Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Charged Up Guessing Game! | Nick Jr.

The Mighty Pups are charged up
with some brand new powers! Mighty Pups are on a roll! [laughing] And the Copy Cat and Mayor Humdinger
have some new powers too. Ah! Where did my mayor hat go? Can you match the pups and super villains
with their new charged up powers? [laughing] Here we go! Which pup do you think
turns into a wrecking ball when he’s charged up? Ready for trouble! Time to wreck and roll! That’s right! Rubble can turn into
a mighty wrecking ball! Now, which high-flying pup
can control the weather when she’s charged up? This mighty puppy
is going for a spin! Whoa! Great job, Skye. You got it! Skye can control the weather. Can you guess which villain with claws
has charged up heat paws? [laughing] Whirlwind powers, meet heat paws! Nice work! The Copy Cat
has new heat paws. Guard this door, foggy boy. It’s the only way in or out. Can you guess which clumsy fire pup can jump mighty high
when he’s charged up? Whoa, whoa! Hey, I can’t see! Where’s the button for
the windshield wipers? Marshall is slowing him down! Way to go! Charged up Marshall is extra fired up. I won’t need a ladder
with this super power. Can you guess which pup
has a charged up bark when he’s on the case? On it! [barking] Pawsome! Chase’s bark now booms. How did they get all these
cool new super powers? He’s back in bad bot mode with
a super new teleporting ray. Do you know which villain it is? [laughing] Haroldville is starting to take shape. But I need more buildings. That’s right, charged up
Harold Humdinger is causing trouble in Adventure Bay. Put that playground back
where it belongs, Harold! I will, in Haroldville! [LAUGHING] Don’t lose it, reuse it! Can you guess which charged up pup
can see through metal? Green means glow! Energy plyers! You got it! Rocky has X-ray vision. Hey, you wrecked my rocket! Which new charged up
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