Rahu Transit in Taurus

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© Astroyogi.com Rahu Transit in Taurus The unique thing about Rahu and Ketu is that they are imaginary planets. They have neither physical nor visual existence, and their movement is always retrograde. Rahu represents the karmic objectives for this lifetime and points the way for soul growth and evolution.  Get […]

Rahu Transit in Taurus

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Rahu Transit in Taurus

The unique thing about Rahu and Ketu is that they are imaginary planets. They have neither physical nor visual existence, and their movement is always retrograde. Rahu represents the karmic objectives for this lifetime and points the way for soul growth and evolution. 

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Rahu will transit from the airy sign Gemini to the earthy sign Taurus on 23rd September 2020 at 12:16 IST and will stay there until the 11th of April 2022, 14:53 IST. Rahu will provide stability while in the earthy sign. It will travel through the Mrigshira, Rohini and Kritika nakshatras during this period. 


Rahu is presently going through the Mars Mrigshira nakshatra, in which it behaves similar to a deer frantically searching, here and there, for the fragrant kasturi which is ensconced in its own navel. Similarly, many people are unaware of their strengths and tend to seek support from outside, but once they realise their potential, nothing is unachievable. Rahu will be in the moon’s nakshatra during the transit in Rohini, a time when people will not experience any satisfaction in life. They will have an uncontrollable desire for sexual pleasure and materialistic things of high value such as luxury cars and real estate. The desire to amass wealth and possessions will only grow. In the third phase, Rahu will pass through the Kritika nakshatra. The desires will continue unabated and attain menacing proportions as the natives could easily be driven to adopt any means, fair or foul, to achieve their ends.


If the shadowy planet Rahu blesses a person, it makes them a star overnight but when the person gets a negative aspect, it can be completely devastating. Let us understand how this transit affects your sign.



The planet of imagination will transit through the 2nd house, which is the house of speech, wealth and immediate family. This friendly transit will help to strengthen family bonding and is undoubtedly a favourable time to resolve family disputes. There is also a good possibility of coming into ancestral property. Those in businesses will flourish during this transit. Aries will be as generous as they are successful. They will be diligent and straightforward in their dealings. Working professionals will rise in their jobs with a promotion or salary hike. Rahu will bring them wealth and good luck. Aries will focus on wealth generation during this transit and will not hesitate to take a difficult or risky path. Your interest in occult sciences may become heightened. This is a good time for those seeking spiritual growth or those involved in research work. 



Rahu will transit in your Lagna house, which is the house of personality, health, and general prosperity. Being positioned in the ‘Tanu Sthana’, Rahu bestows the power of attraction on Taurus natives, due to which people are drawn towards them spontaneously. There may be moments of self-doubt but once you become aware of your inner strength, your subconscious mind will embolden your personality. Your bold decisions will help you to rise rapidly in your career. This period can elevate a person from a very low level to the highest level possible. You will have a profoundness of speech. You will experience a gamut of feelings but will not exhibit them. Be careful about money matters, as unexpected expenditures may create problems later down the road. Your creativity will peak during this time and your innovative ideas will help you in new product creation. Students should practice meditation to increase their focus as they may become distracted and veer away from academics. Give your partner the space they need; your possessiveness may create problems in your relationship. Your married life may be disturbed during this period. Taureans wishing to travel overseas have a good chance of making the trip.



Rahu will transit to your 12th house, the house of nature, expenses, meditation and quarantine. The mobility of Rahu in this position discourages enthusiasm, so your sense of innovation may be dampened. Geminis will look for peace, not realising that it is within them. Since this is the house of nature and Rahu also signifies nature, there is a possibility of problems arising due to a natural calamity. You may have to face unexpected expenses. You are likely to hit health problems during this period, so do take that health check-up. Your investments may not yield the expected profits, so be careful where you put your money. You will tend to spend heavily on material things such as designer clothes, jewellery and luxury vehicles, but you will not gain any sense of satisfaction. Rahu will trap you in a cycle of never-ending hunger for material things. You may even take a loan to satiate your material aspirations, which will increase your troubles later in life. Excessive sexual desire may also lead to disgrace and disrepute. Those wanting to take up studies overseas will be able to finalise an institution during this period. Rahu’s movement is supportive of marital relationships. Chant the BeejMantra every day to prevent Rahu’s negative influence. Donation on Amavasya will also help.



Rahu will transit to your 11th house, the house of the elder sibling, gain and fulfilment of desire. The mobility of Rahu in this position is extremely powerful, and natives will acquire wealth from various sources. Cancer people will become highly ambitious and develop exceptional imaginative powers. This transit will provide you with name, fame and status. Relationships with friends and elder siblings will strengthen and you may receive generous gains from them. Progeny may also be the source of worldly comforts and wealth. This transit will help you to fulfil materialistic desires such as owning a beautiful home, luxury cars, expensive adornments and all creature comforts. In this position, Rahu bestows you with all-pervading superiority. This is a good time for financial gains, but Gemini should avoid putting money in lotteries, gambling, etc. You may develop an interest in the mystic sciences during this period. Rahu will push you towards unbridled desire; be mindful of your karmas during this period. This transit does not augur well for your love life. If you are already in a relationship, it will tend to dry up.



Rahu will transit to your 10th house, the house of profession. Leo will be called upon to shoulder new responsibilities which they will handle with a characteristic flourish. Your imagination and creative skills will catapult you to top-position. You will attain the highest level of professional excellence during this period. Your administrative abilities will peak. This is a good time for wealth creation. This is also a good time for those Leos looking for a new job. Your preoccupation with work may prevent you from enjoying the comforts of good family life. Your relationship will not be at its best. You may enter into a dispute with a senior at work or with a government authority; be very careful during this time. Resist the temptation to buy a new house or vehicle during the course of this transit. There is every chance that you will have misgivings about the sagacity of your choices. Rahu will simply not allow you to experience any sense of contentment. 



Rahu will transit to your 9th house, the house of luck, dharma, long journeys and righteousness. If you intend to start a new business during this period, do so by all means – only that it shouldn’t be instituted in your own name. This transit precludes good luck for you; therefore, it is recommended that you use the luck of a close family member by starting the business in their name instead. This period may cause you to lose faith in religion. Pilgrimages and religious activity will not bring any relief to the difficulties you face during this time. There is a possibility of extensive overseas travel but several problems are anticipated, and the opportunity may not be worth your while after all. Virgo may have to work extremely hard to attain the desired results, which you may be incapable of during this transit. A health issue may also arise in this period. Unfortunately, Rahu will misguide the diagnosis, preventing you from receiving the right medical treatment at the right time. You are likely to lose your capital if you invest outside the country. Virgo may become consumed with a passion to acquire knowledge, but you may not get the answers even after spending considerable resources in the pursuit. You should tap into your subconscious for the right guidance. A love relationship may face ups and downs during this time. Meditation will help to throw out the negative energy surrounding you.



Rahu will transit to your 8th house, the house of mysticism, research, unearned money and obstacles. This is a good time for spiritual growth. Librans interested in mystic sciences such as astrology, palmistry, Vaastu, etc may embark upon a detailed study of these disciplines. Students and researchers involved in exploratory work will come up with good findings. On the down-side, this transit may fill you with unnecessary fear. The presence of Rahu in the house of obstacles will create unexpected hurdles. Be careful with your savings as you may be led to take a wrong decision which will deplete your hard-earned money. Don’t invest without professional guidance or you will suffer financial losses. Be mindful of your speech, as the sharpness of your words may cause grievous hurt to others. Be cautious while driving as there is a possibility of accidents. You may face trouble with the inheritance of ancestral property. All in all, this transit will be a challenging time for Librans. Rudra pooja will help you to overcome the negative effects of the Rahu transit.



Rahu will transit to your 7th house, the house of partnership and business. This transit is not favourable for business partnerships, and it is very likely that such an alliance will break apart during this period. Your business partner may commit fraud, cheating you of a large sum of money. Put everything down on paper in matters of business; don’t trust anyone blindly. Those not in partnerships will make good gains through their business. Their passion for work will help them to scale new heights in their professional life. Be mindful of your expenses even if the flow of money is ample. This transit is not supportive for married Scorpios as quarrels and disputes are indicated during this period, creating disharmony in the relationship. You may not be able to appreciate the other person’s value in your life. Male Scorpios may lose wealth due to indulgence in womanising. There could be a negative effect on your livelihood if Rahu is placed unfavourably in your kundli. 



Rahu will transit through the 6th house, the house of competition, enemies and disease. It is a very favourable transit for Sagittarians. You will have the ability to destroy enemies, rendering them incapable of harming you anymore. Expenses will be under control, helping you to build assets. Those who have borrowed from you in the past will pay you back during this period. In fact, they will diligently cut back their expenditures to repay the loan. This transit is very supportive from the health point of view. You will be endowed with robust immunity. You will excel professionally. Sagittarians will become more organized at work. You will be very attentive even to routine tasks; your goal will be to bring perfection to every aspect of life. Your passion for work will boost your career. Respectful support from subordinates will also be forthcoming. You may receive an unexpected promotion or other financial gains during this time. Inclination towards spiritual growth may become pronounced.  



Rahu will transit to the 5th house, the house of education, creativity, intellect, childbirth and new creation. Capricorn students should make an effort to remain focused during this transit. Their profound thinking will flower once they realise their potential. They will stand apart due to their uniqueness, so much so that the world may not easily accept the importance of their ideas. They will receive their due recognition eventually but after a long wait. Some of you may not be open to learning any more as you have the notion that you already know everything there is to know. You will regret this overconfidence at a later date. Financial matters should be dealt with carefully. Avoid speculative investments or you will surely face losses during this period. This transit may affect your income and you may not earn as much as expected. Take very good care of your children as they may face difficulties. Confusions and delusions may destroy your love life; tread carefully. Manage your social relationships well at this time. It is advisable that you consult your mentor while taking important decisions.



Rahu will transit to the 4th house, the house of mother, comfort, early education, property, vehicles and mental peace. This transit will provide you with mixed results. You will be more inclined to indulge in material comfort rather than work. Of course, such indulgences will not bring you any contentment whatsoever. Your mother’s health may suffer; shower her with care. If you have been planning to move to a new house, this is a great time to do so. Other Aquarians would do well to undertake redecoration or maintenance of their existing homes. You may want to consider making big investments in real estate or vehicles. Due diligence is a must before finalising any deal during this transit period. Excessive expenses may drive you into debt. You may put in your best at work but recognition will remain elusive. You may not get that promotion, but don’t lose heart; just continue the good work. This is not a good time to change your job as it may take you a long while to regain your present stature. This transit is favourable for students seeking higher education overseas.



Rahu will transit to the third house, the house of younger siblings, communication, and courage. This transit is favourable for Pisceans as it will empower them to deal with all sorts of situations. Your excellent communication skills will carve the path of success and financial gains for you. Your fertile imagination will tend to lead you into the world of fantasy — do remind yourself, time and again, to take the realistic approach. Your outspoken and garrulous nature could create a dispute with siblings, so be mindful of what you say. Clarify anything that you think may have been misunderstood. This transit may attract you towards spiritual growth. Use this opportunity to make progress in that direction. You may indulge excessively in social media activities during this period, which will take away precious time from other works. You may spend on items such as digital gadgets and electronics; do be mindful of where you put your money.

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