Redmi Note 3 vs Redmi Note 4 Speed test

Whatsup every one I am Nikhil from greedytech
and this is the speed test between Redmi note 4 and redmi note 3 Before we get started, these are the benchmark
scores First ill start with solo speed test, where
I open same set of apps on both the phones Btw I have the 3gb varients of both the phones
and both are running the latest stable rom and all the apps are upto date As you have seen redmi note 3 was 2 seconds
faster than note 4 And that’s not not a big deal Now ill open the same apps to see if they
are still in memory Both the phones were able to hold all the
apps in the memory Regular speed test
Now ill do a regula rspeed test, where I open apps on both the phones at the same time and
you can see which one is faster I might be off by a second in some cases,
so ignore that difference In most of the cases, redmi note 4 was faster
by few milli seconds Now lets see which apps are still in memory Now I am adding Asphalt 8 to the list, ill
open it play a game and once again check all the apps, to see if they are still in memory I didn’t add it earlier, as in my testing,
if I added asphalt 8, some apps were out of memory It’s a very close battle,
Those were the results So what is your take on it guys,
Let me know by commenting below the video So that’s pretty much it for this video
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to see more cool videos on tech, I am Nikhil from greedytech signing off, have
a nice day

48 thoughts on “Redmi Note 3 vs Redmi Note 4 Speed test

  1. will I be able to get a 4gb variant on flipkart's 30th January sale? I am a bit confused with flipkart's webpage.

  2. great video…this is the video I wanted…in your opinion,redmi note 4 was faster because of the snapdragon 625 or for the better optimization?

  3. The redmi note 4 display has yellowish tint compared to redmi note 3. Is that true? Which display is more accurate?

  4. Redmi note 4 won't be freely available even if redmi note 5 is released next year. Redmi note 3 is still not available. What is the use of redmi note 4 reviews, best phone in class etc, only hype. Not your fault. But include only phones freely available in best phones list.

  5. Best speed test video among all reviewers. Seems like Redmi note 3 reloaded the asphalt 8 in memory round.. Thanks

  6. hahahaha hahaha you were literally biased towards rn4 and it showed!!! in comparisons where rn3 was faster, you showed "equally fast". That was the most biased review.

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    Aapke liye mere pass ek plan hai OK
    Aap mere whatsaap no 8210702067 pe message kijiye
    Mein aapko plan batauga ok

  8. shitty comparison. 1st round Note 3 and 2nd round note 4? I believe SD 625 is optimised but SD 650 has 2xA72 cores

  9. first thing first, there is whatsapp running on rn3 and you did not do it in factory condition whereas cached data on rn3 piling up more than rn4, I know rn3 is a tinny bit faster therefore I won't bother to upgrade, if the next gen using processor with same architecture on 850/852 I might reconsider

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