PowerPoint 2010: Inserting Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks in PowerPoint act just like the
links you find online. They have their own display text (for example, “USA.gov Retirement
Resources”), and also an email address, web page, or some other location that they’re
linked to. I’d like show you how to turn text into a
link starting here. All you have to do is go to the Insert tab, then Hyperlink. In this
dialog box, you can see the text the link is going to display and edit it if you need
to. You can also enter a web address here. When you’re done, click OK, and the text turns
into a hyperlink. Why don’t we try linking to something else,
maybe an email address? I think it would be nice if new employees could click this person’s
name to contact Human Resources. This time, I’m going to right-click the text, and choose
Hyperlink here instead of going to the Insert tab. Now click Email Address, and type. Other options include linking to a file on
your computer. For example, I’d like to be able to pull up the Employee Benefits Guide,
which happens to be a Word document. Again just right-click, go to Hyperlink, and choose
Existing File or Web Page. Here you can navigate to any file on your computer, and double-click
the one you want to create a link. Keep in mind: Your link to another file may
not work if you plan to send your PowerPoint out, or present it on a different computer.
Make sure you have a copy of the linked file on the computer you’re using to present, and
always test your hyperlinks before giving a presentation. To test, just right-click,
and go to Open Hyperlink. This one’s working just fine! Other things you can access by right-clicking
any of your links: the ability to edit the hyperlinků or remove it. There’s one more type of link I’d like to
try, at the beginning of my presentation where I have a sort of table of contents. We can
make this presentation navigable by turning these into links – links that connect to other
slides. Let’s start with “About Ad Works.” Go to Place in This Document, and you can
choose from a list of slides with a little preview to the right. Here’s the one we want
to link to. Keep going until your table of contents is
complete. And don’t be afraid to get creative – there are lots of things you can do with
the ability to link to other slides. Let’s try out one of these links out in Slide Show
View. See that? I was just on slide 2 – now I’m
on slide 13! These hyperlinks are going to be a big help to me, and also to anyone who
views the presentation on their own.

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  1. Thank you very much! Your help is highly appreciated and I hope you continue to help others… Arigato Gonzaimaisu!!!

  2. Oh wow, the link to other slides was exactly the info I as looking for, I'm a fast learner and my experience is of a graphic designer so it's my first time doing a presentation in which has to do with breaking down the requirements for enrolling at our school. thank you much,

  3. Hi! is it possible to hyperlink a slide to ANOTHER SLIDE with different presentation? or how to link a powerpoint slide to another slide in different presentation

  4. Hi, if I have my hyperlink from Google drive, convert a powerpoint into a pdf file and when I open the pdf file, will it work?

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