Organize Your Mac's Desktop With Stacks in macOS Mojave

hey everyone damn with MacRumors and in this video we're gonna go over how to use the new Stax feature in Mac OS Mohave if you're someone that has a lot of files on your desktop you're going to love the new Stax feature in Mac OS moment to organize all of your files into neat little piles on your desktop getting rid of all the clutter to enable stacks simply right-click on your desktop and then choose the U stacks option you can also enable stacks and finder by going into the menu bar and selecting view and then the u stacks option turning on stacks will automatically organize your files by file type some of the available stacks include documents images PDF documents spreadsheets other and screenshots if you want to turn stacks off and go back to a full view of all the files on your desktop right click again and uncheck the stacks option alternatively reverse the Finder steps if you want to view all the files that are contained within a stack just click and it will expand the stack and put a little arrow on the stacks name so that you know which stack you're viewing with the stack expanded if you click on a file it will open up in whatever app is set to be the default app for that file type when done click the stack again to collapse it back down into an organized file if you want to open up all of your stacks at once you can option click on any stack which will expand all of the desktop stacks at once option click again on any of the open stacks to close them all you can also customize your stacks and change the organizational system to group your files by date last opened date added date modified date created and tags to do so simply open finder and in the menu bar select view and then select the group stacks by option and choose whichever option you prefer finally if you want to stick one of your stacks into a folder you can do so by right-clicking on one of the stacks and selecting the new folder with selection option using the same right-click options that are available when a stack is selected you can now open the files open them in a specified app rename files share files compress files send files to trash and more you basically have all the same organizational options that you would have selecting any group of files on your desk but without the need to select them manually let us know what you think of stacks in Mac OS moment section down below this has been Dan with MacRumors thanks for watching and I will see you in the next one

24 thoughts on “Organize Your Mac's Desktop With Stacks in macOS Mojave

  1. Thanks for the clear explanation of how to use Stacks. However I cannot see any benefit whatsoever over just organizing desktop icons in Folders. I'll just stick with Folders and I'll continue to wonder why Apple keeps coming up with useless features to continue to bloat the operating system. YMMV

  2. HELP!!! Ok I want to make a Stack of FOLDERS, The Folders as far as I know WILL NOT go into Stacks and or I can Not make Stacks of Folders… Am I Wrong??? If anyone knows how to make a Stack of Folder's Please let me know… So annoying… Does anyone Agree it would be way easier to organize if we could make a Stack of Folders??? =)

  3. I just upgraded to Mojave, but when I right click on my desktop, I don't see any menus or stacks. I currently don't have any icons in my desktop, but I forgot how to bring them back, is that why I can't see stacks. Where can I enable stacks? thanks

  4. This stacks is a life changer, I had a cluttered desktop full of screenshots of things in life to either remember, want, need, or pdf's of important documents and this kept them all neatly organized. Thanks for sharing this I love it. Much much easier on the eyes and hopefully my computer.

  5. I LOVE it. I LOVE it. ​I LOVE it. This has been tailor-made for me hahahaha. I just love a clean desktop. Can't hardly wait !!! 🌸

  6. Pro-tip you can already make stacks of icons on your desktop in earlier versions of OSX – simply put more icons on your desktop than can physically fit, et voila!

  7. Stacks is one of the stupidest "features" they have come up with. At least it's optional. I wish they would make stacks optional in the dock.

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