Rat Catching (Roblox 1867)

hello YouTube welcome to the low spec
version of 1867 and here I am just wandering around, looking around the
streets I’ll speak with this gentleman at the side of the road do you want to do some work?
yes please catch twenty rats in the courtyard behind me just twenty? yes the cage
will hold no more how do I get paid? come back to me and I will pay you is it hard?
yes the cage must touch the rats right I’m off good luck now if you look at the
bottom your screen you’ll spot three icons the ‘catch those rats’ icon is the
third icon so I’ll click on ‘catch those rats’ and I’m holding a cage oh no! look! the
courtyard is filled with rats (there’s loads of them!) and they are running
around randomly which makes it even harder all you’ve got to do is click on
the screen and the cage will sweep along the ground opps! do not kick the rats
I hope no one saw that otherwise I’m in big trouble
well there’s one rat caught and there’s still loads more to catch nope!
I told you it’s hard oh no! I’ve trodden on the rat as well come on come on no I can’t get it I’m trying
really hard oh let’s try this one ah that’s two! I’m
not doing very well – am I? let’s see if I can get three rats and then I’ll take a break whoops
no no come on it can’t be that hard – can it? oh I kicked it! I kicked the rat as you can see the game
is really difficult you might say ‘ah, he’s just saying that!’ no it is there’s
three rats caught it’s difficult because the rats are running around randomly and
when you click on the screen there is a slight delay before the cage moves oh I
see lightning! … and I hear thunder at the moment I have got three rats if I run up to
this gentleman (Henri Schmitt) he takes my rats and he passes me some money woo hoo! I’m in the money! er, it’s raining so I’m gonna go and get some shelter so let’s drop that cage put up an umbrella and I’ll run to shelter but before I go … goodbye YouTube and don’t forget subscribe to this
channel for more news and updates from 1867

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