55 thoughts on “Phantom from Space (1953) old movie

  1. Mildly entertaining sci-fi thriller whose plot can be summed up in 8 annoying words: bark, bark bark, bark, bark bark bark, bark.
    KAN 4.19 UK

  2. Que problemas tenían en esos años los yankis con las invasiones del espacio y los comunistas!! (que para ellos más o menos eran lo mismo) !! Los yankis pacatos y llenos de prejuicios, siempre inventando enemigos externos y ahora los va a matar un virus silencioso que probablemente ellos mismos crearon para jodernos al resto del mundo. Ni hablar de su actitud fascista poniéndose siempre como salvadores del mundo, cuando en realidad han sido los generadores de todos los males de los últimos 100 años. Merecerían extinguirse como sociedad.

  3. It wouldn't do for me to be invisible . I wouldn't hurt anyone, but I would certainly be screwing with every crackhead in the neighborhood . @43:00 it's Clark Kent 😁

  4. 1953, before CA, became a 3rd world country….I grew up in 1950s, and I miss the cars, clothes & smoke……CA started the healthcare craze, and our life expectancy, has gone down!!!! hahahahahaha….the guy in suit and glasses looks like, Clark Kent…..

  5. Patience got me through the first 20 minutes, and then I gave up and skipped to the final scenes. This movie is not worth the time spent, which I generally don't say about most cheesy B sci-fi's of the 50s and 60s, since most have some redeeming qualities.

  6. The script writer seems to have confused the E.M.P. of an A-bomb or H-bomb blast with metallic or ferric magnetism. And the "Professor" got it wrong when he said that the suit's radiation must have burned the film emulsion, whatever that was supposed to mean. Radiation would have ruined the photographic film or the chemical on the glass plate even before it was exposed. Good film though, and I can easily forgive the writer for not then knowing what is now common scientific knowledge.

  7. Thanks for the channel! Ir is great to find some old classic movies digitized to 1080p or even 720p. Great job!

  8. Great look at the areas inside the Observatory, it was such a cool place to go before the overpopulation…

  9. we never know when mass hysteria could happen, yet we know millions know Jesus as our best friend and savior from sin….what a difference to me, as I was raised a Jew taught to reject Him as Isaiah promised we would in chapters 52:13-53. yet there are still menaces in life, but He gives eternal life instead of weeping forever 4eva in regret. ikr

  10. When watching this flick, I kept waiting to see if the Clark Kent look-alike would rip off his suit and become Superman!, can't help but love these oldies, nothing like a few chuckles here and there throughout the flick.

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