100 thoughts on “RARE | Selena Gomez | Roblox Girl Coder Music Video

  1. I remember one day my older sister came home from school crying and would not tell anyone why. Later I found out she did not get high marks on one of her computer class tests and the boys in her class made fun of her for it. I was sad because my sister is so smart and this was only one test but she said she will never work with computers again. Even when the boys get bad marks they are not made fun of it was only her because she and her friend were the only two girls in the class. Like the girl in your video my sister said she did not belong there.

    I saw this video and I thought of my sister and I ran to her and showed her it. At first she say why are you showing me this but then when it got to the end I think I saw tears in her eyes. She asked me who is this? And I say Jenstine and we watched more of your videos together. She said Jenstine is a good person to watch, she is so kind. And now I think she is watching more of your videos, hehe.

    I am younger than my sister but I think my life will change after watching this. I will be different from my sister. I always like working with my computer and making my own games but sometimes my friends or family discourage me because they say oh you are a girl, this is not for you. They remember people like my sister who were left out. But I will be like the girl here, and I will be like Stella from Princesses Dont Cry, and I feel inspired to follow my dreams in coding now!

    My life really change with your story. My sister and I are only two watchers but we are so touched by it. I hope you keep making stories and I will always watch so I will feel inspired .。*゚+.*.。(❁´◡`❁)。.。:+* Thank you Jenstine!

    Sorry if my English is bad anywhere I am learning♥ I hope you can still understand my love for your videos

  2. This is so inspirational for boys and girls to show people to come out of their shell and that just because somebody thinks that you can’t do something doesn’t mean you can’t do it
    You don’t know what life has for you

  3. I love the message that you used this video for, our society now makes girls feel like we can’t do anything, I’m sure you helped a lot of girls out in the world.

  4. Wow just started watching a video right now and then like it’s 2020 and it’s 19 or Sunday because of yesterday I was sick and I got worse then in the night I got better handle her dog but I watching videos and watching them right now

  5. I love your music videos because they always have a nice and true message behind them, like this one! Keep your hard work up!

  6. My sis is almost the only girl in her ict class in school and but she didn’t give up since her goal is to be a good hacker or a app Developer I showed this to her and it made her day 🙂

  7. So i ussallly good at science class that everyone suck at so my mom say i can be a scientist but some boys prefer only boys be scientists but my dad say i can be a doctor so idk what is my future job

  8. oh remeber people told me i would never be a popular artist/good drawer but this really gave me lots of courage so i hope i will get famous :3

  9. Wow! I really like the message you left at the end,even tho I'm not a big fan of royal high I still love it and this video inspired me to play it!

  10. I go to a coding class called Hackintons every Saturday in Elk Grove.
    | |
    | |
    Also…V V
    That inspiring message at the end saying we are special makes me glad I subscribed to the channel

  11. This is literally the story of my life. People used to tell me I couldn't get an academic award because I was blind but look at me now, I have 7 of them.

  12. I have a question if you could answer I would love it so much!

    How do you not get copyrighted? I really wanna make a music video but I’m afraid of copyright! Lol

  13. I don’t have many friends att school and all the people on my table hate me except my friend And nobody really includes me and today my partner kept on hitting me and erasing my work and redoing it so it seemed like he. Did it and the last straw was. That when I got. A question wrong he said it to everyone and. Luckily my friend relized I was gonna cry and he got told off
    And I got the golden ticket so that proves him. This jenstine for marking me realise how special Iam

  14. Girls can be anything, in Chicago, there is no girl presidents, one day I’ll be one even if I’m a girl

  15. When everyone plays on TikTok is so relatable. My school doesn’t allow phones,but if I got a pound/dollar for every time someone talked about tiktok I’d be a millionaire.Oof

  16. Tbh I never heard people say coding is for guys. I've only seen girls saying they started coding and it's not for guys only. I never thought if it as a guy only thing, and I actually started learning coding a few mo ths ago. Now I feel weird knowing there aren't many girls that code, even though I thought there are more girls then guys

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