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  1. hey austin u are my favorite skim bourder and i hold a lot of respect for u i was wondering if u had any advice for me.
    im gonna be 15 and i live in indian rocks beach flordia i was wondering if u had any advice how to get into some contest and try and get a sponsor

  2. One day I'm gonna be a great skimboarder. I'm gonna finally make it out West to the spots I've been watching video from for years. I'll become ecstatic when I lay eyes on the West coast waves, but only a cold hard level-headedness will show. I'll observe calmly until that sweet moment when I spot my wave and all goes silent, then charge for the sider with every part of my essence concentrated on the catch. The excitement will grow even more as I rip down the sider, but I'll stay calm because I know the real exchange is yet to happen. I'll see the main wave peak up before me, and when I meet it at the top I'll know I have made it. The "ahhh yeah" moment will seem still, as if time itself has stopped, yet the moment will pass. I'll drop in for the ride of my life, right hand on the rail, left hand touching the face of the wave, ripping down the line just like I watched you do in this video. The wave will break and wash back into the ocean just like it would have if I hadn't skimmed it. Nothing will have changed, nothing will have mattered, and it doesn't have to. I'm gonna thank god for the day and set up for another wave. This is what I want. This is skimboarding! I'm going to be a great skimboarder one day, because of those before me who showed me it's more than just sliding on sand.

  3. Sometimes when i am in italy there are waves which are half a 1 meter high and every time i try to get from the sand in the deeper water with my skimboard i sink into the water and cant catch the wave does anyone know why and what i am making wrong

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