Pep’s Speech To Players & Staff | “We Are All Champions”

Ok guys. We could not celebrate together when
we were Champions because we were at home. So… Maybe it’s the easiest speech I can
do and at the same time it’s the most difficult one Big congratulations because we are the Champions.
We are the best in England. So for all my staff, the people here, the laundry, everybody
I would like you to feel part of that. Always you speak about the managers and the players
but it’s impossible to achieve what we have achieved without your unbelievable effort.
Of course we are absolutely here to help those guys and you know how outstanding they were.
It’s not just one game, you can lose one game, two games but to be nine or ten months, every
single day, that is the most outstanding thing an athlete can show in their lives and with
the people who surround them. You create something unique in the locker room, the spirit and
your friendships. It’s impossible to achieve what you have achieved if you are not good
human beings, if you are not good people, if you don’t accept one another. In the end
what we have done is to be better than nineteen teams. Nothing else. It’s a lot, but nothing
else. But what you have done, every day, the staff take care of the people here, Stacey,
Lee all the people here, so that’s why you deserve all my respect. What has happened,
personally and hopefully for you as well, will always be in my heart until the last
day of my life, I’m pretty sure of that. What I lived, what I felt this season, it’s something
amazing. That’s why now, when I finish, right now we want everybody down on the pitch to
take a picture with everyone, not just with the players but with all the staff. But before
you leave I would like to give ourselves the best and a huge applause that we deserve.

100 thoughts on “Pep’s Speech To Players & Staff | “We Are All Champions”

  1. They can't even enjoy their win! Lol it feels so forced! No passion in their victory! They know they used 700 million to win the title but jaja no use!

  2. Great coach/manager/whatever title you wish to bestow upon him, but way beyond that clearly a true class act of a person. As much as I loved what Mancini did for us, this is the diametric opposite to how he treated the staff.

  3. Pep's speech video is just another example of City's "look at me,look at me" persona, desperate measures of a club trying too hard to be noticed,all football clubs, deliver a speech of thanks to all it's staff, how many video it and present it to the public ?

  4. City fans: nobody will ever appreciate any trophies you win because you are a completely manufactured club. You sold your soul to become an oligarchs plaything.

    It may be satisfying to win the league, but nobody else gives it any credit whatsoever. It’s hollow.

  5. What a manager. Gets the best out of his players and by far the most innovative manager in the world.

    This is coming from a Liverpool fan.

  6. I've seen this every day since it's dropped and I'm pretty sure I'll continue for at least a month longer…

  7. Man City has fans ? I guess since 2010 😛

    Pep is a great manager, I think currently among the top 3 in the world.

  8. Pep is a great wonder why city are champions as he deals with his players friends first n coach later..he put everyone together and brought out wonderful and dominant players who won the league early than expected.
    Great work pep..hats off#kudostomanchestercityclub

  9. Why Man city extend Arteta's contract for 2 years ? He should leave this summer , Definitely after 2 years he'll mature enogh to know Pep's philosophy and go to another club

  10. This is one of the best videos in the 17/18 season, with the Wembley video of course. But I still think the media team could’ve and SHOULD’VE done better. Hope next season will be a much better one!

  11. Pep gave you a beautiful season and it was extraordinary as well as heartbreaking, nonetheless, congratulations!

  12. Im a United fan and I hate City, but have to repect how good they are and admit that they are probably the best side in the world with the best manager

  13. And that's why we will it again this season.

    No other manager in the world could speak like that and be filmed.

    We are honest, transparent and clear in what we want to do.

    We will be champions for the next 5 years at least.

    Yes we are that good.

  14. Soy madridista soy español pero este guardiola es el puto amo del futbol me gustatia si no la gana mi madrid que ganara una UCL

  15. CAMPEONES, CAMPEONES, OE, OE, OE! damn, as a Barcelona fan, I envy Man. City for having him and for being smart enough to trust him and his ideas and giving him full power to decide, which is something Barcelona failed to do in the end of his period. Enjoy him because he's probably the best manager in the world, or one of the best at least. His philosophy of football is everything, and Man.City is starting to achieve more and more respect in Europe under his command.

  16. Selama ini orang masih beranggapan : bahwa yg besar adalah Barca bukan pep. Trophy liga champion di menangkan Barca dg segudang talenta messi cs. Sekarang Pep harus membuktikan pd dunia apa Barca atau pep yg besar. Mampukan pep dg Man City menaklukkan Barca di Liga Champion.????????



  18. Very impressing speach! I wished Guardiola's German would have been only half as good as his English hen he was manager in Munich …

  19. YouTube recommendation brought me here again, great to see those faces one more, and pep just shows his passion and loyalty to this team as much as the last two years when we were the champions

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