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  1. Hey, is it possible that the original Detroit: Become Human on PS4 or whatever console is available; will it be the exact same thing as PC or will it be optional?
    I already finished a whole story on PS4, so it's quite boring doing something the same unless if it's fun. Which is why I asked for optional.. I don't know, your choice @Quantic Dream !

  2. Good to see these coming to PC. But I'll wait until a Steam or GOG release, since I won't support Epics shaddy practice.

  3. 1080p29, déjà la résolution en 2019 c'est faible et 29 fps, franchement ? Même pas du 30 ? Et si vous jugez que ça n'as que peu d'importance, intéressez vous au frame time

  4. Thank you for these games we will never forget them they were a rolecoster of emotions and a gourgeous story i fell like that detroit become human is the best one with the story the graphics and the choices do matter whatever you do you always have to be careful thank you again david cage

  5. I own all 3 titles on PS3/PS4, but glad they are also coming to PC. Reaching a broader audience means more titles and releases to further develop this genre.

  6. Quantic Dream, THANK YOU
    I did't watch any videos about DBH in hope that you will release it on PC. And when the hope was almost gone you did it.
    Can't wait to play it.

  7. I'm very happy you're bringing these as Epic Games Exclusive and not to Steam. I gladly support giving you more of the revenue cut (vis a vis the robbery that Steam does to you) .Why should my money go to Steam and not to you? I'm here to play games, not to pay Valve another cent. I pre-purchased the 3 already on Epic and will never buy a game on Steam again if it's also on the Epic store or on GOG 🙂

  8. Gonna skip sadly, love these guys but EGS doesn't deserve a cent.
    Either way, thank you guys for porting these to PC. 🙂

  9. @Quantic Dream..
    Hello there,

    Since i never got a response on my mail or Facebook, i try my luck here:
    I am a big fan of your games since FAHRENHEIT. i played heavy rain on ps3 and was so hyped when i saw it announced for PC. So i jumped into the epic store and wanted to pre-order detroit and heavy rain. but unfortunately they won't accept my credit card. i also got in touch with my bank to see if everything was fine. no problems there, enough funds, activated for online shopping and also activated for foreign countries. i am living in turkey, so Paypal is not an option. I read in forums that i am not the only one with this problem. tried with different credit cards and also opened a second account on epic …tried it 10 days ago and every day. no change. same error. i also contacted epic support, but they can't fix this problem. i hope you are aware of this.. just wanted to let you know, that you could have sold more copies. i am truly sad, that i wont be able to purchase and play your games.

  10. I really like that these games are coming to PC, although I wish there weren't only coming to Epic. I hope there will be a graphical reason to buy them on PC, as I think most people who would buy it on PC would already have at least one or two on PlayStation. In my opinion, a graphical overhaul and perhaps some improvement on animations and UI using modern tools would be the way to go. It would really help keep these games alive and relevant for longer. Just see what kind of results they got with Halo.

  11. I want to buy Detroit: Become Human.
    Me: I can buy the game. Oh its a pre-purchase.
    Me searching for release date.
    Quantic Dream: Demo releasing this summer.
    Me: Ok
    Quantic Dream: Full game this fall.
    Me: Noo i have to wait even longer.

  12. I love you quantic dream and I love your stories and interactive movies and because you just starting out on your own I will still support you on epic but please bring it to other platforms so people can choose where to play your games.

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