Recovery of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Disorders with The Nemechek Protocol

Hi, this is Dr. Nemechek. I want to
discuss with you how The Nemechek Protocol™ helps children with autism,
developmental delay, sensory processing disorder, apraxia, ADD and ADHD. The
important aspect of all of these conditions is that the normal brain
development, the normal brain repair mechanisms, are being negatively affected
by a chemical inflammatory state that’s actually a problem in most people in
the population. In adults we’re now referring to this as Inflamma-Aging – there’s a video about that as well you could watch. But these chemicals – they’re
called pro-inflammatory cytokines – are preventing the brains of these
children from developing correctly, and from repairing kind of rather common, common injuries. Now, the child’s brain on the first level – in terms of injury
repair – we call this cumulative brain injury (I discussed this at length in the
protocol guide), but cumulative brain injury is a damage to neurons in the
head. So if you hit your head you’ll snap some neurons okay, from just very common
things, your child doesn’t have to be knocked unconscious you know. I always
joke that it seems like every family reunion I’ve ever been to there’s some
little kid crying because they hit their head okay. Now those kids have a
minor, minor, brain injury and if everything works fine, within 2-3 weeks it’s
completely healed and nobody even notices anything. But if you have this
inflammatory process, you leave a little bit of damage behind – I’ll put it here so you
can see it okay – and then if this keeps going you leave some more damage on your next injury, and then more and more, and this damage slowly starts building and
that’s what we call cumulative brain injury. Now the injuries can also be from
emotional trauma. Very traumatic events okay. Very frightening events we now know
cause damage to neurons and its damage you can see in a microscope. Yeah shocking, but it’s true. Then there’s also inflammatory damage. This can be
from inflammation from a severe infection, the stress of surgery, from
fractures, and even from…vaccines can do this. This is part where the vaccines
come in and can cause some problems. And so, all these kind of injuries won’t
get repaired correctly because of inflammation. Now the other thing that
happens is a child is born with 100 billion neurons and we need to
get those 100 billion neurons pruned down to 50 billion by the time you’re 18 alright,
and as you go along, that’s how a child hits their milestones. That’s how
they walk at the right time, talk at the right time and so forth. And so, but if you have inflammation these white blood cells in the brain, called microglia, they do not prune correctly, so the rate of pruning slows
down – that’s your developmental delay. And interestingly, we’re now learning these
enrichment exercises as we call them – speech therapy, you know OT, PT, all this kind of
stuff – they improve the pruning rate okay. And so even the benefit they give us is
about pruning. So now, where does this inflammatory stuff come from? It comes
from a couple major sources. Oh I should add one other thing is, if you have now autism, you have cumulative brain injury, you have poor pruning, so you have both
developmental delay and things like – so the cumulative brain injury in kids
gives you ADD, and hyperactivity, the intense anxiety that we call stimming and things like that, okay – and then, in addition, their intestinal
bacteria is making a chemical called propionic acid and this makes the kids…you know, I describe propionic acid as kind of like a cross between valium and LSD. It’s
a sedative and it also causes some very strange behaviors for these children. But anyhow, the sources of infla – but we’ll come back to that in a minute –
the sources of this inflammation are coming from a couple places, one very
common source is from excessive Omega-6 fatty acids which are inflammatory. Most of these are coming in through the food supply from common vegetable oils like
sunflower, and safflower and soy, and corn, and margarine, and shortening and things
of that nature. They’re coming in through the meats we eat, because we know if you
feed fish corn and soybeans, you’re feeding them corn oil and soy oil and it
gets converted into a different Omega-6 and this is enough to cause brain injury okay. We have a number of studies in animals now that are starting to show
this. But fortunately, this part of the inflammatory stress we block with
olive oil. It contains an Omega 9 called oleic acid. So the Omega 9 is
capable in oleic acid, in the olive oil, is capable of completely blocking this
inflammatory stress we’re seeing from these Omega-6 fatty acids, okay. So olive oil is a very important aspect of reducing inflammation in the
brain in these children. It’s a critical part of reducing inflammation in my
adult patients to get their brains to recover. The other aspect is the deficiency
of Omega-3 fatty acids that we have in our diet. And this is not just the Omega-3 called alpha linoleic acid (or ALA) – that’s what’s
in flax and nuts things of that sort – we need the critical Omega-3 called DHA
and this predominantly comes from animal tissue and it’s in high concentrations
in fish alright. So the kids need Omega-3 fatty acids. So the Omega 6’s are
increased inflammation, okay, and so we’ve blocked that with the olive
oil, and then we give the kids more Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil, these
reduce inflammation – so both of these help a lot. Now the final piece is
fixing the inflammatory stress and the propionic acid production that’s coming
out of the small intestine. There’s a condition called
bacterial overgrowth or SIBO – Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth – and this is where the bacteria from the colon are living now up in the small intestine.
Or, as I put it in my protocol, this is where the “fish” bacteria in the colon are
living up with the “birds” alright. And this causes a lot of inflammatory stress
and produces, in some cases, propionic acid which gives you the features of
autism. So really, the difference between autism and a kid with developmental
delay and cumulative brain injury is just the chemical. Take away the
chemical and the autism features go away, now you’re just left with
developmental delay and cumulative brain injury. So how do we fix the intestinal
bacteria? Well in the young ones, and generally this is almost every kid
below 10, and you can, you can actually get some of the kids up to the early
teenage years to respond to this, is we use a prebiotic fiber called inulin. There are a lot of fibers out there – they are NOT the same okay. This one is
inexpensive, it’s readily available, it’s cheap, just stick with this one don’t try
to do something else, just this one works and that’s all we need okay. And, think of
inulin like bird food. In small amounts, it will only feed the the natural
bacteria that live in the small intestine. They undergo what’s called a fermentation process, and because of that, they make acid alright. Now the invading bacteria from the colon, that I refer to as the “fish” bacteria, they do
not like acid and they will regress. And as they regress you get less inflammation
and your propionic acid levels go down okay. And when those propionic
acid levels go down you get the awakening – I’ll come back to that in a
minute. Now if you have an older kid, for reasons
we don’t fully understand, that as you get up into the teens and certainly as
an adult, the inulin is not effective enough to really get good brain recovery,
so we use Rifaximin alright. This is a non-absorbable antibiotic. All this
drug can do is sweep the “fish” bacteria out of the small intestine and it leaves
the “birds” behind – it does not harm the “fish” bacteria in the colon (the lower
part, the drug just does not work there) – and so we don’t have to worry about the
same issues we do with other antibiotics. It will not lower the species count or
kind of “worsen” the gut bacteria issue in the gut. This just simply
reorganizes the bacteria. And as I said, in the mid-to-late teens, up to adulthood,
you gotta use this to get good brain recovery. So, olive oil, fish oil, and
reorganizing the gut – with either inulin in the young ones, or Rifaximin in the
older ones – has this tremendous ability to reduce inflammation and what happens
is, it restores the brain’s natural ability to start pruning again, and to
start to repair the cumulative brain injury, and it makes the propionic
acid levels go away. So now, when the propionic acid levels go away (if you
have autism) what you’ll see is called the awakening. Because the propionic acid
can act kind of like a sedative, like valium okay, and when you use the inulin
the propionic acid levels drop. If you think of it as the valium dosage drops, if you…
you may get more anxious behavior. They don’t sleep as well,
they’re more anxious, they’re more irritable, they’re more hyper alright. That is not
from the inulin. What it’s doing is showing you the depth of the injury you
have underneath alright. You take kids, and if you just give them Rifaximin
without any inulin, you get the exact same effect okay. It’s
from removing the propionic acid you see this. Now, in about four, six, maybe
eight weeks, depending on how observant the parents are and the nature
of kind of the dysfunction you have, you’re gonna start to see recovery. This
is going to start to go away alright. You just got to get through that – that
period – and it can certainly be a challenge, and but it will start
recovering. And so that’s really the basis of The Nemechek Protocol™. We are
delighted it’s having such a wonderful effect on everybody. It’s inexpensive.
It’s very safe. I should also add – you absolutely don’t use any probiotics with
this, and I counsel everybody – you get rid of all the other non-prescription
supplements, non-prescription vitamins because they are very frequently, in the
work we’re doing with many of the children around the world, getting in the
way of these kids recovering. I don’t know exactly if it’s because some of
these supplements are fraud and they contain something that’s harmful to the
children, or it’s just the brains of these small children are just that
strained, that inflamed, that sensitive, that if you trinkle in just a little
something (even like, lysine or zinc) we’ve seen kids who’ve learned to finally
speak, relapse within a few days of these supplements. So, we only need enough.
Which is olive oil, fish oil, and organizing the gut alright? Now if a
child’s on medicine for seizures (prescriptions), you would keep those in place obviously alright, that’s where I say it so, NON- prescription supplements. You cannot get the brain to recover, ah speed up. You can’t speed up the recovery of the
brain. If you break your arm, it takes six weeks for the bone to heal. Why?
Because the bone takes six weeks, we have no way to speed that up it’s a thing of
nature. The brain has its own rate of recovery. Now you might be begging for
the speech to occur and think nothing’s happening, but all around the child is
doing different things; they’re sleeping better, they’re communicating better,
they’re playing with their siblings – you know, all these things are happening -as
long as you see those things happening alright, the speech will come. You got
to hang in there alright. So again, this is Dr. Nemechek.
On behalf of myself, my wife Jean, we’re delighted you’re all doing so well and
you just got to hang in there. Stick to the Protocol. You need to read the
Protocol alright. There’s a lot you can learn. There’s stuff about relapsing, these little bumps in the road, down the road, that you’re going to
need to understand and we’re just really delighted everybody’s doing so
wonderfully with the Protocol. Y’all have a great day. Bye-Bye.

77 thoughts on “Recovery of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Disorders with The Nemechek Protocol

  1. Thank you so much Dr Nemechek for giving me my son back. As you can see from the video on my channel, my son Cillian was once “famous” for saying “hello” aged only 7 weeks. Around 11 months old he regressed into severe autism and was non verbal. Since starting your protocol 8 months ago we now have a different child who is totally awake to the world. He is a very happy, engaged 3 year old now and he is doing something new every day. There is a miracle enfolding right in front of us and we are all amazed. I don’t think it’s an accident that he was famous as when he’s fully recovered I will share with the world once again and all credit to you! Bless you and thank you again!

  2. Thank you for the informative video. If a child doesn't have any signs of SIBO such as diarrhea, bloating, etc, can he/she still have SIBO?

  3. Thank you Dr Nemechek for sharing this protocol. My son is improving everyday and I dont have to worry about hundreds of different supplements to give. We give inulin, fish oil and olive oil ( recommonded brands). We avoid omega 6 oils in foods and work on activities to stimulate neuroplasticity. I recommend everyone to buy your book before starting the protocol. I can't thank you enough.

  4. Thank you so much Dr Nemechek ! My son Louis-Anton is under your protocol for more than 50 days. We have seen good progress quickly. I started a Facebook group of mutual help (French), about which we talk a lot about your protocol. I was wondering if you would agree to answer some of our questions and also if you agree that I translate your videos with French subtitles to share them later?
    I use Google translation, forgive me if the English text is difficult to understand.

  5. What if your adult son, 26, has been on Effexor xr for many years. We’ve tried to wean him off but he regressed horribly and he’s a big kid! Also can you get olive oil in capsules?
    Thank you for your work. This actually makes sense and I can tell you’re sincere ❤️

  6. Thank you so much for these videos! I have had your book for months, but because I am sleep deprived since my adult autistic/AE son sleeps very little and hides many of my books…these videos Are very helpful! I often fall asleep reading books since I get little sleep, but these short videos with all the valuable info work great for me ! Thank you!, I just stocked up on California Ranch EVOO!…ordered NOW 500 mg DHA… Meeting with his doctor to hopefully get Rifaximin prescribed

  7. Dr. Nemechek, Thank you so much for this video, my son was recently diagnosed with ADHD-Predominantly Inattentive Presentation aside from sped tutorial that we are currently doing, what are other options that we need to do? Thank you Dr. for your time. 😃

  8. I bought the book n I am hopeful. My 4 year old autistic son also has esophagitis and not sure if this will help with that as well. Thank you

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  12. i just love and love your videos thank you so much. My son is under your protocol for about 4 weeks and i see a lot of change God bless you.

  13. Can I alternate fish oil capsules and olive oil…my son is 17 years old and 6ft y’all approximately what dosages of each is necessary to see results?
    And for the rifaximin antibiotic…do I need to get a Rx for that, if so what do I need to say to his physician in order to get her to write it? and how often should I give it to him? Do I keep getting Rx until I see improvement or is it for just one time? I’m sorry for the question overload…I’ve been desperate for answers for the longest of time.

    I’d give anything to get through to my son and pull him out 😔.

  14. After just a few days on the protocol, our 4.5 year old son went potty in the toilet for the first time, without us even assisting him! Now that it's been a couple weeks, we've continued to see more social and communicative improvements as well as less stimming. We are truly amazed by this protocol and how natural and inexpensive it is.

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  17. Could you clarify what's the issue with vaccines and add references before people start keeping their children from being vaccinated and start causing deaths?
    Please make clear your view if people should or should not be vaccinated.

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  21. We started my son (turned 4 in July) in March 2018. He wasn't speaking or even making eye contact. It was basically like we weren't even in the room. Extremely picky eater. He would just spin all day. It only took about a few days for increased eye contact. Within a month, he started responding to his name. Now, 8 months in, he can read, write, spell quite large words such as "celebrate", counts to at least 200. He responds "yes" or "no" to questions and let's me know what he needs. He follows simple commands like sit, come here, close door, open, get bowl, get spoon, etc. His stimming has dramatically reduced. And this is totally insane, but he taught himself the russian alphabet and we're not even russian, nor do we speak it. We're still working on getting him to speak in sentences, but he's come such a long way in such a short time. We start ABA therapy this week and I hope it's all he needs to push him over the edge and communicate even better. He now attends a regular pre-k 🙂 I'm not sure where we would be without this protocol. Very happy we decided to start it. Thank you so much Dr. Nemechek! <3

  22. Thank you so much for your work and the blessings you're offering so many families! Is there any way you might be able to do a video on fish oil and aggression if there's a link? A lot of people in our Nemechek Protocol support group online think the aggression might come from fish oil for their kids and we're wondering the same. TY!!

  23. Sir , let's say during this protocol if child has to undergo medication like anti biotics for fever or cold or cough…. Do we need to continue giving inulin or discontinue till kid gets normal

  24. We changed omega-3 supplement after a simple blood test showed how bad a very common brand really was.

    Our daughter with diagnosed autism, ADHD, FASD and language impairment has greatly improved after changing fish oil supplement and adding inulin. The blood test showed a 40% increased DHA in the blood cells and a EPA increase of 4 times compared to the "old" brand which we had been using for four years. Arachidonic acid (omega-6) decreased a lot and the oleic acid increased, but not much.

    She took the blood test (at home, sent to a lab) and after that she started using the new brand together with inulin. The new brand also contains olive oil which, in addition to all other benefits (thanks Dr. Nemechek) is said to prevent the fish oil from going rancid. After a couple of months we and the teachers started to see notable difference in behavior. She was able to follow math classes and was active in a positive way. Now, several years later, she is in eighth grade in a regular school doing really well.

    Thank you so much Dr. Nemechek for bringing your protocol to the public. The knowledge for us as parents is invaluable and even more so (can it be?) for our daughter!

  25. Inflammation,cbi is a damage from injury,more damage bc of inflammation and emotional trauma ,frighten events , vaccines,neurons not prune.autism has developmental delay ,add ,cbi,propionic acid . Meat and oils contain omega 6 .difference is just a chemical .

  26. Hi !
    It is hard to find dosage for Inulin and Olive oil. In Dr Nemechek book there is chart for Omega 3 fish oil but I could not find dosage directions or charts for Inulin and Olive oil yet.
    Can somebody help answering this question?

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    Puedo creer, hay algún chileno que pueda leer mi comentario y ayudarme por favor para cambiar la alimentación de mi hijo

  28. Hello Dr.
    I'm about to start the protocol please can you or anyone advice what's the best practice to give the oils / olive and fish oil?
    Example; empty stomach? First thing in the morning? At the same time with fish oil?
    Many thanks – regards

  29. Thank you so much. Life changing for our family. Helping both my toddlers on the spectrum and my migraines I have had since 8 years old. Definitely see amazing progress – great advice on can’t speed it up.

  30. Hi there! Great information and thank you for your YouTube channel. Looking forward to being able to download your book via audio. Please do an audio book for Amazon!

  31. so happy see this. Its can be so helpfull for many people. This protocol is so effecite if combined with some GAPS diete rules! Must try…few weeks and you will see some positive changes. If possible try do some tests on clostridia, pathological E.coli and Candida albigans…if your child have some of these bakteria in fekal then try special probiotics with enterococcus faecium, lactobacillus acidophilus and bacillus subtilis…is so effective to reduce theese pathological bacteries. Buy naturaly acidophil milk or something like that. Dont eat refined sugar and gluten!!! There is problem with gluteo-morfen and kazeo-morfen in blood of your child! Its an opiate like chemicals with so dangerous effect on childs brain. Have i nice day…and never back down 🙂

  32. Dr.Nemechek! Good day.

    We don't start NP yet. We pass analysis.
    1.And there are not enough D vitamins, they are very low;
    2. Cytomegalovirus – detected;
    3. Anti CMV IgG – positive. K – 6.52;
    4. Rubella IgG – positive. K – 14.93;
    5. A lot of urats.

    Everything we need is ordered in the pharmacy (iherb).
    I need your opinion, whether to start a PN or first cure these indications? But the Nemechek Protocol itself heals the intestines, isn't it?

    Thank you very much!
    Timur from Kazakhstan!

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  39. We have applied the protocol and joined the facebook group and I am a deep believer it's a gut issue our son has.. Hes a 6 year old boy with global development delay and autistic traits. He's non verbal, nappies, dummies and lots of different issues like constipated and drools. Our son has always cried and screamed it's so bad it's making us ill. Since applying the protocol his screaming has gone through the roof. We just got home in the car and he screamed all the way back it's hurendous so distressed it's unbearable. I keep saying it's the awakening but how long will this last it's destroying us as a family? He won't stop crying screaming for us but it never happens when in company of other people. We are carrying on and hoping things will get better. It's so hard my wife keeps crying and our other children end up in seperate rooms to get away from the crying. Thanks for any reply.

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