Plume Wifi Review Speed Test

What’s up guys John here from My Home Tech
Review just giving an update been pretty busy in my life I’ve been
doing a lot of things for work went around moving around doing some certifications and
things so I’ve been gone for a while so I apologize for that but you know I said
I was gonna make that video for internet speed and I’m gonna do military things
and stuff like that but that video for internet speed as I walk throughout the
house for the Plume Wi-Fi system you’re gonna see how the system retains signal
strength and you’re gonna see how the speed goes down but the signal strength
stays the same so we’re gonna start off and I’m just going to show you real
quick what my system is so right here as you can see it’s a focus here I have the
pods plugged in so this white cord right here is coming from my router and this
one is going back to sorry this one’s coming from my modem and this one’s
going back to my router which then goes out to my you know hub and all this
stuff like that so I’m just going to show you real quick on the screen here
let it focus and we will do a quick test being next to the main hub it should be
at its maximum speed it’s going to achieve I do have broadband internet so
it just depends on how many people are on at the time how fast it’s gonna go
that’s up so maximum with 200 so we’ll see what it gets right here all right so broadband internet you know
I pulling about 158 megabytes at the moment upload about 23 so my next
pods over here in the kitchen so I just cover in like it’s mesh the network type
thing so show you where that’s at it’s back there in the corner over there just
plugged in there so I was standing next to that one standing next to that one
we’re going to see what speed is now so typically with internet your uploads
gonna be the same no matter where you are you know upload doesn’t change very
much it may vary if I a megabyte here or two but it’s not going to change very
much so it’s gonna be about the same so I’ll just show you the download speeds
and I’ll just you know continue on from there so now we’re in the next room and
we’re in my front living room where I have another pot underneath the desk so
I’ll show you that real quick it’s down there back in there so I’ll put the
phone next to that one and we’ll see what we get now so if you notice at the top of my phone
you see the Wi-Fi bar up there it looks like that that pizza pie shape it hasn’t
changed it’s been full bars the whole time so as you can see it given the
location to where it’s at the internet speed is dropped okay but I have
maintained full signal strength so right there we’re getting about 90 90
megabytes that would save roughly you know 20 30 feet away from the main
router so it’s starting to drop so now I’m gonna come back in the bedroom area so now we’re in my bedroom and I have a
pod over here in the corner it’s kind of hidden but it’s right down there okay so
I’ll put the phone down there we’re all stand up here I don’t want to bend over
down there but we’ll do that and I’ll show you the inner speed for here all right so for my 104 so maybe we got
more internet speed at the main router you know just got a little closer and it
appeared most about 104 so it could be the fact that it’s underneath the desk
but it’s blocking some Wi-Fi signal or not it just it varies and with the
materials and stuff going through walls and what’s there maybe there’s an
electrical line who knows but now I’m going in the basement it’s kind of dark
down here so I’ll turn some light on all right so down here right now I’m
standing underneath the kitchen okay so I don’t have a router down here
currently because I get signals throughout the house just because
they’re close to the floor sorry the cameras losing focus here there we go
now you can see me so right now I was standing underneath the kitchen so we’ll
see what we get here now you notice that my pizza pie has
gone down a little bit okay so if I had a pot down here you know I could pick up
that maximum signal it booted up to full signal there so you can see it’s just
recapturing it which is great and the upload is going to even out back out to
about 22 or so so now I’m in my laundry room but the furthest point in my house
is way back here it’s gonna get a little bit dark so I turn some lights on all
right so there’s that now I’m back in my little storage area and then there’s my
what I call the dungeon little office that I’m in so this right now I’m
underneath my bedroom this is the farthest point in the house away from my
original original pod so we’ll see what we get back here in this corner so we pulled about 92 there which really
isn’t bad I mean if I’m pulling you know 180 to 200 at my main router I’m still
pulling 90 megabytes down here in my basement and the father’s point away
from the main router and you did see that on there there was a little bit of
signal drop but that could be because I’m coming through the floor in the
basement and there’s electrical wiring and stuff down here so that could be
interfering with that so as you can see it works really well I mean I like I
said before it’s a good product to recommend it but if you ever want to do
some more research on youtube if you can find another video like this go for it
but I just want to say thanks guys for watching another video again I apologize
for being gone for so long but you guys take care and until next time I’ll see
you later

5 thoughts on “Plume Wifi Review Speed Test

  1. You should not have those pods so close together they were not designed to be used like that. u do not need 2 of them in the same room. Also wifi have a "dead zone" where your signal is to strong when you are to close about 2ft from the device

  2. this video would have been more insightful if you also showed the speeds in those rooms prior to adding the mesh network

  3. Speed test right next to the device is not really a real world application. It would of been nice to see the speed, where you usually use your wireless devices. Regardless I appreciate your the video!

  4. Megabits, Megabytes… make sure you understand the difference before you post a video about anything related to networking or you will look like an idiot.

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