Pocophone F1 vs Honor Play Speed Test Xiaomi [Eng Subs]

Hello guys! I am Vagelis Minas and in today’s video we will make a speed test between Pocophone F1 and Honor Play. Honor Play comes with Kirin 970 It is the same chipset that has P20 Pro, Huawei’s flagship. Also, it has 4GB Ram. Whilst Pocophone comes with Snapdragon 845 the most powerful chipset on android smartphones and has 6GB Ram. Listening to the specifications Pocophone has an advatage. Although, we have seen on many speed comparisons that the hardaware is not the only thing that matters. that the hardaware is not the only thing that matters. But also the software matters. Let’s begin the speed comparison! Let’s start the speed test Already from the first apps Pocophone has taken a clear lead Pocophone just finished the first round while Honor Play is far behind Pocophone makes an amazing second round, keeping all applications in memory, while the Honor Play just finished the first round Honor Play get trouble to keep all apps in memory and finished the test with big difference from Pocophone As you saw Pocophone won Honor Play in this Speed Test having a big difference. That’s is something that I was expected. And I thing that this is the device with the better time from all the comparisons that I have made. Better from both Mi8 and OnePlus 6. When OnePlus 6T arrives in my hands I will also compare it against Pocophone. Despite all these ok, we expected from Pocophone to be that fast on the other hand, Honor Play dissapointed me, guys His time is similar to the Redmi Note 5 We already knew that Kirin 970 is Huawei’s flagship chipset for 2018 until Mate 20 released, of course Nevertheless, we knew that Kirin 970 has the same performance as Snapdragon 835 and is not catching up 845. Also, Honor Play didn’t keep the apps on the memory. Yes, it has 4GB Ram, 2 less than Pocophone however on previous speed comparisons on my channel we have seen that devices with 4GB Ram can keep all the apps on memory. As well, we have seen that devices with 6GB Ram can’t keep all the apps on memory. So, Pocophone is the real winner in this test. We don’t have minimal differences on seconds that doesn’t matter on user experience. Indeed, I felt that Honor Play is a bit slow in comparison wtih the other devices that I have used the last period. I have wrote it on comments on Youtube to those who asked me about my experience with the Honor Play and I would like something more optimized from Huawei not only on hardware but on software as well. That’s all from me. I hoped you liked the video. I have links in the description for both devices. Buying from my links you support my job and help the channel to grow. I want to say something more before the video ends. I would like to remind you to subscribe on the Telegram channel. Because there you are informed immediately for all the offers and coupons. For example, the previous day there was an offer for GTX 1080 on 298€ and for a gaming MSI laptop at half price around 650€. While here in Greece costs about 1250€. Really good offers. But these offers are for few pieces and expire very quickly. So, using Telegram you are receiving the notifications immediately and you have more possibilities of success. That’s all from me! See you on the next video! Bye bye and of course if you enjoyed the video don’t forget to like, subscribe and click the notification bell so that you don’t miss any of my new videos,

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  2. Awesome !
    I hesitated between honor play and pocophone but I bought the poco as my Christmas present which I will get in 2d now.

    So great !

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