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is up, everybody? I’m Get_Flanked, and I’m back
with another “Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Void
Edge” tip video for you. Today we’re going to be
focusing on five things you need to know about the new
attacker coming this season. That is Iana. This is actually the
fourth video in a series that I’ve done for this channel. The other three
videos will be linked in the top right-hand
corner of the screen. If you haven’t seen them,
make sure you check them out. The first one is about
the Oregon rework. The second one is about the
patch notes and all the changes coming with this season. The third one was about
the new Defender, Oryx. And again, this one is going
to focus on the new attacker. That is Iana. The goal of this video
is to not only give you an understanding of
how Iana actually works, but also to give you
ideas on how she can best be used in game. Hopefully, after
watching this video, you’ll have a firm grasp on what
actual in-game situations Yana will excel in. With that out of the way,
let’s go ahead and hop into the five things that
you need to know about Iana. OK. The first thing you
need to know about Iana is that there are
two different ways to use her gadget primarily. You can use her gadget, her
hologram, in combination with a teammate to
kind of bait defenders into shooting the hologram. That will allow
the teammate that’s with you to get good information
and maybe give them an opening to get an easy kill on the
defender that just shot your hologram, or you can
just simply use your hologram to gather information,
very similar to how you would use a drone. On the screen right
now, you’re seeing a couple of different clips
of me not playing as Yana, but following a Iana hologram
as a different operator and basically just using that
hologram to bait defenders, like I mentioned before. The reason this is so strong
is because with that Iana hologram, you’re getting
a lot of information. You’re getting the call
out from the teammate that has the hologram, ideally. You’re also getting the sound
from the defender shooting the hologram to tell
you near where they are. And a lot of times, you’re
going to see the tracers from those rounds that shoot
the hologram to give you even more of an exact
position– not only that, but ideally, the defender’s aim
would be towards the hologram, not towards you, which could
give you a split second which can make all the difference
in the world in a gunfight. So I’m finding following
these holograms to be extremely strong so far. Now, as far as when
you’re using it just to get information, very
similar to how you get a drone, forget about trying to
necessarily fool defenders. That’s not really how that
hologram is going to be useful when you’re using
it by yourself. Just use it to try to
gather information. If you’re getting ready
to push into a room, you have zero
information on what that room looks like– if
defenders are in there, where the defenders are. You can use the hologram
to get that information. With that said, try to
move with the hologram how you would move as
your normal operator. Try to look natural. Don’t just go sprinting in,
making it completely obvious that it is the hologram. There’s a couple
benefits for that. One, you might actually
trick the defenders even though that’s not the
primary purpose, I would say, of the hologram
in this situation. But also, if you can avoid
the hologram getting shot, if you can gather
the information and then cancel the
hologram on your own, the cooldown time of that
hologram is much faster. You’ll be able to get
it again a lot quicker than if the enemy shoots it
and destroys it on their end. So keep that in mind. Try to move naturally
with it, and I think you’ll see some benefits. The second thing you
need to know about Yana is that she gets stronger
as the round goes on, especially when you get into
that final minute of the round. If you think about attackers in
that situation, a lot of times in that final minute,
you don’t have any of your drones left
because both of them have been shot by that point. And you’re getting ready
to push into the objective, but you don’t really
have any information on what’s going on
in the objective, how many defenders are
there, where they’re at. And that’s where
Iana really shines. She’ll be able to
pull out her hologram, and in most situations,
go into the objective, get the information
that the attackers need to make that final push. And especially in a
post-plant situation, if you plant the diffuser
and then you go outside, you can use her hologram
to get information on where the defenders are at,
where they’re pushing from. Are they defusing? All that information
can be really valuable. And there’s no other
attacker in the game that’s been able to gather that
information as easily in those late-round situations. OK. The third thing you
need to know about Yana is that mute is
her hard counter. If you place a mute
jammer on a doorway, it acts on her hologram
very similar to how it would act on a drone. At first, it just
kind of scrambles it. And then if the hologram
gets close enough to it, it’ll actually
completely shut it down. And that is the
hardest counter to Iana that there is in the game. There are some other interesting
operator interactions, though. For example,
maestro’s evil eyes, whenever they look
at Yana’s hologram, they won’t show
the heat signature that a normal operator shows. So you will see the
outline of the hologram, but you’ll be able to tell very
clearly that it’s not actually Iana, that it’s
actually the hologram. The same is true with the
bulletproof cameras that act pretty much the same way. Another interaction is that when
you are using Iana’s hologram and you’re looking
through that perspective, Vigil will show up just
like he does on a drone. So Vigil has his
gadget activated. You’ll just see the
Vigil indicators. You won’t actually see
the Vigil operator. So the last thing I’ll
mention as far as interactions is that electrified barbed
wire or reinforced walls will destroy the hologram. So there’s two ways to
really stop a hologram from entering a room. One would be a mute jammer. The other would be
electrified barbed wire. So keep that in mind
that it destroys it just like it would destroy a
drone, and that’s important. OK. The fourth thing that you
need to know about Iana is that she is a hard counter
to Mozzie and Mozzie’s pests. And that is something
that’s really important. Mozzie is in the meta right now. He’s definitely a very
high-picked operator. And Mozzie’s pests
up to this point have been very
difficult to counter. Unless you have an EMP,
there are many situations, depending on the
placement of the pest, where you basically
cannot get rid of them. Even an IQ will have
trouble getting rid of them depending on if there’s a soft
floor or ceiling near the pest. So this is a very
welcome counter. If you run into a
situation now where you’re getting ready to drive
your drone into a doorway, and you get the
Mozzie pest indicator, then you can just hop
off of your drone, pull out the hologram,
send the hologram in to get the information you would
normally get with that drone, and you have completely
countered and bypassed that pest. And again, that’s just a
very interesting interaction that you need to be aware of. That way, if you have a
Mozzie on the other team that is very good at
positioning those pests, you can still get the
information you need, and you might actually
catch them by surprise. A lot of people are depending on
those pests now to deny drones, and this can be a big deal. The fifth thing you
need to know about Iana is that she has two really
good primary weapon options available to her. She has the G36C
as well as the ARX. But these weapons
are very different, and it’s going to
depend on your playstyle and what you like to
get out of your weapons depending on which
one you want to use. The ARX does a higher
damage per second, has a higher damage per
bullet, but a slower fire rate, and it only has a
20-round magazine. Now, what’s interesting
with this version of the ARX that Yana has is that it does
have vertical grip available. And with that vertical
grip attached, the ARX is a very low-recoil
weapon in my opinion. That’s why I’ve been
gravitating towards it. I also play a lot
of Habana, so I’m used to having
low-capacity weapons with those 20-round mags. The G36C is a weapon that
has a higher fire rate. It has a lower
damage per bullet, but it also has a
higher capacity. It has a 30-round mag. Now, of note with
the G36C is that you can equip either vertical
grip or angled grip. The ARX only has that
vertical grip available. So if you’re somebody who likes
to maybe move around a lot and try to snap
onto your enemies, then that G36C is probably
going to be for you. If you’re somebody who is
more of holding angles, then that ARX might
be the better choice. Either way, they’re very– they’re both very
usable weapons. It’s going to come down
to what your play style is as well as what you like
out of your weapons. If you want higher fire
rate, go with the G36C. If you like a gun that maybe
packs a little bit more punch, that ARX might be the
better choice for you. OK. That’s going to do it
for the five things you need to know about Yana. Don’t forget– if
you haven’t seen the other videos in
this series, they’ll be linked in the top right-hand
corner of the screen right now. Lots of good information
in there to help you hit the ground running
in “Operation Void Edge.” Thank you so much, Ubisoft,
for letting me come on and do this series. I hope you all enjoyed it, and
I hope you have a great season.

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