Post SEGA Game Tips (A.K.A. SEGA Cyberspace / World of SEGA) [1994]

welcome to sega sponsored by those great
post cereals honeycomb sugar crisp alphabets and marshmallow alphabets yo
I’m Michael B and I’m gonna be your Cyber Guide to an incredible trip
through the world of Sega this is my fully digitized kitchen the kitchen of
your cyber future it contains the most up-to-date data processors game
processes and food processors in the known and unknown universe because next
to Sega video games, food is my FAAAAAAA-vourite thing in the techno jungle And, of course, it’s jam-packed with all of my favourite
Post Cereals. You gotta keep up your cyber strength if you’re gonna be playing
those long video game sessions. so do not adjust your monitor you see we control
the horizontal we control the vertical we can change the shape color texture
position of any and all the images on your screen now in the next nanosecond
of so we’ll be giving you a sneak peek at some never-before-seen SEGA
technology and games. We’ll let you know what’s hot in video game play around the
planet and, of course, share with you some super-secret game tips that come
straight up from the game developers themselves to help you play better, score
higher, and live forever in new and popular Sega games like Tomcat Allley, GP Rider, Sonic Spinball for Game Gear, NFL 95, the new Ecco the Dolphin game, Sonic
and Knuckles, and much more so strap in game jockeys and get ready for thrilling
ride through Sega’s cyberspace…and that concludes our tour of the Sugar Crisp factory it’s gonna be long night, Better load up on Sugar Crisp! How sweet it is! See you around, Stan!SUGAR BEAR! ♫Can’t get enough of that Sugar Crisp♬ You can never get enough We’re back,
now what is the hottest racing game out on the market?Time’s up, chip heads, its GP
rider for game gear but don’t you hate it when you crash burn or worse when
that chump down the block keeps on beating ya but listen here we got some
sugar crisp secret tips that’ll make sure you stay in front of the P-P-Pa-Pa-Pa-Pack different bikes perform
differently in every race you should always check the weather conditions
before choosing your bike sharp turns are one of the most dangerous hazards
you’ll encounter look for the arrows to help you anticipate upcoming turns there
are tight turns on every course that can cause you to have a serious wipeout use
the break button so you always have control in tight turns the biggest news
in home video game action is coming to your Genesis and Sega CD this fall and
here’s an Alpha Bits sneak peek into the future of Sega’s 32-bit gameplay with
Genesis 32x you can upgrade to 32 screamin bits of hot and arcade action the
Genesis 32x plugs into your Genesis system and gives it the superior
graphics and power that can only be found in the most advanced Coin-Op units the Genesis 32 X will be the hottest video game machine on the street
polygon graphics and texture mapping gives you such detailed 3d art and
animation you’ll think you have been sucked into the game
Sega is creating over 30 new game titles for Genesis 32x and other game developers
or make it even more check out these new title star wars arcade the legendary
struggle in space continues with polygon graphics and 32 bits of interstellar
action that’ll blow you away Virtua racing deluxe anybody who’s been
lucky enough to scream around the track on the arcade version of Virtua racing
will be right at home on 32x Fahrenheit this is the first video game about
America’s real-life heroes fire fighters red-hot realism blasts at you with super
detailed true video action so who you gonna trust to bring the real 32-bit
arcade experience to your home you got it Sega yo sugar bear what’s up yo what
new game is sure to give you a big bang for your buck what’s a new character
from Sega called dynamite headdy and here’s some super Christmas secret tips
that’ll show you how toAction, Michael? Michael?! MICHAEL!!
yeah yeah yeah come in check this out Wooooooooo a combination of knuckle’s signature moves get you places sonic can’t reach as knuckles you can climb and glide between two
walls to reach higher areas and higher scores look for hidden passageways in every
level to get you to the 3ds special stage now who is the coolest brother in
all of the universe? No, man, he ain’t a plumber plumber the nice if your pipes are
clogged do you know what I’m sayin’? now let me ask you again who is the coolest brother
in all of the solar system yeah that’s it that’s it he’s the cool blue dude
with the mega attitude Sonic the Hedgehog and now game gear’s got sonic
spinball this fall you know Sonic Spinball has been one of
the hottest games for Genesis in 1993 and it’s coming like a torpedo straight for
game gear and here’s some more secret tips that are going to show you and you how to kick
some serious Robotnik butt what am i doing what to get the first Chaos
Emerald get the bumpers on the right and left of the slime container it’s in the
first room then head up to the boat and paddle right if you’re on the left or
left if you’re on the right to the slime container to open the doors that lead to Chaos
Emeralds two and three pull the levers on both sides of the tracks then go down
both sides of the tracks go to collect both of the Chaos Emeralds
to get further in this level get into the Canon three times and hit this
bridge then do it once more to open up the level so as you all know sega is a
global forum so let’s take a look at what’s hot in video gaming around the
planet on the honeycombs video hits top 10 charts now what is the best of the best what is
the highest of the hot weather so cool it’s cold from Sega Sports NFL 95 and
now here’s a marshmallow alphabets preview of the biggest football video
game ever the players so filled by hits everything
is huge the game features all actual NFL teams
and you can choose from football’s biggest stars including Troy Aikman
Boomer Esiason and a man himself Joe Montana here’s
some sugar crisp secret tip that will have you on your way to the Super Bowl
in no time when you’re carrying the ball and you get into trouble use the speed
burst to outrun defenders when you want to dominate the opposition
you can rely on the funny place to make you invincible to outscore your opponent
you can take advantage of the all-new passing perspective offered in NFL 95 to
find the open receiver yeah yeah yeah I’m bad that’s it come on I got it going
on baby come on come on I am the greatest the search for the support of honeycomb
cereals great taste leaves the honeycomb kid Wow in the dark cool I’ll grant you
one wish okay I wish you known secret honeycombs
great case that secret is free unfair the first is shame
second is launcher and the third and most important days Oh fine the secret of honey comes great
chase somewhere oh man these Sega games are getting to be a little too realistic
you know what I’m saying I never mind that because what I’ve got to show you
right now is gonna make the hit I just took look like kid stuff
it’s the roughest looked up the sports team of them all we’re talking about the
all Canadian hockey now next spring Sega will release one has already been called
the greatest hockey video game of all time and now for the first time ever a
galactic premia thanks to a post alpha-bits preview you get an advance
look at NHL all-star hockey 95 NHL all-star hockey 95 from Sega Sports is a
new game with all the fascinating speed and slapshot action of the NHL now on
Genesis you’ll burn off the ice with 46 NHL teams and over 650 players including
Lemieux Gretzky Lynn gross and Yzerman schedule an actual 42 or 84 game NHL
season and skate check and shoot your way to the Stanley Cup NHL all-star
hockey 95 salad out to aquata what gives it the space key anyways it’s in the
script this is a believer look or whatever I was just taking up and do
Ecco the Dolphin game but didn’t you call the tides of time but gets the most
sugar quick tips to keep you in a swimmin thing when you break the surface
of the water you get fresh air be sure you don’t run out of air you are a
mammal and you need air to breathe in tides of time echo can morph into new
shapes he can become a shark to ward off enemies or a bird to overcome obstacles
and travel through the air look for glitz or other clues to allow you the
gene shape the shortest route isn’t always
underwater look for the suspended water tubes to travel farther and faster
search for movable rocks or unusual sea life and learn how to use them use your sonar songs to get clues from
cliffs and other sea life and remember what you learned always say go nuts
that’s the deal 32x say the sports say the cable service damp it’s big news big
technology and lasts more but we wanna hear from you let us know what you think
about this video that you’d like to see more of it and if there’s anything else
about Sligo you like to know just in your name address and comments on a
postcard – world of Sega video 45 Sims Crescent Richmond Hill Ontario do it now
and qualify to win one of ten new sega game cartridges well samba breaks it’s
time for this techno cowboy to head on out in the information superhighway big
shout out to pump zero helping us make this video and I’m stocking up to cover
the fabrication both cereal and seiga-san’s my name is Mark will be your
Saba God tell you to sleep online with the future until next time
increase the peace take

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