One Google Day – USD – ICT – class D – (GROUP 2)

Oh My God! I have so many messages Hello guys! I’m sorry, I just watched Frozen 2 and it was amazing! And i forgot that we have a appointment today I’m really sorry Ok, send your location right now. I’ll be there in a minute. Bye-bye Ok Google, show me the location of Cats and Coffee Cafe Play Wherever You Are by 5 Seconds of Summer through google play music Where is Clau? She’s not lost, isn’t she? I’m not sure Let’s call her to make sure Okay Hello! I’m here, already in front of the cafe. Just wait for me. Hurry up. Hello guys! I’m sorry, I’m late. Thank you for waiting for me. Okay no problem. Let’s do our assignment. Okay, what’s my job? Your job is to edit this Guys, there’s an empty seat there, Over there Okay then, let’s move in because it’s much bigger. Huh.. I don’t understand. What does it mean? It’s so cute! Chik, chik! Look at this! It’s so cute! Clau, Clau! They’re so cute! Let’s play with the cats! But what about our assignment? We have assignment to do! No problem! It can wait. Let’s have fun first. Oh my God! We haven’t done our assignment yet. Guys! We haven’t done our assignment yet! Let’s do it! Okay, okay. Let’s do it! OMG, finally it’s done! We only have to send it through e-mail right? Yes Okay, let’s send it. It’s done! Yeay! Guys! Do you have our photos from yesterday? When we were at the cafe? Yeah, I do! Where do you want me to share the photos? Google photos or google drive? Google photos? I don’t have it. Can you share it from google drive? I’ll share it via google drive, okay. Wait, I’ll make the folder first. Okay.

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