Play 10 Backhand Around the Net Shots

Harry Huxford wants to know if we can hit
5 cups off the table in a row. Sure we can! So that was fairly easy Now, let’s take it a step further and try
10 cups With Miikka and Emil DanieLinZX challenges us to do 10 backhand
around the net shots in a row. Let the Sensei show how it’s done. So, Geeta Gupta wants us to put an apple on one of our heads and shoot it down with a ping pong ball. Let’s decide who gets to be
the target! YES!!! WhyBotherTry wants us to play a rally of 20 While upside down. Let’s hope this doesn’t take too long! Thanks for watching guys If you enjoyed it, remember to give it a thumbs
up! Until next time!

100 thoughts on “Play 10 Backhand Around the Net Shots

  1. You should play table tennis with a tie……like the one you wear at a fancy occasion
    Like if you want to see!!

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