[PAX EAST 2020] Othercide – Reveal Trailer

I woke up and saw a devastated sky. Fragments of my past unfolded before me. Cutting straight through my already severed heart. Remembering what Suffering has done. What Suffering will do. I need you. I love all of you. My Daughters. You are of me. Put an end to suffering.

67 thoughts on “[PAX EAST 2020] Othercide – Reveal Trailer

  1. I was so in for this trailer as it it looks like a horror action game because of how it’s edited. Description states it’s a turnbased game, instantly turned off. Taking turns doesn’t exactly say horror to me. I hope people that like these kinda games enjoy it though and that it does well.

  2. Incoming reee from the insane at Twitter dev is making games with good looking females and not god forbidden prototypes of ugliness.

  3. For some reason I find monsters are never as threatening when they use human weapons. There’s some underlying thought of “well if they need to use our weapons then they’re at least as weak or strong as we are. They’re not stronger”

  4. Black and white game??? Even TV shows are in colour now. I know this studio is small, but surely they can afford colour!

  5. I honestly cannot stand game trailers with no gameplay, it's a god damn game and what do you do with a game you play it.

  6. its a focus game ladies and gentlemen. looks good, looks interesting, but remember!! Focus game always look like that before some sort of disappointing gameplay.

    Lets hope this game prove me wrong unlike Vampyr or Call of Cthulhu

  7. This would be exponentially better if the characters were done in a style more consistent with the rest of the design and not in an anime design like that

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