Retro Gaming EP 50 Zx Spectrum Sherlock adventure game gameplay

hello everyone this is Ricardo I feel I
take a look at Sherlock by Melbourne House now this was a game that came out
shortly after The Hobbit The Hobbit was the quintessential Avenger on the ZX
spectrum in my honest opinion and this is a much-loved in the same rain though
this time putting you in command as it were of Sherlock Holmes the world’s
perhaps best and well-known detective so to send streams in the two broad windows
in your sitting room there is a pipe rack to the right of the sofa a bullet
pock marks and the feature of one wall and charts and diagrams skull another an
acid stained table sits in the corner to the west there is your door to the north
there is a plain door you can see an oil lamp your armchair and Watson’s am sure
in Watson’s am sure there is Watson Watson is carrying the Daily Chronicle
and looks up from the paper and says good morning Holmes say to Watson hello you talk to Watson Watson doesn’t
know so now we’ve spoken to Watson so it’s more likely to do what what we want
him to do I’d imagine so let’s open the claim door open the plane door and the
plane door is to the north so we’ll head north you’re in a small closet to the
south there is a playing door you can see a Chinaman disguise and an old man’s
disguise take China chicken – go straight
yes take the old man oh I’ve seen oh man okay when we go to it we’re all man this
guy’s you wear the old man’s this guy’s take off that old man’s disguise okay
doing an inventory now we’re carrying a China man’s disguise money and an old
man of disguise and that’s great so let’s go south and go back into our
sitting room Watson is still with the paper let’s
take the lamp that is also there as you lock the lock have a look around
the room let’s wait watson with an excited look on his face
says well here’s a case that may interest you
it seems that two close friends and mrs. clown and mrs. jones were murdered last
night in separate incidents although apparently with the same weapon the
crimes occurred at their respective homes in the township of Leatherhead and
because of the lack of a murder weapon and apparent motive the local police are
completely baffled they have called upon Scotland Yard for assistance and it
appears that the same detective Inspector
Giles Lestrade has taken an interest in the case and will be going to the scene
this morning so me to be on our way say to Watson drop paper he’s not going to
do it say to Watson drop Chronicle yeah drop Chronicle and these drop the
Daily Chronicle that’s fantastic we’ve got our lamp stay
for Watson follow me let’s open my door oh look so we need to go to write open our doors
West open my door door open the door West now you’re in a hole to the east
there is your door below there is a stairway we’re going to go down and he
hears something I couldn’t quite work out my playing the game years and years
ago they draw a picture of the stairwell but not close and Watson’s flat Hey
anyway memory with scarce scarce so you’re an entrance hallway above there
is the stairway to the south there is the front door Watson enters open front
door okay open the front door and we’re going to go south so we got outside of
Baker Street you’re on Baker Street the north there is the front door and Watson
enters right so we need to get the Leatherhead station now so we’re going
to hail a cab you hail the handsome cab hello governor
the cabbie remarks to you phaser cabbies hello
you talk to the cabbie the cabbie says hello climb into cap now Watson should
follow us he does brilliant okay Satan heavy go to Kings Cross I’ve spark a beer on go to Kings Cross
Road this is frustrating they – cabbie go to
Kings Cross wrote my typing is terrible so I sent the cabbie go to Kings Cross
Road you talk to the cabbie you’re in the hansom cab with Watson and the
cabbie you are traveling the streets of London in a hansom cab the Sun shines
through the windows on your face now the plan here is to wait and to be read to
great our destination as you can see it’s all about the time as well as 8:43
a.m. 8:45 is what we need right you’re in a hansom cap the hansom cab is in
Kings Cross Road visible exits and northeast right governor that would be
60 give me to caddy you give your Mane to the cabbie the cabby pays five pound
four to you brilliant so climbed out of camp
go to the cab and so is Watson now let’s look you see exits northeast
let’s go northeast you go northeast you’re at Kings Cross station visible
exit earth southwest and northeast so northeast again then you go northeast
you’re on a platform of what a Kings Cross station visible exits at Southwest
or northeast well I’ll be northeast again this Watson is with us you go
northeast you’re at platform 2 of King’s Cross station visible exits are
southwest and northeast well a steam train is entered just northeast again
and we’re at platform 3 of King’s Cross station visible exits of southwest and
northeast you see Inspector Lestrade he is
carrying some money Inspector Lestrade with a surprised look on his face as
well Holmes fancy seeing you here Watson enters Watson says to Inspector
Lestrade hello Inspector Lestrade says the Watson good
morning let’s go to the Strad hope you talk to us the stroke always nice to be
polite kissing so let’s wait now and wait again a steam
train enters inspected a Strad climbs into the steam train okay climb into
train here we go so now we’re on the train let’s wait you wait your weight
against gonna be a long journey the train pulls out of the station you’re in
a steam train with Inspector Lestrade and what’s an inspector Australia’s
carrying some money we were riding in a steam train through the picturesque
English countryside now we have to wait to around 10 o’clock when we get to
Leatherhead now using the comedies that I will click
I remember from The Hobbit okay wait again wait wait it’s a slow train just look
the siRNA steam train the hammering through the picturesque countryside we’re still waiting
wait come on we get Leatherhead how far is it from from Kings Cross station here
we go something’s happened you’re in a steam train with Inspector Lestrade on
Watson Inspector Lestrade is carrying some many Europe platform partners
Leatherhead station visible exits itself and North inspector the Strada climbs
out of the steam train Inspector Lestrade goes so let’s climb out of
steam train you can let steam train he went south that’s where we need to go you go south you’re at the Leatherhead
station to the black with the south and north where just comes out a little
north you can see Inspector Lestrade and Chief Constable Straker Inspector
Lestrade is carrying some many still Inspector Lestrade remarks to the chief
constable Straker well then show me to the Brown’s estate pleasing Inspector
Lestrade says Chief Constable Straker I would like you to meet Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes this is Chief Constable Straker Watson answers what’s the first
is Chief Constable Straker hello chief constable Straker go south Inspector
Lestrade also goes south let’s go south you are in the main street visible exits
are Northwest eastern South northeast you can see Inspector Lestrade the Strad
is carrying too many and he goes west so when out west and it’s obviously
drawing a house you’re at the Browns front gate visible exits are south and
east you can see inspector this drag and a local policeman Inspector Lestrade is
carrying many still he hasn’t been mugged
what’s a nexus and inspecting the Strad goes south south it is thin or actually
you can say to the policeman hello Oh and he says hello right so we want to go
south you go south you on a garden path visible axis and north south south west
and east you can see Inspector Lestrade inspectors Australia still carrying his
money and he goes south west southwest it is then you go Southwest you were on a winding
garden path Bisbal exits are north east and south you can see Inspector Lestrade
inspecting Australia’s carrying some money and he goes south we’re gonna
follow him you go south you’re on a winding garden path there’s my Lexus a
north south west south east you can see the Strad Australia still Italian many
Annie goes Southwest okay where are we now you are on the west side the east there
is a sandstone bridge to the northwest there is a deep stream visible exits are
north and northeast you can see inspector the Strad specialist route
goes east Watsons enters East it is call look at those graphics so some more
drawing you are now on the east side to the west there is a sandstone bridge to
the north there is a deep stream visible exits of South East you can see the
Strad chief constable Straker and a female corpse Inspector Lestrade is
carrying some many on the female corpse there is a crumpled note the Strad
examines the note the Strad says you good morning Watson enters Strega says
to you good morning he says that Watson hello and Inspector Lestrade examines
the crumpled note day two straight to Straker so there you go
who says good morning right okay so what you want to do now is examined corpse
you examine the female corpse you see the body of a middle-aged woman her face
is streaked with dried blood it’s landing note you examine the crumpled
note it reads meet me by the bridge at half past twelve I have some very
important news max closely examine bridge you see a
sandstone bridge close inspection reveals a small chip in
the stonework that is evidently quite new well well though it looks like a
heavy metallic object as struck at Inspector Lestrade entries have your men
searched the river for a gun yet strike your response yes inspector but
unfortunately nothing was found well and no surprise there so we want to go have a look now visible exit our south east there it is that southeast you’re in a
winding garden path the Strad goes east on the south side
so the north there’s a footbridge some self it’s a deep stream exits a West you
can see it a Strad the Strada examines the footbridge
let’s closely examine footbridge and the strands going north
what it is then you’re on the north side yourself there is a footbridge the
Northeast there is a deep stream visible exit and northwest and north watson
enters north you go north and you’re back on the garden path
can we go northeast you can show more of these let’s go Northwest it’s for northeast southeast okay let’s go south on the north side so northeast there’s a deep stream is
cool northeast have this deep stream I cannot go to office the time streams you
see a dip stream to the south you go south now on the south side let’s look and get
a good idea some wet watson west winding garden path west you see stray cat and
the Strad okay so from the corpse we should then go west north north north
east on the garden path south and ripped the French door the Browns
front door as the Browns estate sweet one walled around all the way around
here and now we finally got to their front door not so worried let’s open the
large front door open door okay you open the large oak door the Strad
enters so let’s go south you’re in entrance hall so the east
there’s a heavy oak door to the north there is a large oak door the south
there is a wide stairway the Strad and Straker and Watson enters open heavy
door so the door is now open let’s go east you go east
you’re in the sitting room to the west there is a heavy oak door to the south
there is the dining room you can see Daphne’s Strachan class all fit and a
plush sofa Watson enters straighter and Lestrade also enter so we wait chief
constable Straker closes the heavy oak door and the constable Schrager says
Inspector Lestrade inspector I would likely to meet basil fit and Daphne
strappin basil Daphne this is Inspector Lestrade from Scotland Yard Inspector
Lestrade remarks for Daphne Stratton tell me about what happened Daphne
Strachan remarks to Inspector Lestrade unfortunately I do not know very much
since the first I knew of this horrible deed was when the police arrived and
constable Strega knocked on my bedroom door who were mrs. at this
Daphne breaks down and starts to cry it’s terrible just terrible
there is guilty ensue Inspector Lestrade I’m at the basil tell me your alibi
basil Phipps remarks the inspect Inspector Lestrade well I was in my
bedroom at the house when I am I am renting down the road I stayed up quite
late playing choking on the piano or Chopin and then went to bed
Daphne Stratton steams at a gloss looking forlorn and crying quietly to
herself right say to a pH MP Daphne
hello I would like you to remain here please
Inspector Lestrade Oh Master Chief Constable Strega chief constable I will
see the staff now chief constable Straker opens the dining room door and
Daphne says good morning so receipted Daphne tell me about Tricia
fender here we go you talk to Daphne Strachan
Straker go through door say to Daphne tell me about now the
plots gone Tricia and okay it’s not going to work let’s try
again say to Daphne Patricia fender oh good god you so we went south tell me about let’s spell it right this
time dat are I CIA okay now say to the M th n
II tell me about Tricia she’s not giving anything out B she say – Daphne hello oh it’s all about manners tell me about Trisha feather ah here we
go you talk to Daphne strut and Daphne
strike and remarks to you she was mrs. Brown’s secretary before he died mr.
Brown secretary before he died I think she was a single I do not think
she ever married it’s funny you should mention oh we all wish to say how alike
and she and Paul versus Jones were as far as I know she lives in Portland
Street in London right now saved basil hello No oh say 2/5 rule hello ok he says good morning savored Basel tell me about your address there you go
his address in London I live in Camden Street at Leatherhead I stay a rented
house in Compton Lane ok open dining room door okay with door is
open south let’s open I go south doing the dining room you can see the Strad
Straker please carry him any good morning cause
the plane door and he goes to the dining room door open
playing door so let’s go west you go west you in a
large kitchen so the East there is a plain door this is what exits our West
you can see the gardener the cook and the moon and then Watson enters so it’s
a two o’clock hello you talk to the cook say hello say two o’clock
tell me about Apple the croc remarks you well I do not like
to speak ill of anyone but I did overhear basil and Daphne arguing very
strongly but mrs. brown’s will there’s always money involved
it seems that because of Daphne’s alliance with Klaus or mrs. Brown and
Qatar out of the will I do not think she thought very well of him you record so
who else is your the gardener say to gardener hello
he’s hello again say to gardener right tell me about a major who the
hell’s the major the Gaza says you I always thought that he was such a nice
fellow but last week I was doing some work and mrs. Joneses and I could not
help over here and the major fighting I don’t know what was all about but it was
nasty but we haven’t spoken to the maid say into maid hello good morning safer maid No yeah what we’re knocking okay open
the plane door the West we’re in the pantry and you go either in the dining
room open dining door then go no baby goats a plush sofa get more detailed in
so we’ve got a West to the south dining room
okay so North open heavy door now North I can’t go no where
really entrance-hall its go south from the long passage below is a wide
stairway the self there is bathroom store to the west there at the wooden
door open wooden door open the wooden door
let’s go west you’re in the brown steady to the east there is the wooden door to
the Northeast there is the side door you can see a large desk examine desk the
blotting pad is indeed empty on the desk open drawer open the drawer examine draw
you see the draw closely examine draw you closely examine the tool you see
that the draw carefully examination should have the draw as a salt bottom
well look at that then it’s a false but this game is all over the place there’s
no way you can do without a walkthrough open close bottom open the false bottom look in the large desk there’s the drawer in
the drawer there is a false bottom under the false bottom there are bank account
book and a note examine book you examine the bank account book while the balance
and the account is very high the entries in the book indicate that substantial
and regular withdrawals have been made it’s all about the money I said it
minutes ago the account name is mrs. Brown okay examined note for note reads
I have some news of vital importance that I would like to discuss with you at
your convenience signed Trisha friend okay let’s go east long passage and n-no
let’s open the large cool those nose No to the local policeman we’re going to
release to this stage and east again which takes us to the Joneses front gate
there’s a nice picture okay now it’s time to go somewhere else
and I think this time to the Jones house so South you go south you’re the
Germany’s front door the south through the front door and you can go look the
Watsons with you open rent for the front door is now open let’s go so you are in
the Jones’s entrance halls the north there is the front door to the southeast
there is the dining room to the west there is a sitting room door above there
is the stairwell open sitting-room sitting-room door West it is you are now
in the sitting-room to the south there is a solid door we eat there at the
fitting room door Watson has entered open solid open the solid door South you
are in the library to the west there is a bookcase to the north there is a solid
door you can see a blood-stained sofa on the sofa there is a body
well well we’ll examine body you examine the bodies the body of a woman who was
shot in the head the face is now mutilated beyond recognition so it could
be any body with so closely examine bookcase you closely examine the
bookcase you see a bookcase as you run your hands over the box you take a
hidden spring and with a lot of creaking the bookcase swings away from the wall
revealing a small room behind glass five minute so now we can go west you go west and
we’re going to get a graphic you’re in a small room to the east there is a
bookcase you can see some blood-stained clothes closely you closely examine the
blood-stained clothes they are labeled Tricia fender course adult label their
clothes come on get squeezed north anyone saying
good morning let’s wait so they’ve gone into the library just
south right so here we go everyone says good
afternoon let’s go north back in a sitting room so
he closes the door he’s carrying many we got Straker and major personal right
then so wait Inspector Lestrade remarks I would like you to remain here please
so this is a new door look say two major hello you for the solid or let’s see David Watson follow me let’s go north again yeah so through our library they have the
body right open taking we go Oh okay and that is East though Oh first door closed again for gay the
West the Main Street got personal and unknown what some of us South Cobden
Lane and South again you’re in the small lanes the East there is the Black Gate
the West there is a Sikh hedge can go north
open back legs you’ve broken the back gate
let’s go east you’re in the small yard the north there is the back door open let’s go move you’re in Basil’s kitchen
to the west there is a plain door herself there is the back door open
plain door the West End you are in a lounge the West there is
sitting room doors with East there is a claim right open testing window okay single door is
now open West bring the entrance for a vote
single up the stairwell and we have a little picture of a piano you in our
large lavishly decorated bedroom a broad window overlooks a small lane leading
north below there is the stairway to the east there is the window you can see
fossils beds fossils piano a gramophone and the window closely examine the better than me and one sheet is
crumpled up on top one corner of the sheet is a very small test closely
examined window a very small piece of cloth is caught on the window frame so
some relics of the window ah closely examine gramophone grammar on the record there are is a record of
shot and nocturnes now old basel then he was
playing Chopin what really happened is were a backboard on Gauri’s cloth was
bedsheet out the window he snagged it on the window
that’s very a so flare closely panic
in closely examining piano music on the piano is purakh not true Han so he’s a
liar guilty okay so he’s obviously lying let’s go
down and open the front door for West let’s go north read Main Street North
again just let the head station still north once more never had platform one No where are we now Anastasia should be
platform to the stratosphere strategy hello what was that the star good
afternoon and head to Watson hello so what we’re going to say now is say to
the Strad the major is what proof do you have and then leaves now we’re going out back to London and
the trains not you from that five minutes great is a train climb on tray I’m in citrate Watson dick brilliant so we’re going to
get all way back to King’s Cross Spacely great the training falls out of the station
and you are in a steam train with Inspector Lestrade and Watson and you
riding in a steam train through the picturesque English countryside flap
wait and wait wait where we’re going wait wait so there should be about 4:30 we’re nearly there come on Kings Cross
station finally you’re in a steam train with Inspector Lestrade okay we’re Kings
Cross station a platform for exits a Southwest so climbed out of train and
then southwest platform three southwest platform to again southwest platform one first
I think the last time Southwest will follow the Strad sir on
Kings Cross Road visible axis and northeast you can see the strut the
strut hails the hansom cab Inspector Lestrade as well can you prove that
major Percival folks is innocent yet poems the cabbie remarks the straight
ello Guvna the Strada climbs into the hansom cab right this weight and that his cargo
he went go to Parliament Street your I swear means going right tail cab you hail a cab climb into cab see took cabbie hello all right state of Watson find out our
cab Watson’s gone save it cabbie go to Sid with Street I’m Roth the sun is shining through the
windows on our face we’re going to wait until we get to Sigma Street the CAD
remarks right governor that would be 2d if Lenny too shabby right inventory oh dear so I really have got many many for the
cabbie look
open heavy oak door it’s for Northwest so I’ve just pitched the cabbie which is
a bit irritating Claire had many not so long ago anyway he called me a bloody
snob and and we’re off so we went north wait sorry wait you go southeast Sigma Street and we’re
gonna wear Chinaman’s sky you wear the Chinaman’s disguise
right so now going to hail a cab can be said for Chinaman hello governor flying into tab right right so you’ve got to wait now
until 9:00 let’s wait until 10:00 so we’re on Cygnus Street so waiting waiting waiting waiting
waiting a gobbler waiting the cabbies gone waiting more waiting
more waiting this is ridiculous wait it’s wait till nine o’clock God was still here we’ll come back

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  1. Love watching people play the old stuff. I used to have an acorn electron when I was at junior school. Used to love playing that back in the day. Have seen vids of people playing some of the games I had and my god they haven't held up well. Proper loved it when I was a kid though.

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