Redmi Note 4 vs Cool1 Speed Test

Whatsup every one I am Nikhil from greedytech
and this is the speed test between Redmi note 4 and cool1 Before we get started, these are the benchmark
scores First ill start with solo speed test, where
I open same set of apps on both the phones Btw I have the 4gb varients of Cool1 and 3gb
variant of Redmi note 4 both the phones are running the latest stable
rom and all the apps are upto date As you have seen the difference between both
the phones was less than a second And that’s probably not a big deal Now ill open the same apps to see if they
are still in memory Both the phones were able to hold all the
apps in the memory Regular speed test
Now ill do a regula rspeed test, where I open apps on both the phones at the same time and
you can see which one is faster I might be off by a second in some cases,
so ignore that difference In most of the cases, where I said P2 was
faster, it was fast just my few milli seconds, And unless you see them side by side, you
wont notice any difference in perfornacne Now lets see which apps are still in memory Now I am adding Asphalt 8 to the list, ill
open it play a game and once again check all the apps, to see if they are still in memory I didn’t add it earlier, as in my testing,
if I added asphalt 8, some apps were out of memory
Some how, both the phones were able to keep asphalt 8 in memory Those were the results
So what is your take on it guys, Let me know by commenting below the video So that’s pretty much it for this video
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to see more cool videos on tech, I am Nikhil from greedytech signing off, have
a nice day

99 thoughts on “Redmi Note 4 vs Cool1 Speed Test

  1. bro lenevo p2 has the same 625 as the redmi note 4 but in your another video lenevo p2 has slightly faster than the cool 1 dual why????

  2. GreedyTech Awesome video man..
    Thank you so much for making this comparison..
    Actually i am very much confused between the cool1 and rn4 ..
    Which one should i buy bro..?
    I want a durable phone which does not get any slow in future..
    Please suggest the best..
    Thank you once again

  3. u never judge the phone by its performance cool 4gb ram vs redmi note 4 3GB ram

    u take similar variant phone to testing

  4. I think only speed doesn't matter there is minor difference about 1 sec in both devices. But tell me who is more reliable and durable. Tell me which phone make less load on their mobile's processor.

  5. I would like to suggest you to include Youtube and a browser(chrome) app for speed tests. You can replace play store and settings with these two. Youtube and chrome are memory hungry, for heavy app users addition of these two apps would give a great idea about memory management. Thank you, great videos btw!

  6. This is the perfect speed and memory management test. Just a small suggestion. Add below 4 apps also in your next test:
    Flipkart Amazon Snapdeal & YouTube.

  7. I need speed test between cool 1 vs honor 6x…I hope this speed test comparison may be help ful to your subscribers…please Madi it

  8. we need…speed test between honor 6x and cool 1 will you made it….it will really helpful to our subscribers

  9. Actually cool 1 had 4gb ram in this video whereas note 4 had 3 gb ram so I guess redmi should be btr and am I the only one who noticed that the screen on the note 4 was way btr than the cool 1 or wus it the recording camera focus

  10. In first round…Keep application was not present in Coolpad Cool 1 mobile…u have noticed it during the memory management round…😂😂(though i am also using cool 1)

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