100 thoughts on “Parnas’ attorney: There are more Trump recordings

  1. "Take her out"!!! I wonder if Susan Collins was "stunned" when she heard that, you know, the same way Gerry Nadler's opening remarks apparently "stunned" her. I wonder if "take her out" left her "shaking her head", the way Rep Schiff's "head on a pike" comment left her shaking her head? Time to vote this hypocrite out of office.

  2. America's most intimate business being discussed literally in public.
    May as well be the local diner.
    Trump is a dangerous half wit.

  3. Strange how Fox isn't really bringing this up. Imagine a Democratic president, accused of shady dealings with shady people who he says he hasn't met or knew, and a tape like this would show up. Do you think Fox would ignore it?

  4. people are shockt that trump did meet parnas for more the 1 h

    but i am more shockt about that fakt that they are making politics with donators!
    cmon how much do you need pay to be a part in making americans foreign policy?

  5. CIA Anderson Cooper. First two years at CIA for grooming and training then to CNN. This man is taking you for a ride. The recordings popping up is NSA work. CIA are releasing them through Mr Parnas's lawyer. This is 'paralel' procecution big time. The politicians are now finding themselvs victims for this NSA surveilance. Just as members of 'occupy wall street', 'tea party' and other protest groups has in the past. Judges, city council members and common criminals. Tom Drake, William Binny and whistleblowers on drone strikes, echonomic crimes and corruption. Welcome to the surveilance state.

  6. If this was Obama and his gang…trumpturds would be marching in front of the white house with signs!!..where's the outrage now???😗😒

  7. Clearly it is TRUMP'S voice but his lawyers and the Republicans will say it's a fake video. The evidence is overwhelming that Trump knows these guys very well and they're working for him for his illegal business.


  9. Another dream from the rejected adult crybabies and confused gender kids from the left
    You will not win 2020, it is just that simple.

  10. Lev Parnas was sent in as an operative of the DNC to record these conversations. I guess he’ll have to wait until a Democrat President pardons him.

  11. parnes has open himself open to recording ilegally just saying but wont change a singel fn thing and news flah TRUMP has the authority to do so all your left with is the crying your doing boo hooo hoo jokers all of you

  12. Awesome audio . Sounds like a decisive boss firing someone for undermining the office of the president. How long would you keep your job if you continue to bad mouth your boss? 33 years of employment as an ambassador , how many were spent undermining her boss? She was not elected and if you have never watched Trump, he has some famous words “Your Fired” !

  13. If there was any scheme to physicality harm the Ambassador, Parnas was complicit and he’s trying to cover it up. First, he said that on about 4 separate occasions, Trump tried to fire her and he thinks it’s so funny that Trump could not get it down. He went on to relay all of the other times he was in the room when Trump said, “get rid of her.” Four different times, the man who was getting surveillance info on M.Y. was in the room when the president was pretending that anyone besides him could LAWFULLY “get rid” of Marie. It’s not surprising that Parnas, whom we heard put the bug in Trump’s ear, was present each time. Second, when he was getting the intel info from Hyde he never once said, “Why are you telling me this?”

  14. This is why he needs to be removed. He lies about EVERYTHING!!!! How can you not know him or anything about him. Call him a groupie etc and discuss information like this with a stranger. Then instruct him to get rid of an Ambassador? I already know the, what about-ism and deflect replies will come from his stupid, brain dead supporters. DON'T waste your time. I will not follow you down those wild goose chase, rat hole, deflecting conversations. There's a simple question that Trump supporters need to answer. It is, did he lie about knowing this guy?

  15. He made the recordings because he knew the person he was dealing with would stab him in the back at some point or make them the scapegoat!

  16. "I would like to think he has knowledge of Ukraine." Haha nope. Pompeo should ask Trump where Ukraine is on an unmarked map.

  17. Ukraine ambassador is working for the United States, and she has no place talking “shift” about the sitting president. Trump has all the right to fire “take her out” her!! I don’t see a problem with this.

  18. There is so much more yet to be uncovered in the Impeachment process. Let's hope the Senate gets to the bottom of it and investigates further. By the looks of it, there would be many people close to Trump going down. However, let's not put the cart before the horse, and prejudge, let's get the facts and make determinations thereafter.

  19. This is the Law, sooooo Trump was well within his rights as the president.
    Ambassadors serve at the pleasure of the President.” Although Pompeo is correct that ambassadors, like other high-level national security and foreign affairs officers, do serve at the pleasure of the president and can be removed by him without cause.
    So if your an ambassador under Trump, try not to talk badly about the boss. Seems logical to me. When is it ever a good idea to backstab the boss??

  20. The President represents the United States in foreign policy matters. The State Department Ambassadors are there to assist the president. Trump decided not to use official, vetted, experienced, dedicated, public service diplomats. But instead relegated America’s foreign policy matters to The 3 stooges Rudy, Lev and Igor.

  21. More illegally obtained crap? Just wait until Dunhams report comes out you degenerate traitors. Trumps going to be acquitted of everything and you traitorous filth are coming down. CNN the leader in very fake news, is showing a CONVICTED CRIMINAL….

  22. Again nothing substanstial just you guys bitching at them trying to remove a member of staff that was part of a looneys programme. He did good 😊

  23. Trump is innocent he has done nothing wrong. That is not his voice. It's OBAMA, maybe Pelosi, it's Democrats they did this. The famous Trump crime family. Like the Gambino's.

  24. Did you morons know that US Ambassadors serve at the will of the president, the corrupt Ukrainian ambassador was a traitor that should be in prison with the rest of the Obama cabal. Your time is coming traitors.

  25. Here is a new one..shifttie in big trouble.. telisiinkle was asked to
    Work with chalupa the whistle blower to throw dirt on Trump.
    Email soon to be released..


  27. Fox News Legal Analyst: ‘Ample’ Evidence To Remove Donald Trump From Office https://news.yahoo.com/fox-news-andrew-napolitano-donald... via @Yahoo


  29. MAGATS are on overtime defending a gangster placing a hit on a government official! Guess Trump was trying out his killing someone and getting away with it! Oh but them MAGATS and their twisted panties to defend incompetence🙄

  30. More tapes from a convicted Criminal😄😅 can the left ever get an honest human being to testify?
    How come everybody testifying against Trump is going to jail. Sorry I give this the fake news finger🖕

  31. CNN needs to go out off business you all lie so your not American citizens anybody can change everything and film digital whatever you won your nazis unite Americans anymore you attack the Constitution of the United States you attack our president UNU all your dirty Terrorists democrats need to go out of business we the people will get rid of you

  32. Worse than the Trump admin corruption is the amateurish way Trump went around with something he wants. That is the real scandal and should frighten everybody to death. The world is not safe with this dimwit.

  33. Any America that does not understand the truth must be a fool. DC is a swamp of corruption. America now has a man who is from outside of the swamp working for them after years of globalists giving away American strength and jobs. NOW Trump has stood up to attacks from these dirty DC liars and most Americans can see what is happening. Trump is working for the People of America. Any voter who votes against MAGA is voting against the welfare of their children. Why would anyone do that? Are they stupid? Have they been duped? Well the smart voters have figured it out and are voting for Trump…so the voters who vote against Trump are the dimwitted uninformed or duped fools. This is true. Thus I wonder if you are among the dumb arse duped idiots…or are joining all of the other American Patriots and working to clear out the swamp?? MAGA !!~!!!~!!

  34. Yep, they got recording of Donald Trump taking a dump then forgetting to wash his hands…..another impeachment article for 2021

  35. Freezing the video at 0:30 shows without a doubt Donald Jaws Trump in the midst of it, and that this video is legit.🤵🏼

  36. They don’t want witness, witness sink the Rump ship for good. So I believe for that reason alone they will not let any witness be heard. I’m just glad that the president does not know that guy that he took pictures with and had dinner and later his attorney Rudy ended up hiring. How embarrassing would that be!🧐🧐😏

  37. Wow, I never respond to any of this stuff and I'm not in any side but they(Lev, etc) actually went into that fund raiser premeditatively to record and lead the President on in the conversations! That's the same underhanded thing Obama did to Mitt Romney at a meeting only somehow he placed a hidden camera specifically to catch Romney saying something he felt comfortable saying among people he thought he was safe with. I'd like to know what everyone thinks about the person who premeditatively sets up these people in high places to purposely catch them and use it against them, to ruin them and to make themselves a name while doing so?

  38. Murderer,warmonger,gunrunner ,womanizer,liar,bully,escalator of fear hate and racism ,terror awaits your country with this puppet dictator!

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