Q&A about Google’s Q&A Feature

Google Q&A is a feature that allows anybody that’s on google to leave a question on a local business listing. That question can be about a range of topics. They can select anything they want and just leave a question. And then any user out there can answer that question. It doesn’t have to come from the business, but it can. 30% of patients are looking for information about services a doctor provides or some expert advice from a doctor. Doctors have spent a lot of time in school.
They should just share that information. It’s a great opportunity to demonstrate that you’re a leader in your space and have solutions for them. 40% of patients are looking for information about the insurance that providers accept and how much do services cost. Even business details about where to park or how to get there are super important for them to get that information right away. That way, they know they can walk right in and be seen by a provider. The biggest risk to google’s Q&A is that people can leave negative comments, just like they would in a review. Even if you get a question that says something negative about your business you want to demonstrate that you’re proactive and willing to fix problems and improve the situation for any future patients that would come to your practice. In order to monitor questions and answers on your listing Google will send you an email if you verified through Google My Business or they’ll send you a notification through google maps for Android. That way you can stay on top of any new questions or answers offered about your business Because google is the place where people are making decisions you want to make sure your practice is ready and responsive to customers so that they’re more willing to visit your practice and be seen by a provider at your location.

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