38 thoughts on “RAGE 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME [1080p HD 60FPS PC MAX SETTINGS] – No Commentary

  1. Thanks to Bethesda for providing me with this early copy!

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  2. This is one of very few games that i just did not have much fun playing..it was fun when i started,but then i just got bored 🙁

  3. You've got the same gun for the whole video… that's disappointing. Also, I hear it's not worth 60, but steam sale is at 40 and I'm STILL debating, what do you think, worth $40?

  4. Killing as a Joy, Joy in killing, that shouldnt be like that, this hero"" is a psychopath. Why gamers do always the same lately with those retarded dialogs??? He should fight for surviving not to get a boner.. kids will probably play this, and this will mark : Killing = Joy…

    Fuck.. game business is getting worse and worse..
    Where are the Heroes from the Past? The Ethical and Moral superheroes… where they fight for their freedom, brothers etc.. and not joy killing for killing….

    Bethesda = you are becoming assholes, after fallout you already showed it to us…

  5. I don't get the hate.

    People calling this game "repetitive" strikes me as complaining about all the flying they have to do in a flight sim. It's an ID GAME. ID finds ONE gameplay loop, then polishes the hell out of it. Sometimes literally.

    If you don't know what you're getting with an ID game, that's on you, not them. You don't sue McDonalds when you order a burger and don't get fish.

  6. Look I know your trying to make money but do you have to put so many commercials in your vids it sucks to have to skip thru so many when watching your awesome vids just a little advice might not want to do that in future vids might ake someone not watch the next one something to think about thanx for reading

  7. Been watching your gameplays for years, hate hearing awkward guys and girls try and be funny with there awkward commentary. So i appreciate your gameplay. Your an above average player, but a below average driver lol.

  8. I watched the whole thing. Gave you a thumbs up, of course, but the game itself sucked.
    The FIRST one was much better in terms of story lines, and overall scenary variety. What was the story of this one? A tyrant trying to conquer/enslave the world? Nothing new here.

    Hopefully the next one will be better.

  9. The vehicle war reminds me of a very very old game called Interstate 76…. I wonder if anyone else have played it…

  10. If that's the villain of this game on the beginning that is probably one of the most cookie cutter generic excuses for a villain ever in gaming.

  11. Okay so if Walker can put on Jersey's armor after he got torn apart, why couldn't Lily put on her mom's armor when she just had a blade through the gut? Why can't you both be the only Rangers left? Let that girl carry on her mom's badass legacy.

  12. Wow this game is nothing like how I imagined it would be. Looks like a decent fps, but that ain't my bag bruh, oh well.

  13. Game Needs Like A Broader loot system Like armors and stuff for your characters as well as full character customization and Base building , That would of been cool

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