Rep. Adam Schiff Talks About Giuliani’s Capacity as a Lawyer and Impeaching Trump

-I do want to have this —
Well, I’ve been asking people, “Do you think Trump
is a worse client, or Rudy Giuliani is
a worse lawyer?” Where do you come out on that?
[ Laughter ] -Well, this is
a very difficult question. -It is, right?
-Uh, I would say — -This is like a question
that, like, in order to get over a bridge,
like, a troll would ask you. -Uh…
[ Laughter ] “Monty Python
and the Holy Grail.” -Exactly.
-I — I would say that Rudy Giuliani is perhaps
the worst lawyer that anyone could have.
-Yeah. -And I would point to this,
which just came out within the last 24 hours.
-Mm-hmm. In “The New Yorker,”
Giuliani quoted as saying, we had to get rid of
Yovanovitch, this courageous former
ambassador to Ukraine, because she was going to
get in the way of these investigations. I mean, it was just another
full-throated confession. And so I don’t know what kind of malpractice
that is, but nonetheless, you know,
on a serious note, what he has admitted — what the president
has admitted — when the president is
out on the White House lawn, and he’s asked, “What did you
want on that phone call, when the president,
in his own words, asked for this favor –” the Ukraine president brings up,
“We need more military help,” and the president said,
“But I have a favor, though” — “what did you want him to do?” And the president says, “Well, if we’re being honest
about it, it’s a simple answer. He should investigate
the Bidens.” And it was interesting
because he was asked about, “What did you want
at the time?” but his answer was
what he wants right now. He still wants an investigation
of the Bidens. And if not by Ukraine,
then by China. And this was why
we felt an imperative to move forward with
the articles of impeachment that we did, because the threat
is ongoing. The plot has never stopped. His efforts to get
foreign countries to help him cheat
in the next election are a continuing threat
to our democracy. But he continues,
and his lawyer continues, to make the case
for his own removal. -And yet, obviously,
we’re in a situation, based on what would have to
happen in the Senate, it is very unlikely
that he is going to be voted to be impeached
and out of office. You mentioned, like,
this is something where you’re going to say
to your grandkids what you did in this moment.
Do you feel as though, you know, if the outcome is
what can be expected, which is he’s not going to
leave office from this, has it been worth it
to impeach him in the House, which obviously will happen
on Wednesday? [ Cheers and applause ] Again, if they were —
If they were senators, we’d be in a whole different
situation right now. -The answer is yes.
And I say that — And I was someone
who was reluctant to go down this road. But two things
changed my mind. The first was
this latest misconduct involving this shakedown
of a country at war. And a shakedown that damages
our own national security was just a bridge too far. But also it was
the issue of timing. The day after
Bob Mueller testified, the day after he talked about Russia’s interference
in our last election, how they might interfere
in the next election, Trump believes
it’s finally over. And the next day, he’s on the
phone with Zelensky, asking for yet another country to intervene
in yet another election. That said to me, this president
believes he is above the law, accountable to no one,
can’t be indicted, he’s got his Roy Cohn
in Bill Barr at the Justice Department,
can’t be impeached, he is utterly beyond
any form of accountability. That is too dangerous a
situation to go unchallenged. And so we do what we must. The fact that the Republicans may or may not honor
their Constitutional duty doesn’t mean that we
relinquish our own. -All right, thanks so much
for being here. [ Cheers and applause ]
That’s Adam Schiff.

100 thoughts on “Rep. Adam Schiff Talks About Giuliani’s Capacity as a Lawyer and Impeaching Trump

  1. President Trump is uncovering all the corruption that the top Dems are involved in in the Ukraine and other countries in the middle east! They are in a panic!

  2. Bull Schiff 💩 more like Jackass. He has proven one thing, no matter how many times he tells the same lie it remains a lie.

  3. Yes.. The Republicans with a clear conscience with tell their grandchildren, "We had to do IT.. or all would've been lost! We had to support someone who would give tax breaks to the rich, like myself.. and lobbyist money.. and kickbacks.. or you wouldn't have the great lifestyle you have! We had to fight giving food to the poor.. health insurance to the sick and dying.. We had to stop treating everyone like we would want to be treated! "


  5. Liar Liar Pants on Fire, just wait for the trials of TREASON. You sit on a throne of LIES oh and you have anything to say about the Standard Hotel. OH ok?

  6. Make NO Mistake. History will not be kind to this Congenital LIAR and Despicably Corrupt Liberal Political SCUMBAG Adam Schiff. He will go down in History as the Most Notorious Democrat DIRTBAG to have fabricated LIES in an Impeachment Coup Attempt against an American President. His Corruption has OUTRAGED Millions upon Millions of Good Patriotic Law-abiding Citizens of this nation. This Disgusting SCUMBAG, REPROBATE, LIAR and FRAUD is a complete Disgrace to this country. It is time for his removal from our government. It is Long Overdue!

    MAGA! KAG!

  7. The constitutional purpose of Impeachment is not simply to go after a specific President.

    The purpose is to impeach the misconduct, the punish the unlawful and unconstitutional behavior — so that a precedent isn’t set endorsing these crimes and misdemeanors.

    If we didn’t impeach Trump, it would expand the powers of the executive so that he and all future presidents could — and would — rule as tyrants, authoritarians, and despots.

    That’s why we must impeach Trump, even if it doesn’t result in a (Republican-held) Senate conviction.

  8. One can roughly divide Republicans into 3 categories:

    1. Extremist : These are the guys who hate everyone who is not white, want to take country back, build wall, want to pick up guns from Trump,etc.

    2. Blue Collar workers: These are the guys who lost their jobs to globalization and in some part to illegal immigration. There hope from Trump is that he bring back the jobs and put food on their table.

    3. Elite: These are educated people with college degree who can actually reason with logic. They may be businessman (like Mitt Romney) or may have a high paying white collar job.

    There is zero percent chance that first category (Extremist) will vote against Trump. As someone said – "They will follow him to hell". The second category (Blue Collar) has less chance to vote against Trump because for most of them its hand-to-mouth type of situation. So the real job of SAVING DEMOCRACY is now in the hands of third category (Elite). These are the people for whom it will make not much difference in their day-to-day life if Trump is not elected. These people are smart enough to know that if Trump is re-elected then his second term will actually be the start of dictatorship and we will lose democracy for ever. Also, America will no longer be the world leader.

    So in 2020, these Republican Elites should either vote for a Democratic candidate or if they don't like the Democratic candidate then they should refrain from voting. At the same time, each and every Democrat should vote for a Democratic nominee irrespective of whether they like the candidate or not. The goal is simple – "Remove Trump and Save Democracy".

  9. Yes. What The Hell is a Presidents Personal Attorney doing Over Seas's any ways?
    Shouldn't he be trying to help dodge tax Releases/Fraud, Pay Off Hookers/Porn Stars and Down play any $ he made from any 1 in Power that visited Trump Towers including Pence./Ireland
    Not to mention bury the Dis banded fraud Charity/NY as well…?
    If I was Trump, I would want my Personal all over this at home and come my butt lmao

  10. Lol😂😂😂 can you tell us how to keep a snowball from keeping shape on a hot stove ,that's like asking is dopey Donald capable of hiring a goulyani for his defence of the offence of treason.

  11. I found a whole new respect for Schiff. I've seen criminals convicted on less evidence. I've never seen so much evidence against someone, even admitting it on camera. It's like he's throwing up his middle finger at America's. Saying I can do what the hell I want. GOP got my back.

  12. It has been one scandal after another, from the very beginning. It seemed like some new threat or scandal every day. It's exhausting. Please take him out.

  13. Trumptydumpty did not write that letter. He's just not even as literate as this drivel. It's got the snotty raving style of Steven Miller in every venomous syllable.

  14. Will any GOPer vote in this hearing, to the truth? What is fueling their fear of "being punished"! What is the punishment? Who are the ones to deliver this punishment? Please research this? Why were there no GOP senators interviewed about their lack of Conscious to supporting our Constitution?

  15. I think Seth is my favourite late night comedian interviewer. He asks great questions and then allows the guests to answer without interrupting. He makes his funny quips afterwards but lets them speak. I really enjoy that.

  16. Are we sure it's not a (at least loosely) planned strategy to keep admitting to crimes when there's no chance of repercussions in order to normalize the criminal behavior?

  17. So exposing the Biden scandal by investigation is then a threat to our democracy ? What kind of crap is that anyway ? If a former vice president , is running for president and had a scandal in Ukraine , then there is no way he is going to be elected unless he gives his account for this scandal. The idea that there was no scandal is ludicrous .

  18. I hate how democratically minded people don't use the edge of the show the same way Fox does.
    We have no "ads" or news shows that side wholly for the good the Democratic party is doing. They're all too bipartisan and fair.
    I appreciate the high ground but man does It feel like a losing battle when the left doesn't have anywhere to be embraced no matter what the case.
    I'm probably wrong but it just feels so lop sided and in the favor of the cheaters and the nefarious bad faith actors.

  19. His most supreme holiest deigns to appear on a late night comedy show! Talk about explaining Trump's so called sins to an audience of unschooled fools

  20. As a non American I have to ask, even if President Trump is shown to have abused his office by asking for the Ukrainian President to investigate Hunter Biden on grounds of corruption, he will not be impeached unless Congress agrees with the Representatives that he did abuse his power. So this process will continue for months. Am I correct ?

  21. Is it me or does Guiliani look like he's missing a neck ? That damn Corruption Warrior . He's always on a mission . When Mango Mussolini and his family bug out to Russia after their indicted , Rudy can pack his bags too ! 🤗

  22. once again…. trump will get away and blame it on someone else… i bet u next in line is Rudy.

  23. Remember when schiff told us that there was definitely collusion with Russia? For two years he preached it. Guess what. HE LIED. NO COLLUSION. Democrats are scamming you again.

  24. See this is why most Americans think this whole impeachment is a joke because you have people in power like Adam shift coming on talk shows? Shouldn't he be making sure that this Nutjob doesn't tear the f**** country down? why is this not frowned upon?

  25. look at his eyes… this guy is not a normal human being.
    of course libturds wont even notice. they are so far gone they have become useless eaters

  26. Incredible . The kid pulls 86,000 a month and the rest of America cant afford to eat . Nothing there move on .
    Than VP JOE BIDEN spouts about a Billion . America has fallen and cant get up .

  27. Defending Corruption? Who Followed Where FOREIGN AID $$ was SPENT after the Countries Received it. NOONE ! IMAGINE having that as your PIGGY BANK. LOSE / GAIN $ TRILLIONS?

  28. Can't wait to watch this traitors bug eyes pop out of his head, as he shits and pisses himself swinging in the wind!

  29. Trump is like the most pathetic wannabe mob boss, just incompetent stupidity, getting all his goons in prison left and right, sees walls closing in on him and he has no idea how genuinely moronic he sounds

  30. If Trunp is still watching Fawx News he s living in denial, as he would clearly know his numbers are falling the news network anmounce it daily! All networks have stated that he is now between 40-47% support,

  31. I'm so proud of Representative Adam Schiff. He's from the district next to mine, but I have still supported him in his campaigns.

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