Reacting To MINECRAFT BLOCK IN REAL LIFE?! (Daily Dose of Internet)

this rock has been censored this is Congo tourmaline which is a gemstone that has been cut in a special way that makes it look pixelated hey make it one drugs this is what happens when you shake a soda can and open it deep below on the floor of the ocean JC this is what JC's gonna be this newborn calf needs medical attention from this rancher the instinct from the mother wants to attack and stop the man the horse was trained to keep the mother back while the calves is being taken care of the horses want to kick that fucking cow right yeah right yes this guy went to a jewellery store and told them he wanted a better look at a gold ring under natural light so they let him take the ring outside for a better look he then took the opportunity to just walk away with it he's not even running he's straight talking bought his family ordered food to be delivered to their home when they looked at the security footage they saw that the delivery person was drinking from their milkshake [Laughter] this is a kangaroo rant and they gave me found in the deserts of Arizona this particular rant was about to get captured by this snake when it suddenly kicked it in the face fucking vertical my boy said no this suddenly lost power in the middle of the sea without any power the ship was unable to remain properly stabilized in the rough waves over 450 people were evacuated and saved by rescue helicopters the funniest part about this whole thing I guarantee you all those motherfuckers are thinking about the reef I'm not about actually if they're gonna live or die people forgot to put their garbage can on the street to be picked up this man still went through the extra effort to take it out anyways this is like this is good but it's also like what if they didn't want their garbage take it out like that's always a possibility to my guy look what if there was just like hundreds of thousands of dollars in that fucking trash their sanctuary where bears can recover and help get rehabilitated before being sent back into the wild do a push up bitch no she asked for meit's build called the Amazon rainforest is getting smaller every day as more trees are cut down just a few months ago scientists discovered an enormous system of hills and tunnels that were created by termites without the cover of treated termites are nasty these termites created a system that is roughly the same size of the United Kingdom this is most likely the largest construction project ever created by an insect or animal this animal rescue organization went out to protect endangered sea creatures when they're suddenly attacked local poacher started attacking their boat because this organization stopped them from carrying out illegal hunting donkeys these people were ordering food from McDonald's when they discovered a glitch that allowed them to get free food by ordering 10 burgers without any meat and then ordering one burger with me this is button city got McDonald's shut fucking your hack this system gave them a discount the discount was so large that it simply gave them the food for free before Nia are dealing with a problem where bikers are destroying signs many of the bikers want to go off the designated trails this is harmful because many areas are off-limits as they're protecting endangered plants and animals two questions how are the cameras set up here one and Petsmart has a policy where you can bring in any animal as long as it's on a leash and you can control it so these people brought in a camel there's a dog running at 34 miles per hour look your India recently completed the construction of the largest bird sculpture in the world the sculpture took ten years to make it was carved using a hammer and chisel Wow I was really beautiful was it worth ten years problem this dog has a job of baseball games where he picks up the bat when the player is done with it in this situation the umpire picked up the bat for the dog and the crowd was absolutely disgusted this player does an excellent job at tricking the goalie without even touching the ball [Applause] why did that was so smooth get next one this cat has thumbs hello everyone this guy's a legend of fucking title me this Kant was born with a thumb he was born with a genetic abnormality that makes his first digit in each paw long and separate it looks surprisingly transform this person attached a device to escape or that allows him to pull off some gnarly tricks this person got stuck waiting for the worst train possible [Applause] I'm willing to be 20 down really an ATM with it activate these criminals use an excavator from a nearby construction site to steal this ATM machine this is a growing problem in Ireland as this is the 11th time in the past six months these same people have stolen ATM they place the ATM in a van and then drove away like a lie just fucking drop it on this car this person took a crazy amount of makeup turn themselves into a baby this is the first one I'm skipping bro this is probably the greatest pizza box ever invented manufactured from 100% recycled and recyclable corrugated cardboard the top of the green box tears along two perforations and creates four serving plates the bottom of the box breaks down into a convenient storage container which is handy for leftover pizza and easy to recycle due to its compact size these doors container fits conveniently into any size refrigerator this person person you are so every you ordered pizza because you're fucking lazy shit so like there's no reason why they didn't make something so complex like that this chimp is smart enough to know how phone works I thought that was a human hand oh my god I thought that was like blue nail polish or some shit oh there's always dangerous actual genius was the defense mechanism used by owls to scare away predators [Applause] in case you didn't know the tusks of an elephant never stopped growing this particular elephant was over 60 years old and her tusks were almost dragging on the ground for them because the fucking pricks that's why they grow from whales that work for the government on my job these people were confused when they saw a beluga whale swim right up to their boat they noticed that the whale was wearing a harness so they helped remove it this particular whale was most likely trained by the Russian military cunt my trees such as the United States and Russia have a long history of using dolphins and whales for military purposes dude no wonder that that strap looks like it was put off oh my god Oh how'd it go into the wall 101 is dark solid whoa Olympics this mascot if you searched the word thanos on google your links will start to disappear okay dude so here's a cool trick you can try at home if you take a plastic ruler and quickly bend it in direct sunlight your camera will make a weird effect this will only work on your phone camera if you record any vertical format

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  1. Lex stop doing these.This is not you.Reaction channels are the people you used to laugh about and now you are unironically doing it.Its kinda lazy and not that interesting to watch and you know it.Please just play something,these videos are a big downgrade from your regular,well edited and funny content.Hope this doesn't come out too harsh,but I think being as honest as possible is the best feedback I can give.

  2. Bro when lex was laughing at the guy drinking their drink, I was drinking Arizona tea and chocked and also I was laughing.

  3. Lex for the past 5 years it’s felt like now your videos are some of the only things that make me genuinely laugh through out the week. Just wanted to say thanks for being you

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