Play Music and More with the Google Assistant

Hey Google, play some punk rock on Spotify. Ok Google, play the latest episode of NPR’s Hidden Brain. This is HIDDEN BRAIN. I’m Shankar Vedantam. Hey Google, play my Focus playlist. With the Google Assistant, it’s easier than ever to add a soundtrack to your life. To set up your favorite music streaming service, just open the Google Assistant app, tap the blue button, then more, and then settings. Finally, scroll down and tap ‘Music’. Link your preferred account by signing in and all your playlists are ready at your command. Your Google Assistant can play your favorite radio stations and podcasts, create playlists by artist or song, genre or even your mood. It can also tell you about a song and make personalized recommendations. Hey Google, play some party music. By starting with “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” on your speakers, you can pause, skip to the next song, continue playing and turn it up. With the Google Assistant on all these devices, you can listen to your music anywhere and control it with just your voice. Hey Google, stop the music. To learn more about playing music with your Google Assistant, click here for the Google Assistant Help Center article.

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