Oppo A57 vs Redmi Note 4 Speed test

These are the benchmark scores
I am using the 3gb ram variant of Redmi note 4 , Oppo also has 3gb of ram Now lets see which apps are still in memory So what is your take on the speed test guys,
let me know by commenting below this video So that’s pretty much it for this video
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100 thoughts on “Oppo A57 vs Redmi Note 4 Speed test

  1. Why do you guys say that appo a57 is the worst is not not worst is the 4th ranking in the world Redmi have the worst camera,well I can just buy any phone I want I don't give a fuck if its worst or not is just a phone, i buy a phone just to call anyone or contact anyone or see news feed i don't give a fuck about quality :3

  2. redmi could have 4gb ram but if has no good camera quality + no longer life with in 6 months will start Lagg little bit and oppo had good screen quality tho.

  3. Wow oppo A57 435 cpu winner in open app faster like asphalt 8 temple run main apps but memory managment me redmi thik h lekin 625 cpu not performance like oppo 435 cpu

  4. But Redmi phones are uglier looking while Oppo phones look and feel similar to iPhone so it's safe to say Redmi makes phones targeting students and poor people

  5. I'm watching this Video on my oppo A57 and it is the best smart phone with best performance and also best for gaming

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