Ready for the Road

You know the first drive on public roads is
something that we’ve been thinking about, and every moment has been building towards
putting these cars on the roads, where we can start learning even more from them. When you
look at the car that came out around Christmas, it was the first vehicle that had everything
integrated and was our first push through our manufacturing line. We’ve now been able
to take that, do some reliability testing with it, make sure that everything really
hangs together the way it’s supposed to before we get them out onto the roads. We’ve made
the car hot, we’ve made the car cold, we’ve done durability testing, we drive it through
a reliability bump track. Getting these cars out into the public and allowing people to
react to them, allowing us to see them out there, I think that’s a huge deal. And most
importantly it’s the necessary step to getting them to drive themselves. When we think about
safety, when we think about giving people mobility, then when you start to think longer
term about the impact on cities and the ability to reclaim space, reduce congestion and free
up parking, this is something where we can have a huge impact. It’s exciting to see the
arc of this project as it’s moved to something that’s starting to be realized. And then the
next step, where we get to start people using it, really, that will be just fantastic.

100 thoughts on “Ready for the Road

  1. It seems weird that the people running the project are just this specific niche of worker, but in time, they will have been the pioneers of a huge industry

  2. I'm looking forward to the google cars it will be life changing for someone like my self. I can't drive because of medical reason. So this would life changing
    to be able to get around and not have to depend on family and friends or public transportation. I hope Google can get this up and running by 2020

  3. Why does it have to look like a Potato ?
    The scene, the very near future….a drunk spills into his self-driving car:
    "Please state destination?"
    "Cahhr, Driaaave meh hoooeeeemmmmeahh"
    "I did not understand that, please repeat"
    "Aahh sahhhdth draaaiivve meeooh hooeeeemmmerrr.."
    "I did not understand that, please repeat"
    " Golldarrned peeeffff offf shheeeeet!"
    "I did not understand that, please repeat"
    "Hooomemerre damimith it!…Amm taaaking a naapp….Zzzzzzz"
    "Destination entered: Hoover Dam"
    Drives off
    Oh yeah..I can see that totally happening XD

  4. What about insurance companies? Don't they make money off of car accidents?

    Self-driving cars would be a wonderful idea in a world where people aren't financially driven assholes.

  5. If you wanna test good drive thru Mountains and Cliffs than you know how good the car is, And what if there is build a new road last and last week it's finished does the car direct detect it? that er things I realy wanna no
    Sorry for my Bad English
    Greats Jayce (From The Netherlands)

  6. A flaw with this design just occurred to me… winter, specifically snow would pose a problem. Snowy roads, and worse yet for the car snow covering its ceiling mounted rotating eyeball.

  7. What happens when they become self aware and they will become self aware believe me. They will most likely end up transporting us to there newly constructed secret hq in Mojave Desert were are helpless bodies will be fed into huge vats of silicon and we are slowly spliced into a new breed of google humanoid sex slaves

  8. This car looks like a car for Noddy. Why does google always come short with the design of its hardware, google glass being another example. If they can get the looks right so that the car looks very cool and desirable a la Apple products would not be such a bad thing.

  9. Taxi cab driver workers out of JOBS, Trucker's JOBS out of work.. NEXT will be PILOTS< SHIP captains both commercial and military, ANY Mobile Platform now doesn't need anyone. THERE will be NINE (9) Billion people and LESS jobs thanks to you ANTI-Human JOB people… PRO HUMAN JOBS.. DOWN WITH the Machines!!!!!!! AND DOWN WITH IBM Watson….. ANTI-Humanists!!!! ANTI-HOMO Sapienists!!!!

  10. I really liked the fact that they made it so small. This would allow more cars on the road and less space wasted for parking.

  11. Anybody that prefers this to actually driving yr self shouldn't be on the Rd in the first place, Dear Google GFY…..

  12. This is idea in the Mad Max realizition? Because is it no, then can let be exist. May be even more interesting come out.

  13. It would need a couple of features before I'd consider buying one: 1. A "Get me outta here NOW" button for when Google Maps sends me down a street lined with weapon wielding nutjobs and I haven't got time to sit there programming another destination. 2. Notification of when a wheel is removed after the car travels down said street without a passenger, is stopped, jacked up and dismantled.

  14. Telepathic controls would be better.. It would force the driver to maintain focus.

    Augment it with the AI, and You can have a synergy that instead of reducing Human intelligence, it would enhance it..

  15. Need improvements made before I could consider one for my elderly father who had to stop driving.  Is there a trunk for when he grocery shops?  Will it find and utilize disabled parking spots?  Will it recognize a carriage in a spot and look for another spot?  What if it is in the driveway and we need to move it to get the regular car in and out of the garage?  How far will it travel and at what speed?  What if someone tailgates it?  What happens to the sensor when it is inhibited by rain or snow?   I leave the rest to your genius.

  16. needs total road coverage, can it avoid a football kicked by a child? can it TAKE ON potholes? England's roads are full of holes so big they'll swallow that car. all this said, I'd still buy one in its current form if I could afford it

  17. As I get older it is becoming increasingly harder to pass the vision exam at the DMV. Would I be able to rely on one of these cars as my primary form of transportation or would I be expected to have a drivers license as if it were any other car?

    Can you speculate on what kind of price tag it would have on it? Will only the well off be able to purchase them?

  18. Do the car can recognize the human that stand in front the car is harmless or what?…
    (i means when a man wants to robber your car or terrorist (both have gun or weapon)want to kill you and the car just stop there because of obstacle block pathway….)

    this looks like self-driving car still need some improvement….

  19. Cool toy, but not a necessity for the average consumer. It's more a toy for the uber rich. Despite costing over $50k, (more than a cool Porsche), this ugly, slow car isn't really life altering like a solar charged electric car for exmaple. Most enjoy the freedom of driving their own car. Google Glass was a cooler idea than this and didn't cost $60k.. This is likely going to fail and be more headaches for Google than it's worth at the end.

  20. How does the car know where to drive if you want to drive somewhere is their like a GPS or something like that?

  21. I've spent my whole life driving for a living, have made a good living at it and met some good people along the way– taking solace in the fact that that's the one job where humans can't be replaced… at least until now (apparently).

    Is this really that good of a thing? I drive a classic car, from an era when driving was a hobby, a privilege, something one should enjoy doing. Not a chore that we long to automate… like running clothes in the washing machine. What is happening to our world? The day we no longer own the fine art of driving our own cars, is the day I'm not sure I wish to be alive on this earth anymore. Forget "Big Brother is Coming". Crap! He's already been here!!! 🙁

  22. I have one question, what is these computer self driven cars were to be hacked. There would be a lot of chaos in the road then.

  23. I really would like to try and drive one, I'm visually impaired, this would work for me and every other blind person in the world

  24. Who said we want cars to drive it self ? It another way to take control of our right to drive .
    Nothing is a hundred percent . I prefer to drive my self and will not get in one . If there was a vote on this it would be voted down . We don't need computer take over our life's .

  25. A big question here is what would stop someone from hacking these cars to cause accidents for their own amusement especially when professional hackers are great at working through anti-virus/anti-malware safeguards on computers and servers even over wireless connections? You can't say it won't happen because even the fbi,cia,and nsa gets hacked by experts that are exceptional existing in the everyday civilian world from time to time even though they are supposed to have the best of the best security measures. This is a bad!

  26. Honestly, why even buy a self-driving car? What's the point of owning a car if you aren't gonna drive it? Use public transportation, or call uber, WHICH COSTS LESS THAN DRIVING A CAR!!!

  27. That thing is fugly. Hope they make future versions look better & a 4 door sedan version would be great. Plus doesn't look like it would survive a crash much. A big rig or large SUV or pickup would obliterate this thing in a crash. Yeah, self driving cars would help reduce accidents but there will still be other idiot drivers driving normal non self driving cars for a long time. Self driving is a great idea though. Things just need to catch up with the idea.

  28. these peaces shit for cars don't belong on the roads not even gulf course . If it's not on rails it shouldn't be allowed to exist

  29. It is 100% ready when you are able to ride on it in India's challenging tracks. Hope it will come out fast and hope I was among the developmental team

  30. Hilarious how everyone here is so accepting of this. Not only is there a freedon issue here but here we have a company who doesn't respect our privacy online now making cars that will pretty much inhibit adventure seekers and more of our privacy will be taken away. The location of these cars will always be know. Trust that….
    The true path to safer roads is driver assist, more safety.features including mandatory breath alyzer to start the car, programs on phone to prevent people from using them in a moving vehicle and stronger drunk driving laws. In fact no driving after any amount of alcohol. I would rather them outlaw alcohol before making my human controlled car illegal.(that's coming next people)

  31. but what happens to people like me what like to feel in control you can't just stop production of normal cars ha I wonder what the future is going to be like the future for me is walking to where I need to go

  32. it's going to be, wait, just don't trust google.
    sooner or later, everything, just fuck it.
    do as you wish… i'm tired of sending warnings.

  33. Self-Driving car manufacturers are absolutely committed to the murder and suicide of American people for profit. The reason people want "self driving" cars is then they don't have to have responsibility for the vehicle, and then they can be TOTALLY GAY! These autonomous cars WILL KILL MANY PEOPLE AND CHILDREN. You will NEVER be able to trust these systems!!!! They are programmed to run over EVERY object of a certain size, no matter what it is!! And it doesn't know what the objects are anyway!! How stupid is that!! "I'm sorry officer I didn't realize I was running over a baby, the car did it when I wasn't controlling it!" Smart huh? And you have to have a death wish, a REAL DEATH WISH, to let a COMPUTER drive you around on public roads!! How much does the consumer know about the self driving car abilities? NONE!! And the manufacturer won't tell you! They just want to sell it to you for thousands of dollars!!! How many stupid fucking people are going to buy these stupid fucking cars, programmed by people who learned how to drive in 3rd world countries, when they don't even know how they work and how well they work under ALL, and I mean ALL, driving conditions???? Would you trust a newborn blind baby to drive your CAR?? Are you really that much of an idiot??? Your 'CAR' will maim, disfigure, and KILL many people including yourself and your passengers in the blink of an eye! And the Government, they have decided to let the manufacturers 'figure it out'… There is NO GOVERNMENT TESTING OR REGULATION OF DRIVER ASSIST OR SELF-DRIVING TECHNOLOGIES!!!! Did you know that? The NHTSA DOES NOT TEST OR REGULATE ANY SELF DRIVING FUNCTIONS OF ANY CAR!! Maybe it's because the DOT secretary is from a 3rd world country? 3RD WORLD NEEDS TO STAY IN 3RD WORLD WHERE THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT HUMAN LIVES.

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