Paulo Coelho – Davos Debates 2009

PAULO COELHO>>Hello, YouTube. This is Paulo
Coelho. By the way, I also printed the same question in my blog,,
and using YouTube, of course. Ah-having said that-ah-I think that we are
seeing this meltdown, but I see this meltdown for good. I think that what is happening now
is-we’re forcing back to ethics. We lost track-not we-I mean, I don’t want to generalize-but
the system lost track of ethics. Meaning be careful with your neighbor, think twice before
you act-ah-in self-benefit. So again of the day of the meltdown is showing that-ah-a world
without ethics does not work. We can wait and then when we reach the bottom, we will
be able to reconstruct from the ruins of this system a new system. Ah-a new system that
is much more-ah-ah-open to the human heart instead of ______ an-and-and turning all this
around of money, money and greed. Have a wonderful day.

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