PINTEREST SEO 2020 BEST STRATEGY | The Main Ranking Factors to Get Pinterest Traffic

Are you confused about search engine optimization
for Pinterest? Do you want to know what’s the best s your strategy for 2020 What are the ranking factors and what helps your pins show high in search results
on Pinterest? Knowing these s yo factors and including them into my Pinterest strategy
is exactly how I get over 300,000 monthly pages or free organic
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A very good reason. And the reason is while I’ll talk about various s u of factors Pinterest is using
to rank your pins, you will still need a clear road map and an action plan and I’ll give
it to you on my Pinterest. Is your checklist printable file. I’ll give you the link at the end of
the video, so statement. So how does Pinterest categorize opens the first factor? And I think
it’s the most important one I wanted to talk about. He’s playing titles. Why? I think it’s the most
important. That’s based on especially the most recent update we’ve seen on Pinterest.
When if we go to any of Europeans , you will see the pain title is over here
on top of the pain and you will see that being title field. It has been added on Pinterest
for about a couple of months. And also another news. That was last week’s news. The
tail and Scheduler also now is showing the field for pain title. Look at this. It’s a
new field, and they even give you some instructions how you can add this pin
titles if you automatically. If it doesn’t show automatically for most of the side, that
should show automatically. But anyway, this new field means that Pinterest wants to give us more
control over our pain Titles is previously. If your site had Rich Prince validated and
if they were working correctly than your rich pin would bring the pin title
from your block, boast But nowadays you can add it any of your pins if you want and test
any other keywords. And this will override your pin title from the
Block post or from your Web page. Last week, I made a great video about this news off.
This new B entitles field on Tailwind. I’ll give you a link to that
video in the top right corner. It will be above my hat and also just a couple of words
about the bean titles. You need to know that they have to be up to 100 characters, but only the 1st 30
to 35 characters are likely to show in people’s feet. What interest means here is that when
you go to home feed on interest, you will see that most of
the peons are showing some kind of titles. These are the titles of the beans, right?
If I open it, you will see this is the title. If the title was longer than this , then it would show only the 1st 30 to 35
characters like, for example, a specifically on my pain. You see, I have a much longer
title and what happens here It just shows the beginning off the title, and
then it just ends in the middle of the text. It’s no problem at all, but it’s just a fact.
You just need to keep in mind that the focus keywords should be closer to the beginning. Off your title. It’s quite
rare situation on Pinterest, but it still happens. That’s, um, some of the pains will
not have any ping titles or any text under them. So , for example, I found this being This is
not a common situation, but apparently this user doesn’t know howto ad or at titles or
even been descriptions. So this pain is a very rare situation when has nothing,
no textile, but for most of the pins you will see either PIN title or sometimes, if they’re
being title, is missing you . You might see instead of the pain title
part of the team description taking this space underneath the beam. So now we’re moving to
the next fact. Ranking factor is beyond description, so sometimes Pinterest
doesn’t even show up in descriptions when, when you’re in when you’re trying to repeat
something, especially on a mobile device, and a lot of people are telling me nowadays, and
actually, I noticed the same on my my Pinterest app that even if my original pin, my original
been or anybody else’s original Bean did have a pin description when I’m trying
to save it using my mobile app, Pinterest’s just removes it now. When this happens, I
just want to tell you that you need to keep calm because things like this happen on interest
from time to time. Very recently, there was for about a couple of months, there was a
big problem when people who had been descriptions on their website and they
were trying to save something on desktop computers. Pinterest wasn’t showing those being titles.
The field was empty and you couldn’t do anything you couldn’t add. You couldn’t added being
description, so that was really weird and likely it was fixed. Now we’re seeing a similar
problem on mobile devices, so I’m not sure what interest is doing . Maybe they’re just testing things out and
seeing if it’s worth keeping descriptions or not. But for now, we know that being descriptions,
even if they’re not shown in the feet off the user, there’s still a ranking factor.
So you want to include in the PIN description. You want to include the the keywords and hash
tax. There’s a common misconception about PIN descriptions. People are getting
confused between the description that comes from your side, and being description description
that comes from your side is often not seen in any way. Because the only way to I I’m able to see it on my
desktop computers to click by clicking on this more about this this pin and then it
shows me the post as CEO description that comes with a reach been. So if you have issues with
rich parents, you will not even be able to get this information to European. But anyway,
what the pin description is is something that you are adding when you’re saving this being from your side
or when you’re uploading, being using this creepy in button. The pin description is this
longer description that can include hashtags, and when you’re looking at a peon on Pinterest, you will always
find the spin description are underneath the tight, the name off your board. It will not
be anywhere higher. It will always under the name of the board, and if you click on the benefits
European and you created it. You can always click. Add it and you will see where this
description is. So this is a title, and underneath you have been description Field. Now we’re moving to
the place number three, where you need to include your cure to the focus keywords to
rank high on Pinterest. These are bored names, So when you’re saving a peon, you always want
to make sure that the first board where it goes, eh? It’s on your personal account. It’s
not some grew bored on another person’s account, and B these board has the focus cured or at least is the
most relevant on your account to the content of the spin. So we’re talking about different
board titles, and a lot of people are asking me how many boards doing need. Um,
sometimes people are just creating five or six boards or less than 10 boards, and they
think they’re done with their Pinterest account set up . That’s just the very beginning is the first
time boards are the very beginning because you when you when you have a lot of content
on your side, you will start creating more and more boards , which will feed specifically each kind of
topping on your on your website or if it’s an equal, Mur said. That feeds each niche
each category on your side , which type of product on your side, so you
need to have as many boards that as you need. That can support the amount of content on
your website. For each piece of content, interest recommends you having at least five relevant board. I’m
not making it up. It’s from one of the interviews that country’s representatives gave. They
said they don’t mind that you will save the same being to five different boards, not in the
same day. That never said that Repetition like this saving pins back to back It’s a
good idea is just that you can’t save the same thing to five different boards that are all relevant somehow similar to the
topic of your pin, and that helps you to rank European for different key words for related
keywords and to show it to different types of you searchers.
Right now, the place number four, where you can include all the focus keywords you wantto
for each board is bored description. I was looking at my board right here. It was here. When you
added your board settings, you will see the pain description is a longer field. You can
include up to 500 characters. That means you can include as many similar or relevant keywords
as you need. And a lot of people are asking if it’s worth creating any more descriptions,
because you might notice a pretty big accounts and interest that don’t
have any board descriptions. Sometimes I also don’t even add aboard descriptions when I’m
in a hearty to create a new board and then I forget to get back to it. So don’t make this mistake because, really, if
you’re just telling yourself, I’m gonna create quickly this board and later I’ll get Guild.
I’ll get back to it. Chances are you’ll never get fact ID, so you have a lot of space here and you can add a load off
related keywords, and you will help interest understand what all the future pins you’re
going to say there will be about, and Pinterest has a tone of interesting information on their
official Pinterest engineering block on medium. I always recommend everyone who wants to really
dive deep into this interest as your topic to read from time to time. What kind of post
Their publishing there. So it’s interesting, but also in the for the most part. It’s written
for engineers, actually, So it’s kind of hard to read this information. And
and, uh, I like checking those posts because they often mention things that will help us
understand what other parts off interest issue we might be totally
missing. For example, in this recent post they were talking about, um, understanding
Peens through cured extraction, and they mentioned several tax sources they used to
extract cured. And I also believe that these sources are listed, perhaps in the order to
show us the hierarchy off these importance importance off this fact sources. So the most
important, as we see here, is the pin title and description. We already talked about it,
and they also mention here the u R l right the euro off the page to pay to which
your pain is going to be linked. And in a sense, Pinterest is looking at your page.
You’re out the same way as Google does because they’re looking for the focus Que
ward in your Ural and we already talked about Ward names and descriptions, right? Eh, So
we’ll skip this part and the next one I’m looking at Pinterest is acting here again,
just like Google would. They’re checking your page your page to rich you’re linking and
they’re looking for key words on your page title and description.
And I would say that the tax source number five or the factor number five when you mention
here it’s a very interesting tax source. Its search queries
that frequently lead two clicks on the pin. This is similar to how Google is studying
the user behavior on their search results page. Google is checking
on which searches people are clicking interests case as we see here that Pinterest is going
to see how often this being is. I’m going to get clicks for each
different key word, and then they will decide for which key word it should be ranked better
and one more tax source. It’s number six been, Triscuit has mentioned here. It’s names
of objects detected in the image using a visual classifier. You probably noticed that when
you’re saving an image on Pinterest, even if it’s a completely fresh
image and you might even not include any Q words or anything. But just because of the
objects that interest you can see on your pian itself, they will start showing in pins
related to this one. In more like this, they will start showing images that have similar
objects. So you remember. The interest is the visuals are changing right. This platform works pretty
well with visual content on your pins, and it can often identify objects on the images.
And if you have a woman with a laptop or just a laptop on your photo than interest
will definitely recognize at the laptop as the object on the photo and will also attribute
this cured and will show your pin when two keywords related to this
object. And now I’m going to talk about an interesting related source off text where
they grab the Q words . It’s something that you might not expect,
but actually so I was talking about detecting some objects on your images, But interest
went even further than this, and they’re now able to detect the text on your peen images. So in there,
another post that they have about being compassion, I will talk about it later. It’s as erecting
a ranking factor. But one of the things they’re mentioning here is that they have a system
called OCR. So optical character recognition means that they’re looking at your image and
they find on the background either this letters or sometimes that can read this
taxed overlay. They understand from the tax on the image which cures they should attribute
to this to this specific van. And all this information that I mentioned
so far will be matched together between each other, and Pinterest will use being compassion
as a ranking factor. So what is this compassion? I would say in another
word, maybe like consistency between all the signals that they’re getting all the cures
that they’re getting from different all of his different sources . So this this is an article about building
compassion. in this article. They’re talking about how
this role signals that come from different sources. They need to be Cohasset and then
Pinterest will decide based on this consistency between the cured that they’re
getting from different sources related to this being, they will understand. If this
bean has this been compassion, then the pain should be ranked tire . That’s how I understand this ranking factors.
It’s called a rank one of the ranking factors on Pinterest The thing number eight that you
need to know about Pinterest ASIO . I’m already running out of fingers, but
it’s going to be a little bit longer video. So another thing that you need to know about
Pinterest search results is that they are quite heavily personalized and over time being for Sepp
Interesting and one of their posts all known that medium block. They’re saying that over
time these results will become even more personalized and relevant through
advancement in machine learning ranking. What I’m trying to see here is that Pinterest is
building a system to deliver content from various verticals search verticals within one integrated
search results page as they say that today if you search for something on Pinterest you will see results from different verticals,
from videos from shopping and from the tab off people that you follow. Look at this scheme.
This is something that Interests Team is trying to understand , that they’re trying to build at platform
that will give you results from all of these different verticals and including ***, vertical
peen, vertical video, vertical shopping, vertical and fresh beans, fresh content, vertical.
And there’s something else coming. So interest can check on which verticals the user has
seen recently for similar queries and what the user is engaging
with, uh, more often, which kind of vertical of the user is engaging more often. And if
they the user didn’t engage with some kind of verticals than Pinterest,
will not show more of that vertical in the near future to this specific user. That’s
one of the ways that interest explains that the R personalizing search results
another very important fact that you need to know about interest issue. I think it’s
number nine is that pinches is also assigning the so called interests two pins and they
use them as one of the ranking factors. For example, if you look at this being the being
image we have here a woman with dog, and that’s no. It’s snowing
where it has been snowing, and these are the the interests that interest assigns to this
pin . So the platform things that the topic of
dogs is one of the most relevant to this pin on Dennis mammals and animals in general is
kind of less . It’s like less relevant, because you see
here Number one and then skiing is very relevant, and then snowboarding. It’s bad, relevant
and winter sports. It’s more generic, so it’s not the exact match off the category. So you
understand more or less what, what I’m in hair and what they mean when they say about
this interest. So when they use this interests the kind of categorize European based on this
interests and they understand for which search is on for which categories they should show
your pain higher in search results. And now I just wanted to go back
to one of the things that I mentioned earlier when I said that interest is recommending
you to save Europeans to multiple different boards or ATT least five words. If you look at one
of the examples they mention in their block post. They are showing you how just one being
can have annotations or can be associated with it. Least 123456 different
keywords or different categories are different topics, so users who are searching for slot sanctuary obviously it will be like the
most relevant. And if you have different boards in your county, you might want to save first.
This pain to the board that has cured sloth sanctuary in your in the board
title and description and then are the key words that aren’t here. They’re also coming
from the tax that is in the description and in the in the description that comes from
the side and also from the PIN description. So Pinterest understands what the spin is
about, and these are the boards to which you could easily save the spin, and they’re pretty broad, different.
Some some of them are very broad, like travel or animals. We I don’t even see the skewers
right here, but interest understands that this Penis related to travel
somehow so you can easily say this being to the board called Travel, and it will be fine.
It will be relevant and it will help you show this being toe a broader audience not only to people
who are searching specifically for sloth sanctuary, but also to people who are searching about
any information or travel inspiration. And now let’s look at the ranking factor. Number 10. It’s the overall
user engagement that the Penis getting. So we’re not talking here about the very new
pin that you just save five minutes ago on the platform because you will not see any
engagements yet on it. But when you’re doing a search on Pinterest and and just look at
the search results very often, you will see that the beans that are ranking high they have a lot of photos
in this tried ID or comments, and they have a lot of repaying counts. So this is just
one of the examples. But you might notice this pretty often that the
beings that are ranking high they have this high user engagement scores in different ways.
Either it’s re pans or all three of them rip Ian’s comments and photos.
So overall, I think that in 2020 Pinterest s u is getting a little bit more complicated
and Pinterest is getting smarter and smarter all
the time as a search engine that they are always creating. And their algorithms and
Pinterest is a very interesting sir changing even compared to Google because this platform
is so heavily relying on the visual part of the content. Placid has all this social factors.
Don’t forget that you have full of words on Pinterest that you have old this re pans.
You have photos, you have Commons. All of this somehow effects the search results on
the platform. So in this video I try to make a deep, deep dive in all of this information
that I found on Pinterest Engineering Block where they share how this Pinterest algorithm
works and how they’re s u works and how it compares. They don’t speak exactly
how it converse to Google, but because I have this background and Google issue, I understand
sometimes what are the similarities and what are the differences between the two platforms s. So it’s interesting
to read this, but if you find it difficult, I totally understand. But if it’s something
that you are also interested in reading about and learning about you confined
Pinterest engineering block on medium, you can maybe Google This exact a search phrase
and you will find his block . And you just need to come back from time
to time and see what new articles they’re publishing. As I promised at the beginning
of this video you will not believe me today. Empty, Candid. If you click on the infraction in the top right corner, you
will find a link there to download my printable pinchers ASIO checklist for free Now, Pinterest
ASIO is really a big topic . It’s big enough for me to have my signature
course called interest as your traffic secrets. So if you want to dive deeper into all the
details off interest issue and get a step by step plan, then join my course. If there
is anything else you would like to ask me about interest ASIO today you can drop me
question in the comments below this video. And if you found this video useful , then give me a thump up, subscribe and hit
the bell bottom to get notified when my new tutorials go Life. Meanwhile, you can check
my previous tutorials here and there and I’ll see you in the next videos

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