PC Master Race Initiation! Would you make the cut?

guys I I don't know if I can do this it's alright Jimmy hey look no one dies what PC Litzy and your dirty console peasants oh we don't expect much of you anyway ha ha oh that's cool Spencer isn't entirely wrong but the task is quite simple apply the thermal paste onto the CPU and your initiation into the PC master-race will be complete best to do it now and befall your frame rates catch up with you ok sweet mother of gaben that is the Waterston application I have ever seen Oh what did you use to apply that thermal paste a controller I am sorry Jimmy but you can't join the club if you don't even know the dot method dot method surely you know the line method is far superior what do you know anything about PC building I know that you probably have the Geek Squad on speed dial maybe I should call them so they can teach you how to excite thermal paces what else about PCs you know nothing about push oh oh oh are you trying to set your rig on fire I'm surprised you haven't done that already you AMD slack oh great insult I give it a three and a half out of four you ingredi at all um guys what I hear I changed my mind and I'm gonna go oh bugger Oh roll back to your trash box Wow I bloody hate console peasants they are unworthy of love trash box one though that was good thank you I just wonder why they never want to join us and why do they insist on staying out in the filthy streets probably because we burn down all the game stops oh yes well we all doing the Lord's work my friend praise gaben gaben be praised amen you

21 thoughts on “PC Master Race Initiation! Would you make the cut?

  1. Nice video I went from a Xbox one to a Ryzen 5 2600 and a rtx 2070 with 16 gb of ram and a 144hz monitor and now I actually like gaming. Before I didn’t even know you could play video games on a computer. And gaming on a console was shit because even without any idea of what a pc was or FPS I still thought that all games on the Xbox looked bad and now “it just works”.

  2. Yeah who would want to run on a measly 40-60 FPS when u could be running on a whopping 145 or more FPS on a GAMING PC

  3. When I have friends over in the weekend we play games on ps4 and psvr. Like just dance, keep talking and nobody explodes, frantic, hidden agenda, all stars racing. What do you have for party activities on pc.

  4. Video should be called "How Not To Be Funny Initiation". Owner of a Ryzen7 2700X on an AsRock X470 Taichi Ultimate board with a Gigabyte RX Vega64 OC and 2x8GB of HyperX Red Fury @2400MHz & 14CL here.

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