Online Dating Merchant Account provide a proper way to process the pay-out

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iPaytotal offers merchant account for the acceptable transaction Industries that trade in online dating need Online Dating Merchant Account to manage their payments. they have accurate ways to process payments during a safe manner. As a merchant, you’ll seek the help of a payment processor which will provide you with […]

iPaytotal offers merchant account for the acceptable transaction

Industries that trade in online dating need Online Dating Merchant Account to manage their payments. they have accurate ways to process payments during a safe manner. As a merchant, you’ll seek the help of a payment processor which will provide you with secure solutions associated with a transaction. Though, there are several service providers but only are few which will assist you to run your business in an appropriate manner. iPaytotal is one among the prominent financial solution providers which will provide you with an awesome transaction.


Credit card a way to a swift payments to merchants

Credit card processing offers a swift transaction if you desire to extend your transaction. With credit cards, you’ll get suitable transactions and thus there’s a secure solution to your business. Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay and lots of others create exceptional revenue. You get national and international clients from all regions of the planet . there’s a grand success that stands at your doors. Your online business or store runs well as many customers are available on account of this process.


Different currencies cause you to reach a worldwide scale

Diverse currencies provide you with a chance to succeed on a worldwide scale. you’ll search for a worldwide business with the assistance of diverse currency options. As a business owner, you’ll increase your global transaction with the assistance of the United Kingdom Pound, the US Dollar and lots of more. With the help of worldwide coinages, you’ll search for an accurate solution for your industry. you’ll hook up with several clients at large. there’s an awesome transaction if you’re seeking to earn handsomely. International coinages attract numerous clients from abroad in one go. International clients transfer the funds from their end to yours without a hassle.


Get secure solution via high-risk gateways

You can get a secure way-out through high-risk gateways if you’re trying to find perfection within the business. With solutions like Non-3Ds and 3Ds, you’ll search for exceptional security in dealings. With a high-risk way-out, things become easy for industries to take care of the steadiness of their transactions. Your gateway is secure as fraudsters cannot steal any info associated with your industry. you’re free of scams and overcome chargebacks to urge a secure business.


International way-out for grand transaction

With a world Payment Gateway, you’ll search for incredible business. Apply online to us and our experts will contact you soon within two days’ time. Besides, send all the credentials to the experts, they’re going to assess and send them to the acquiring bank for verification. Once verification is completed , the acquiring bank makes consent and you’re offered a worldwide merchant account. Industries generally search for an offshore account so as to urge an instantaneous solution associated with their industry. Offshore way-out isn’t so hard to follow as compared to onshore. Thus, with a worldwide business account, you’re ready to make a mark within the international market.


eChecks offer a secure value to merchants

eChecks or electronic check may be a sort of online payment where cash is withdrawn electronically from the customer’s bank account , sent over the ACH system, and placed into the recipient’s bank account . With an ACH merchant account, an industry can withdraw pay-outs for stuff or service straight from their customer’s account. The payment should be approved by the client, either through a signed agreement, consistent with the website’s “Terms and Conditions.” Thus, with the assistance of iPaytotal amenities, you’ll get a moment’s pay-out from customers if you’re trying to find exceptional revenue.


ACH pay-outs instant processing to industries

ACH or Automated financial institution may be a US medium of exchange meant for electronic pay-outs and fund transfers. Also called “direct payments,” they’re how to send money from one account to another with no use of paper checks, wire transfers, credit cards or cash. Thus, with ACH means of transfer of funds, you’ll get a secure payment from your customers in a moment manner. ACH is a smaller amount expensive as compared to other modes of payment.


iPaytotal as a continuing service provider

iPaytotal is the constant service provider for merchants seeking to secure their accounts with non interference. you’ll get constant help from iPaytotal if you’re seeking solutions. We work 24 hours each day without an interruption . Our experts are available for offering you an answer associated with your industry.


Skilled professionals to supply amenity

We contain skilled professionals who are dedicated to their work. they provide you solutions at any time once you call them or fill-up a web application. The experts will respond back to you on time to supply you accurate solutions associated with the transaction.


PCI-DSS compliance meant for corporates

Payment card industry or PCI compliance denotes the procedural and operational values that industries must follow to ensure that mastercard data offered by cardholders is safeguarded. PCI compliance is imposed through the PCI Standards Council, besides all corporates, that store, process or spread mastercard data automatically are needed to follow the agreement strategies. Companies are needed to supply compliance information to the cardboard varieties that they slog with, like American Express and VISA. Thus, you retain your business info safe from any quite treachery.


iPaytotalis that the suitable payment processor

iPaytotal is the leader within the financial sector offering a reliable solution associated with a transaction. With our amenities, you’ll avail several services like


  • High-Risk Merchant Account solution
  • mastercard processing for fast transaction
  • ACH pay-outs for your industry
  • Electronic checks offer the immediate deal
  • Offshore Merchant Account for secure business
  • Multiple currencies for international dealing
  • iPaytotal as a continuing service provider
  • High-risk gateways a guard to your transaction
  • Knowledgeable experts to supply solutions
  • PCI-DSS compliance a safeguard for your corporate’s info
  • Virtual integration for your industry
  • SSL incorporation for your webpage
  • more amenities


iPaytotal offers safe processes to manage your transaction during a timely manner. you’ll get a secure process of payment from anywhere with the smallest amount of effort on your part. As a merchant, you’ll get the simplest services from us with no delay within the process.

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