100 thoughts on “Pelosi On Coronavirus Relief Plan: Democrats Will “Be Introducing Our Own Bill’ | MSNBC

  1. So republicans are trying to put money in my pocket as soon as possible, and the democrats are blocking them. Okey, I will remember that in November.

  2. Excellent comments, well done viewers. Folks I love the witty, clever, and accurate comments I've read. But this isn't funny anymore. We've lost control of our government and if we don't do something now we will never get it back. We all know what's going on, it's in your comments. And I am as guilty as the rest of you. We're not involved. We're not doing our part. Whether that's committing to VOTE, staying educated on the issues, holding government accountable, or a hundred other things. I don't have the answers, but I know that what we're doing isn't working. What do you think?

  3. Why do American politicians GOP always want to give money to rich corporate America? Why not give money to the lady who works in a restaurant.

  4. ah yes PLEASE make this some partisan issue fight so that NOTHING will get done yes please make helping our sick during this pandemic some sort of democrat republican issue. dont come together to fix our problems yes please this is what we need totally yes wow

  5. Whether your into religion or not it is prayer time folks !!! This virus is spreading like a wild fire and moving too fast. I get it we need the money but we are being humbled into submission for our neglect of the ALMIGHTY GOD of heaven and earth. This virus will reach you quicker than you getting these checks vs Prayer from the masses to GOD in helping this government …help us goes along way and it is free to do and takes all but 1 minute of your time. I don't even go to church yet I feel compelled to let folks know that time is of the essence . Humble yourselves ……humble yourselves ….because the life that you once knew will no longer be. We will come back strong only …..and only if it is in the name of GOD helping out our government !!!! GOD help us all !!

  6. This female donkey trouble maker and the china's dogs fake news are using this china's deadly virus to play their political games. Let see if you can get away with that this November.

  7. I like when someone stands for something, but this is not the time when little children could possibly starve. G-d knows how to change it, and trust me if they are doing wrong they won't like it.

  8. Two trillion dollars divided by say 120 million households equals around 16,000 dollars each. What do you wanna bet that most of that money goes somewhere else?

  9. It’s not playing politics if there are serious principled concerns about the policy. Let’s address the policy difference and get the best legislation we can get under the circumstances.

  10. Not even a national emergency where people are literally dying can wake these career politicians from their partisan stupor. They are too far gone.

  11. Obstructions, recalcitrant behavior and no compromises from the right wing in congress/senate, has been going on since Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House. They have an ugly political party platform that has gotten worse thru' the years.

  12. The fear, hysteria about the flu is much worse then the coronavirus flu, we have had much more deaths in U.S. from our own past flus then the coronavirus

  13. The Piglosi wants that abortion bill they tacked onto the end of the first bill because the Pig promised planned parenthood money for abortions.

  14. Pelosi fight for the people these republicans have showed its about the money not the people and when pence and trump fall over with the virus she will be President. I want them to keep lying and being around each other being carriers

  15. No corporate bail outs. Companies can always borrow at a low rate, but what about employees that should be the top priority.

  16. Yeah, I needed that check. Why did Pelosi say no? Who was the French queen that said I’ll give our people cake when food was in shortage?

  17. This is the narrative turtle face wanted and gullible republicans supporters fall every time for the oki doki

  18. What a dark day when our own government won’t cooperate with each other. I thought China was screwed up but this takes the cake. If you doomsday people were right just rip the bandaid off and get it over with.

  19. Basically it appears what happened is The President is now a wartime President, War Powers Resolution Act. If what we are seeing is some type of chess game between two parties I am not sure, but the left players don't look too happy with the last chess move of the right players, maybe the last move by the left kind of back-firing on them? Just not quite sure.

  20. Democrats how sad they are. Very disappointing! They rather see everyone die or destroy America if they can’t get their way!

  21. Suspend congressional salaries until they do what's right by the American ppl & send cash relief immediately. Why TF is she going on vacation?!

  22. I'm not mad at you..you are looking out for all the People..Trump plan would help big business. Let's get a approval soon.

  23. Nancy Means Test Pelosi: We have to be very careful that we don't give the little people a few pennies too much. It might spoil them.

  24. Chosen trumpet will bailout every corporate and individual. The known unknown will be the billions of bailout for his own hospitality empire.

  25. democrats tied up congress with impeachment instead of focusing on COVID 19

    The democrats will sink this republic given the chance.

  26. Funny how wall street gets trillions over night while the American people have to wait for a couple of thousands come on now come on…

  27. Let the average guy die! Save the big corporate executives! Give them a huge bonus and fire the little guy. Wow, cruelty from these Republicans! Every American life matters! Even on these hard times they are still screwing the average American! Make America Great Again. Well I am Sanitizing, washing my hands, wearung my mask! Doing my social distancing! We can wait! We are not going to be taken for stupid idiots no more! I think the " Average Joe" has jad enough of the lies of the Republicans! We can wait, i don't mind waiting! It seems there is no rush for masks but there is definetely a Rush to save those executives! Not very nice if you ask me to start putting price tags on peoples lives, when everyone bleeds, dies the same 🙁

  28. Trump 2020!! Will be a unanimous victory. Republican party will own the House and Senate!! Going to he great times!!!

  29. First Republicans want to cut SNAP, social security and other programs,
    then they want the corona virus relieve to go to Boeing and the Cruise ship industry instead of the American people.
    But hey, as long as Mitch can force his DOA bill through and get democrats to vote against it, he's happy regardless of how many people have to die.

  30. This will be ongoing problem regardless of topic Pelosi senses more damage to America do you really expect cooperation . Senile angry . Mister President Nancy Pelosi and her staff are not interested in the betterment of America they attack us from inside

  31. Democrats have no input to anything related to American life. Pelosi catching COVID will ensure her death 100% and it will make America a much better place

  32. Of course all the men here are screaming about Pelosi keeping money from them. Because the men here DON'T CARE that the republicans are trying to sneak through abortion legislation attached to the relief bill and Pelosi is NOT allowing that to happen. If you want to be angry at ANYONE you insecure men, then it should be your POS republican party for being underhanded jerks and trying to sneak in the ability for men to control women's bodies. NUFF SAID.

  33. Yeah their own bill. Full of abortion relief money, and using legislative extortion to say "pass this bill or the american people wont get money".

  34. Crazy 1.3 trillion approved for Wall street relief with no hesitation but for the middle and lower class relief plan, lets take our time lol WOW

  35. People of America are going through a hard time and both parties still can't be on the same page just this one time? Tragic.

  36. LOL,….Everything is politicized by this Lying Democrats…..
    Question: How many people Worldwide of 7,7 billion are tested…..? So,…death rate is far less than 1%………
    Malaria killed already this year 120,000 people…..Think about that….

  37. Republicans trash as per usual. Republicans who don’t have a lot of money I hope you realize that party is not looking out for you.!

  38. Pelosi you INCOHERENT DRUNK! You are Public Enemy #1! Holding Americans hostage with your agenda of filth, hate, and drunkenness. Democrats are Filth! Americans are sick of your do-nothing attitude.

  39. The American people in desperate need of financial relief? Oh let’s play a game of “who gives the least amount of f*cks!

  40. You cannot expect politicians, whose pockets are full of CORPORATE "FUNDING" AND KICKBACKS, to write fair legislation in cases where they are dividing dollars between Joe & Jane Average Citizen and Big Business.

    Big Business always gets favored in the end — even though, after all is said and done, it never succeeds economically for the Nation.

    Lessons should have been learned in the past. But, no.

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