Reichweiten Test Rockwheel / Range Test

the Rockwheels battery indicator shows 2 of 10 LEDs, but this level is very sensitive. if climb up now or drive over bumpy roads, it will beep and the beeping means, it might be switch off if you speed up I had to drive so carefully and slowly that it makes no sense to go on I have to make the analytics of the range now

7 thoughts on “Reichweiten Test Rockwheel / Range Test

  1. that is so cool, I wish I had one but I could never afford one, im unable to work any more im on ssi and I don't get much to live on each month, I can walk but I cant walk very far at a time, anyway, thanks for making the video

  2. which one would you recommend? can see you tried them all 🙂 I was looking at the Rockwheel, but is it too loud in your opinion?

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