawback is that the commands they are in english so i go to google home
click on the plus symbol, configure device, then in the option below and in the list we search
For the application of smartcoin life, here the we have and it will simply ask us for the data
from our email account and the password so click on link now and
we give permission for google to access to our smartlife account
and well here is the device completely functional, through google goes a little more
slow when you send an order, one second or so slower, the name it has doesn’t
like we will give it a name that has to do with where the switch is going to be
so from the settings we change it and put Well, I don’t know living room or dining room, something
more appropriate. the google account I have on the phone
it is the same as the google home mini that It is by my side so that it does not interfere
I disconnect it because this way the percentages are better of the light intensity on the screen like this
that I’m going to disconnect for a moment when we turn on the light by voice commands
will respect the latest intensity regulation of light that we had on well we already have the configuration now missing
connect it to a lighting circuit of the house this that you see is a commute of
two points, there are three points interspersed between these two switches one like this
which is called crossover and it works with 4 cables, but we will not touch this if you
you find one so we leave it and we will look the three wire
I the way I am going to connect the regulator It is going to feed at all times
switches in this way we can turn off the lights from the switch and the regulation
of intensity we will do it on the phone for voice or touching the dimmer of the application like this
that we will have to remove the phase that feeds the switches and power the switches
with the regulator output, Many of you will think how easy it is to see on top of
the table the cables so seen and how difficult I know when they are on the wall with a lot
of cables well you can know quickly What is the switch that reaches the phase
input and what is the cable that goes to the lamp to find out which switch is the switch
that has the input phase we can use a finder of these cheap Chinese
and since the switches usually have three connections one in red and the other
two in another color, or one has a color of different cable and the other cables go from another
color, so we see that phase marks the polefinder, and this is the one that goes to the lamp
it does not mark anything thus connecting the regulator we can turn on
and turn off the lights at the intensity that we we have put as what you really spend
electricity is the light bulb even if we leave the regulator on with a regulation
20% will consume us like a turned off TV in standby because there is no electric cost to
the bulb is disconnected here we have the junction box that feeds
the switch, we cut the light before anything and I make sure it really is the cable that
I look pulling a little and the switch moves I have already connected the neutral, the blue and the
phase that here is black as the cable is long I cut it and connect it to the power
regulator, the one that comes out of the terminal and the going to the switch I put it on the way out
regulator and well I hope the tutorial has helped you
in case you dare to regulate the intensity of the light

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  1. Últimamente estoy bastante hogareño…😡 así que aquí va un tutorial sobre controlar las luces de la casa

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