President Trump Participates in a Roundtable with Women Small Business Owners

The President: Well,
thank you very much. I appreciate you being here. It’s a great honor,
very great honor. I want to thank Vice
President Pence, Secretary Tom Price, and
Administrator Seema Verma — who’s done an
incredible job, by the way — for all of the time and
energy they’ve put into repairing and replacing
Obamacare ahead of tomorrow’s crucial vote. Big vote tomorrow
in the House. I want to especially thank
Seema, the Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services — a wonderful job she’s doing, and definitely a complex job, but you have it under control, right — for hosting this very important meeting to
discuss the vital role women play in healthcare
and the hardships inflicted on them by the
Obamacare catastrophe. It’s been bad. Administrator Seema Verma
is playing the leading role for us in helping us to repeal and replace Obamacare. The doctors, nurses and
healthcare professionals here today represent the
millions of women — millions and millions
— who play a vital and indispensable role in
Americans’ healthcare. Unfortunately, Obamacare
is making their lives so much more difficult, as
we all know, and putting enormous barriers in the
way of helping patients who we are going to help. We’re going to get
this thing done. We’re going to get
it figured out. It’s a tough situation our
country has been put in. It’s not easy. Women doctors and
healthcare leaders have changed the face of
healthcare in America, saving and improving
countless American lives. In 1965, only 9 percent of
accepted medical school applicants were
women — 9 percent. Last year, nearly 50
percent of newly accepted applicants were women. Congratulations. Good job. It’s a good job. Thirty-eight percent of
physicians and surgeons are women, and that number
will continue to grow. That’s a big victory for
our society, big victory for America. I want to also thank all
of the women nurses and healthcare aides for their
incredible service and dedication to our country. What you do is remarkable. Unfortunately, Obamacare
is making it much harder for all of the doctors,
nurses and healthcare professionals, men and
women alike, to do their job. As insurers flee
Obamacare’s broken marketplace — and it is
broken, it’s broken badly; the insurance companies
are fleeing — millions of patients can no longer
access the healthcare professionals the
know and trust. In other words, “keep your
doctor, keep your plan” didn’t work out that way. You don’t get your doctor,
you don’t get your plan. So, that is one of the
more vital reasons why we must repeal Obamacare. It’s one of the reasons
why we’re here today. So, with that, I want
to turn it over to Administrator Verma, and
we’ll start a meeting. Administrator
Verma: Thank you. The President:
Thank you very much. You could probably do
— stay for this little while, and then we’ll
clear out the room and talk, okay? Go ahead. Administrator Verma:
Well, thank you, Mr. President. Appreciate it. This gentleman has been
very supportive as I started my position
at CMS, and I am very appreciative to be a part
of this great healthcare team. The President: Thank you. Administrator Verma: And
thanks to all the women that came today. It’s great to see so many
strong, professional women that are on the front
lines of healthcare. So thanks again
for coming today. Obamacare has just
been a broken promise. Instead of meaningful
healthcare, we have higher costs, less choices,
and more mandates. Right now, we have the
government that’s making decisions about our
healthcare, not patients and not doctors. As a mother and as a
woman, the most important thing about my healthcare
is being able to pick out the doctor that I feel
comfortable with, but unfortunately, with Obamacare, we have less choices. One-third of counties and
five states only have one choice of health plan. And so that tells us
we are not getting the choices that
Americans deserve. And the problem
is getting worse. We have even more insurers
that are saying that they’re going to
leave the marketplace. And I think the other
thing that concerns me is hearing from providers. Many providers are
faced with dealing with regulations and mandates
instead of focusing on high-quality care and spending time with their patients. They are forced to
deal with regulations. And I came to D.C. because
I was so concerned about the direction our
healthcare was going in because of Obamacare. I want to be a part
of the solution. I’m very excited about the
American Health Care Act. There’s a vote
on that tomorrow. I think this is an
opportunity for us to finally get rid of
Obamacare and move towards a system that’s going to
drive costs down, give Americans more choices,
and put patients and doctors in control
of their healthcare. So once again, thank
you for coming today. And I look forward to
hearing all the stories. The President:
Thank you very much.

83 thoughts on “President Trump Participates in a Roundtable with Women Small Business Owners

  1. My son said that if he sees a bunch of Muslims heading toward our land he's going to mow them down with fully automatics.
    He's a good boy!

  2. Trump has done it again keeping his promises to all you liberals just keep your mouths shut and let our BADASS President do his job he's already on a ROLL #MAGA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. see trump is surrounded by women so he is not misogynistic fuck. joke – you (the reader) are an asshole

  4. i wish he was concerned about repealing the lyndon b johnson order ,501 (c) 3, tell he does i dont see him keeping his promises. ((( i want this text archived in the goverment, if its deleted it is illegal )))) you want a list of things that will help america read your tweets,but its clear person over this site does not read the text and does not care.but thats ok i will be writing trump in the mail….

  5. Dear Mr. President,
    What the hell has happened to our country? We used to stand for truth, honor and justice; now the only thing we stand for is ‘Political Correctness’! I know it is a seamingly unending Fight, but YOU ARE the man of the hour I can think of no one else for this job!
    Comeys bold-face lies to congress and the American public with NO shame!?!?
    Pedophiles everywhere the most HORRIBLE crime on earth!
    These congressional hearings are such a joke..! Another establishment facade… Just a 'mock trial' to appease the uninformed American public? Congress has NO authority to charge or imprison ANYONE!!! All they do is slap the wrist of the guilty, and make it look like justice was served… Instead of appointing a special prosecutor or grand jury who DOES have the power to imprison the offenders. Congress is supposed to be 'law-makers not law-breakers…!
    The establishment progressives have appointed MANY judges who care less about the rule of law and constitution but are politically motivated plants! Impeach these judges immediately this IS war and they are criminals and threaten the very fabric of America's constitution. If you are one of the 'unlucy criminal illegal aliens' that gets caught you get sent home free and clear; But, If you are one of the lucky ones you get to live in a sanctuary city with all the perks…! If you are unfortunate to be a legal American citizen you will be jailed for the most minor infraction of the law… Sound fair to you? .
    A soft coup (a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government) by using 'media distractions' (fake courts) using their bought and paid for propaganda companies they call 'the media' to keep their (shadow government hidden in the background) is being waged. All the while HARD coup is being waged in secret. President Trump may be the Commander In Chief, but our military is still heavely influenced by Obama as he fired every military leader who objected to his agenda.
    Then you have thousands of people positioned in the 17 intelligence agencies who are sympathetic to Obama's agenda! It's NOT Trump they hate… it's the fact they have spent decades on their new world order agenda (in which America has to fail first) they NEVER thought Hillary would lose, and after (Obama’s relentless destruction of the constitution) paving the way it would have been her job to finish! It's time to appoint a special prosecutor and CLEAN house…arrest all these low-life scumbags who think they can do anything they want. They have operated above the 'law' for so long…hopefully those days are over!

  6. This is the "women in healthcare panel" video from 4 days ago. Someone has posted the WRONG Video. This is from Thursday.

  7. forget women. they don't breed. they are litterally killing us. so Lets give them a pat on the back. they don't mine farm fish lumber construct Roads Car repair transport wire. Food water Shelter power roads. they are litterally useless. I think its time for a day no a week without men.

  8. Certainly women need special help, since they are somewhat worthless and weak operating small businesses, while men are more self sufficient and business oriented. These women seem to have failed, as expected, and their help was futile at best.

  9. It was a good idea to not let Trump speak from the top of his head anymore at these photo-ops and instead read speeches written by Bannon.

  10. Why are we helping S. Korea by bringing dogs here that they were going to eat? Why do we have to play with nations that go against our values?

  11. Perhaps he'd like to invite some women (that are NOT related to him) into his Cabinet and various policy meetings. My goodness, you look at some of his gatherings and it's like viewing a giant open box of tie-wearing cue tips. LOL

  12. FFS more pandering to women, the most privileged class to ever exist in the west, not to mention the infantilizting . And here I thought Obama and Biden were cucks. Screw the men that built society and did all the dirty work, we're all disposable now that big brother can elevate women to the status of royalty.
    Feminists got you right where they want you Mr. Trump. What a hell of a negotiator, I see I wasted my time voting… again.

  13. Dear President Trump:
    Please send a team of Envoys to educate the Canadian PM on the Islamic Agenda! He obviously hasn't a Clue

  14. Keep your hands off my Obamacare!!!!! My coverage is good, my premiums are good, and my copay is great! What is so wrong with Obamacare? The only ones who complain about it are those who do not have it, and those who talk down on it because they heard some republican talk down on it! I LIKE OBAMACARE AND DO NOT WANT ANY REPLACEMENT!!!! Keeping Obamacare is a victory for Americans everywhere!!!!

  15. They say you have a 'low approval % Gee sound familiar? I have NEVER in my life seen ANY President who's supporters are SOOOO ALL IN. That makes your support HUGHE.. 🙂

  16. Thank you, President Trump for Administrator Seema Verma. Very sharp and experienced woman with much to contribute.

  17. What a sexist POS! You don't see him meeting with male business owners! I am a male, does that mean that I don't matter? F*** this BS! This is what a Dem. would do, pandering to females exclusively like that! Trump, go f*** yourself for this crap!

  18. Same video that was posted several days ago, but same beautiful lady in blue (Parmis Khatibi), so I didn't mind watching it again!

  19. regulations are needed to prevent corruption. trump needs to use his twitter to promite women to pressure congress to put women into committee's. or even how about getting women's input into womens health? trump has no idea about of the real world. WASNT IT THE PROFESSIONALS THAT PETITIONED TO REJECT TRUMP BILL

  20. I am waiting for a different president before I even think about buying property and investing in a business I want to start in the USA

  21. I'm quite sure that technology is just around the corner to silence the shutter of the cameras. louder then the voices that I Want to hear. may I suggest that there microphones be placed closer to the speakers than the foolish photographers. Do you all truly need to take 50 photos of the very same picture?

  22. Mr. President we thank you for making changes and keeping your election promises. May I please request that as you address women, please do not forget an women's organisation called WOMEN CHRISTIAN TEMPERANCE UNION. WCTU in 1907 brought about NZ as the first country in the world for women to vote with over 30,000 signatures, started in NZ in 1885, started in the US in 1883.  WCTU stands to support families from drug and alcohol a poison given to people that the families may live in poverty all their lives.
    God Bless you Mr. President, and the cabinet plus all the families of the politicians not forgetting the VP OF USA.

  23. Wrong video !!! this is an old one from about a week ago. Please get the new correct one uploaded–per Sean Spicer's briefing there was another meeting with business women on Monday, 3/27

  24. Thank you President Trump! I am a woman who owns my own small business so I appreciate all you are doing for us!

  25. What a great move I never would of thought of that. Just let the women figure all of it for us and just let them run the whole United States of America so us men can do the things men do like things that are absolutely ridiculous and have no meaning but in a way it does. CIA mind control can we still have that at least? I say we still pick on Edward Snowden. That can bring revenue for whatever I guess like put 75% of the money into charity and lets us men keep the 25% for more CIA mind control programs. I don't know we can have China pay for it I guess. I don't know anymore. Russia seems like heaven right now. North Korea sounds like fun. I need corruption and nonsense in America or there is no way I can succeed. Womens Empowerment Mr Trump I'm not too excited anymore about anything. Women are just going to solve our problems and now what what do we do?

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