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The [Nightstalker] the man who terrorized Los Angeles was once a cute kid with big brown eyes and an easy smile In school many of the girls had crushes on him. He was really charming and very nice It was a nice boy yet by his 25th birthday He would be charged with two kidnappings six rapes and 13 murders you have to understand We’re talking [about] a reincarnated Africa. We’re talking about raging psychopath who has no morals No scruples no ethics. He began his journey seeking God and ended up in the arms of the devil some Fear killers [kill] prostitutes So she can kill young boys serial killers kill homeless people what could be more terrifying than senseless murder one that comes without warning and without motive in the summer of 1985 Southern California was held hostage by a rabid creature of a night a Phantom Killer who cloaked himself in darkness as he perpetuated a series of Grisly murders he wore black He had a black hat on he wore black socks He wore black shoes gravitated toward Shadows purposely he exploited the light he wrapped it around himself on the morning of july 20th 1985 at the Height of his killing spree Max and [Lila] knighting were supposed to meet their daughter judy before going to church When they didn’t arrive Judy drove to their house in Glendale I remember entering from the back door and I saw that the back door was open it was not shut and Obtained had been broken and I walked down the bedroom and my father was laying in bed his head was almost totally Decapitated my mother had been shot in the face apparently because she didn’t seem to have a face His Wanton brutality struck fear into the hearts of californians for five months the police had been after him now They were desperate Detective Frank Salerno from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s office set off on an around-the-clock manhunt He was all too familiar with this killers gruesome techniques He would enter a house at night And if he found a couple a male and a female what he would do is he would eliminate the male as quickly as possible in general he would place a 22 caliber a 25 caliber up against the victim and Execute and then hit the female victim it appears didn’t resist then he would sexually assault that victim if the female victim Resisted then he will kill that victim also then after robbing and ransacking the house. He disappeared but soon he would kill again [one] of the Aspects that made this case so different so unusual was the fact that the assaults happened in many different cities Los Angeles is perfectly suited for an Individual who wants to go from City to city to city killing people because [of] [this] freeway he used the freeway he exploited this freeway In what became a regular routine [the] killer would cruise quiet suburban neighborhoods searching for a dimly-lit home in the dead of night? When he found one to his liking he would chase it then as quietly as a snake he entered he tried doors Found doors to be unlocked he would force windows He would take window screams off in pry a window open And it didn’t matter whether it was in the front of the house or the back of the house or the side of the house to him The night stalkers reign of terror had begun a year before on july 27th 1984 in Glassell Park a small Community Northeast of Los Angeles his first known Victim was Jenny [Vinco] her age was 79 in the Still of [the] night he removed the screen to her apartment and silently entered. She was brutally killed You know this is a mandatory power [dan] elderly woman the person went overboard Muenster the upper torso Neck Arm area [faced] back a lot of stab wounds while investigators were preparing the body for the morgue they discovered a key piece of evidence of Fingerprint but in 1984 fingerprints were not as useful as they are today Then they could only help link a suspect to a crime after he was identified at the time that the department of Justice had About six million fingerprints in master fingerprint file so the chances of matching that would be almost impossible The state of California was developing a computerized fingerprinting system It would eventually be instrumental in convicting the murderer But [it] wasn’t up and running yet in the meantime the [night] [stalker] cruised the freeways Listening to heavy metal and looking for a victim his second murder occurred on March 17 1985 Maria Hernandez apparently was spotted issues of driving a freeway and Killer followed her home as she [closed] the automatic door of her garage The night stalker crept in with her and she heard the slightest occurrence She turned towards it and there was this person dressed all in black holding a garden [tuck] at us. She said no, please don’t fire a shot and the bullet was deflected by the key and she fell down [and] [she] played Dead and Thinking he killed her he [went] up to the apartment upstairs [Marie’s] Roommate de La [Hizaki] was inside. She heard the gunshot and tried to hide behind the kitchen counter She became curious and want to see what happened, and she slowly raised her head And she got shot right dead in the [middle] of the floor and she was dead closer to [Cabrera] But Marie Hernandez got a good look at the killer as he flew out [of] the house She described him as tall Dark and hispanic It was a huge break for the police they already knew that his desire [for] murder seemed insatiable His lust for excitement and death and variation Really was much greater than most serial killers This was not a man who could wait for a week or a month To feel the gradual tension and need to build up this is a man who in a matter of hours Could begin again to feel the lust for murder At about 1:00 a.m.. That same night with his adrenaline pumping the fandom found another young woman This one was driving on the San Bernardino freeway Her name was silane you He followed her off the freeway. She pulled over asked him why he was trailing her and threatened to call the police The stalker immediately forced his way into her car shot her dead and vanished but again he left some critical evidence the sheriff’s office recovered similar bullet casings from each of the murder scenes that night and Decided [to] run tests so within a couple of days after our firearm section at our crime lab Compared bullets from those two scenes we knew that we had a serial killer because both they match Salerno and his partner gil Carrillo had to catch the killer before he ignited a citywide hysteria But they needed to find more clues They waited ten days before he struck again On March 28th 1985 the killer silently coasted up to the house of Vincent and Maxine’s Azara What he would do was he shut the car engine from [shut] the lights of the colorful movie? And it was slowly silently Rolled to stop the case [bizarre] a home he tried to get in the front door with [lock] [to] tried to get inside windows They were all lost he went in the back everything was blocked But he didn’t give up he noticed a small window leading into the laundry room and quietly slid through When he got inside he took off his shoes Got down Low and let his eyes adjust to the dark there were two people in the house that night Vincent and his wife’s machines Vincent fell asleep watching Televisions in the dayroom in front of the house the night stalker shot Vincent’s Azara in the head killing him instantly [Maxine’s] Azara tried to flee, but he captured her [and] tied her up while the killer ransacked the house Maxine freed herself and went for the shotgun Hidden under the bed She grabbed the shotgun picked it up pointed it he pulled the trigger it Just went click the night [stalker] shot her at the same time then he went to the [kitchen] and got a butcher knife And the killer was so incentive and outraged that she would try to do that That he wanted a part of them literally he cut out her eyes and took both her eyes Eyes had a peculiar fascination for one group of psychotic people Paranoids, what is terrifying to a paranoid is not that the other person sees them but that for one? Brief Moment The glint and contact of another human eye makes them see themselves when a person stares at a psychotic person he forces them to look at [themselves] and so the act of removing their eye is the act of grabbing the mirror away from The Victim some [co] [Tuners] will Let you [Ms]. If you talk to them if you get to know them that they get to know you Some serial killers will take pity while I was blonde if there’s such a [thing] as a bad see when a baby is born is he already a serial killer already made or Is he created by his own deeds and feelings throughout his life? Through March in April of 1985 the Los Angeles police knew they had a serial killer on their hands, but no idea who it was Then he struck again [on] may 14th 1985 in the city of Monterey Park William Doy was murdered by a gunshot to the head Lillian his invalid [wife] was restrained by thumb cuffs and raped after her ordeal she described the killer as a tall Hispanic man dressed in black who had bad teeth and at the scene the killer unwittingly left the police Another tantalizing clue a shoe print in the dirt outside We got lucky in that the shoe that he happened to be wearing was a new shoe Was a patented sole it only been in America since february of that year the brand name of the shoe was a Via Detective Salerno ran a check on the sole pattern and found that only one pair of shoes of that pattern and size had been sold in the Los Angeles area But because they were paid for in [cash] the store owner could recall who had bought them the sheriff’s office Circulated pictures of the shoe with a composite drawing of the suspect but nothing came of it Then two weeks later in Monrovia 84 [year] [old] mable Bell and her invalid sister florence lang were attacked Mabel was bludgeoned to death with a hammer Her 81 year, old sister was brutally raped and left for Dead This time the killer left the police a clear message he drew a symbol of Devil worship a pentagram on lang’s inner thigh and Another on her bedroom wall it was a disturbing clue [the] night stalker [was] proclaiming to them. He was in the service of Satan. He didn’t believe that he was possessed What he believed was that? He was the lone instrument of Satan he was the private emissary of Satan and for that he believed he deserved and would get both a special protection in life and a special place in death Still the police were mystified Who was this mad man? Who savagely raped and murdered multiple victims on his diabolical rampage [a]? Murderer who was now proclaiming his allegiance to Satan Ironically this devil had started out as something of an angel people don’t think that Serial Murderers were ever children, but the truth of the matter is Richard Ramirez Had wonderful family Richard Ramirez was born on February 29th 1960 in El Paso, Texas He was the fifth and last child of Julian and Mercedes Ramirez Mercedes was a devout catholic Julian who had only a first grade education [grew] up in Mexico where he met in married Mercedes in 1948 A Former Policeman he took a job as a laborer on the Santa fe railroad when he crossed the border with his new Bride marcedes began working in a boot factory mixing pigments and chemicals without benefit of ventilation or masks By 1959 she had given birth to four children reuben Joseph Robert and ruth reuben and joseph were both born with birth defects She was breathing fumes all day, and it’s very very difficult for her, but she was always loving she was always kind her pregnancy with Richard was the hardest the fumes were making her weak and nauseous and Doctors suspected her body was trying to reject the child she was [carrying] But despite her sickness she gave birth to a lovely and seemingly happy child And when I said to her what was your son like as a little boy She looked up to the ceiling her eyes started filling with tears and the big crocodile tears all down her face and she said When Richie was a little boy he loved to dance to the radio And she went on to describe this normal child who [was] very? extroverted always laughing always giggling But childhood was not without its dangers at the age of two and later as a five year old Richard suffered accidental But traumatic head injuries both of which were serious enough to have left him unconscious Still Richard did well in school and his friends remember him Fondly He was a friendly kid and very charming [yeah], I remember him [having] there’s a lot of little girlfriends You know girls had had little crushes on him, but he was a very good person a good child But there was one thing that set him apart he had epileptic attack when we were in the fifth grade And he would have his pathetic seizures and we would pretty much programs in the Classroom teacher would hold him down all the students would be all around the classroom against the walls we felt for them the epileptic attacks continued and began to disrupt [Richards] life and in fact one of the important experiences in [Ramirez] Adolescent life was his anger about not being allowed to play football because he would have brief episodes of seizure-like behavior, but other forces were shaping Ramirez – Richards Father Julian was abusive often beating his children with a belt strict disciplinarian and Believed in corporal punishment, and he beat his sons, and it was very violent with them What affected him the most was not his father hitting him? It was seeing his father hit his brothers He was moved by that it altered him It changed him in some way his father’s temper was so volatile he often exploded and took his rage out on [himself] Once banging his own head with a hammer until he bled Richard Escaped the brutality by staying near his mother and big sister They tried to reinforce his strict catholic upbringing and as a child he attended church regularly His mother was a benign female figure And we have no data to indicate that she did [anything] [that] would arouse the kind of malevolent psychotic rage [that] characterizes man It’s very close [to] the sister. She doted on him. She watched over him Yet, ironically though his sister and mother were loving and giving as he approached adolescence something formed deep within Richard That would later burst into rage against women distortions and sexuality Probably really don’t come about as a result of early childhood experiences with maternal figures the indications are that the Morbid Sorted and Bizarre sexuality comes during adolescence Adolescence as the point in time in which imprinting takes place with regards to your sexual impulses I’ve always been fascinated with Killers and crime and murder and yes, since I was 12 13 years old normal ordinary people do that thing like a serial killer [they] have no conception of what is going through a killers my on May 30th 1985 Only a day [after] the murder and rape of 84 year old Mabel bell and her 81 year old sister Ramirez was still consumed with bloodlust He silently cruised up to a house [in] Burbank Tried all the windows and doors until he finally found a puppy door by the kitchen entrance He reached in and easily Gained entrance to the house ruth Wilson awoke to the blinding beam of a flashlight The intruder grabbed the 41 year old and led her to the room of her 12 year old son He locked the child in a closet raped his mother and afterwards escaped undetected Over the next few days. He went on to rape a six-year-old girl and to mutilate and kill two more women in His tangled mind sex and violence were intertwined The young the old the weakened and firm these were his prey Yet this remorseless killer had been gentle as a child Richard loved his brother joseph Who’d suffered a severe birth defect at school Richard protected Joseph from Bullies? But there was someone [that] the Ramirez brothers couldn’t protect themselves against When Richards brothers were put into a slow learners class they fell prey to a teacher who was a child Molester The teacher visited the Ramirez house while the parents were away there was a pedophile in his house and he was [89] years old that was Abusing his older brother who was 14 at the time which it would not admit to me that he had been Abused by this man, but I do think he was his brothers. Do think that he was if you look at him He was [a] very [a] trial I can’t imagine a pedophile being in that house and not going [after] Richard soon Richard like his older brothers began using marijuana and sniffing glue Then when he was 11 his cousin miguel also known as Mike helped Destroy whatever innocence remained miguel basically was a psychopath who was drafted during the height of the Vietnam conflict and He excelled on [war]. He was a green beret. He got numerous medals numerous citations Miguel took Richard under his wing and revealed some ghastly wartime secrets to the impressionable [11-year] old child Mike took to murdering Vietnamese woman for fun for pleasure They were the enemy nobody cares and nobody said anything to him and he took to taking a VC woman Into the jungle and tying [him] to trees raping them and killing [them] he not only did that but he took pictures of the woman terrified tied to a tree and then them dead with a severed head and when he came back from Nam he had a shoebox filled with these photographs and He told Richard about these violent war stories laced with sex, and he showed. Which of his photographs Mike even taught the Youngster the techniques of jungle [Warfare] Had a kill with stealth and certainty and then after a fight [with] his wife Mike graphically demonstrated his teachings while the eleven-year-old watched the deeply disturbed war hero murdered his wife He kept a loaded 38 and refrigerating. He always wanted his gun cool He told Richard he took the gun out he turned around went to those life and shot her in the head She was dead before she hit the ground Richard told me that as she was going down He saw it in slow motion and there was this dying sized hole in her head squirting blood Mike was arrested judged insane and placed in the mental institution [Richard] never told his parents. He was in the room when the killing took place But he began acting strangely Early adolescence is the time of imprinting? It’s when our very basic internal sexual structures are developed by seeing a fusion of Sexuality and violence what happened to Ramirez is that two forces of life which are usually kept apart? were fused forever sexuality underwent Distortion perversion they reflected a kind of permanent Restructuring of Ramirez’s psyche the disturbance became apparent by the time he was 12 Richard Began roaming the neighborhood at night as a peeping Tom His sleeping [habits] became very bizarre in his early teen years he stopped sleeping in the father and mother’s house He would go to the corner There was a cemetery there, and he sleep in a cemetery there in the land of the dead he began to pray to the devil He given up on Christianity if you’re thinking dark thoughts and your thoughts involved rape And brutality and murder You can start thinking Satan to God to you not Jesus Christ By high school his classmates noticed a chilling change in him He was totally different, and he no longer looked like the kids the normal kids You know he looked [a] little dirty he had definitely Changed life had changed him one time when we were passing each other in a dark hallway And it was just ricky and myself walking in opposite direction, and we didn’t say anything to each other I remember he [looked] up at me. We made eye contact and for some reason I was for it. It wasn’t long [before] he dropped out of high school and took a job at a local holiday Inn he worked in a hotel and had access to a master key and during that period of time he would hide out in rooms and Watch women and become aroused and have fantasies and one night. He saw this woman undressing and her going [to] bathroom would take a shower and he decided he wanted her and he quietly opened the door and walked in and She was just getting out of the shower and he came up from behind her and he plants his hand over her mouth and He brought it down And he was in the process of raping her Her husband who had gone just to park the car Came in right in the middle of the rape and a husband beat him to a pulp in the morning He was booked and taken to court, but the couple who lived out of town wanted nothing more to do with the ugly affair They refused to return to El paso and the charges were dropped Richard had Gotten away with rape very early on Ramirez Had two critical learning experiences that suggested somehow that the ugliest and most Satanic Forces operating him could operate with impunity And without punishment at the age of 17 with these dreadful demons dancing in his head Richard Began hanging out with his cousin Mike the disturbed Vietnam veteran who had been released from the mental hospital they got high on drugs and fantasized about violent sex a Year later in 1978 he left El paso for Los Angeles where he turned his fantasies into horrifying reality The day he stepped off the bus He stepped right into this world [you] look less than with somebody often use a gun He look like and this woman trying to sell check. He was like a kid in a [candy] store For some serial killers, but is the very act of killing another human being that [is] sexual to them? There is no protection that gives a man killer of Mass murder on July 20th 1985 the same night he brutally killed Max and Leila at knighting Ramirez entered the home of an Asian couple China Rang Havana, and his wife some kid He killed Chong’er on his 10th victim and raped his wife He left her alive, but as in five of his previous murders He’d left shoe prints from his unique of Via sneakers the police began to think he was baiting them and a number of serial killers begin to imagine that their killing spree is a contest between Them and law [enforcement] and baman society and as the efforts to catch them become more public More energetic their success at getting away with homicide proves to them their extraordinary powers Here are all these educated detectives Policemen psychologists psychiatrists He can triumph over [holder] But this victim too got a good look at him and some kid gave the police a detailed description of her attacker They released the [information] to the press the tabloid soon dubbed Haley the night stalker [Los] Angeles police today added more killings to those already linked with the murderer cold and light stalker. He became front-page news The gory details of his killings splashed across the country’s newspapers and television Sets but still he stalked the night I’m very sad frightening. I’m scared. [everybody] is real Edgy. We have abundantly tried to lock all the doors and windows Yet the killer was living undetected less than a quarter mile from police headquarters in a cheap rooming house in downtown La he’d been there since leaving El Paso in 1978 Since then he become a petty thief and a drug addict he was shooting up cocaine It was like Yulie pSychosis. It was [Anny] to whatever problems. He had [is] getting worse and worse and [worse] He needs a lot of money, and he got the money by burglarizing houses Satan was still a vital part of his life He even traveled to San Francisco to [visit] a coven of Devil worshippers at one point in time. He had the opportunity to be a member of an organized Satanic cult He elected not to do that His grandiosity would not allow him to share his place with Satan with others He was something in his mind more special by 1983 Richards life in Los Angeles was a downward spiral of drugs pornography Prostitutes, and theft his family they knew something was wrong. They were worried He wasn’t calling he wasn’t writing letters his sister. Who was very close and came up to Los angeles in El Paso She begged him to come home to the haven of his family and their religion But he told her he was now under the protection of lucifer Five months later. He was arrested for car theft. He was photographed and fingerprinted and spent six months in jail His prints were now on record, but that wouldn’t stop him from murder When he was released in june of 1984 he would kill [for] the first time and a year after that Knowing that one mistake could be his last he began an appalling spree of rape and murder that shocked the world on August 8 1985 Ramirez Drove 30 miles from Downtown Los Angeles to the city of Diamond bar He cruised to a stop on a quiet street He then entered the house of Elias Avila and his wife sakina While their three-year-old slept he murdered elias and repeatedly raped his [wife] Before [he] left. He calmly ate a melanie found in the refrigerator This was his 13th murder and a police were no closer to him He was literally running circles around them he was entering different police jurisdictions and the police were not cooperating Lapd didn’t tell the sheriff officers They know Glendale Police did not tell the sheriff’s office what they know the Monterey park police found a footprint that Belonged to the killer and they did not even [tell] the sheriff office about the footprint right the police were facing a barrage of criticism Then surprisingly the night stalker struck three hundred miles north of Los [Angeles] in San Francisco There on august 18th. He murdered an elderly taiwanese couple La Detectives Frank Salerno and gil Carrillo heard about the killing on a police CB channel Check the details with the San Francisco police and rushed North But just as they began to Gather evidence the San Francisco Mayor publicly released information critical to the case She mentioned the piece of physical evidence linking the night stalker to almost all of his crimes the avea Shoe prints the Los Angeles police were livid it places this community in Jeopardy because it impedes our ability to go forward fully with the investigation [shortly] after the press conference Ramirez Walked onto the Golden Gate Bridge and tossed his shoes and gun into the Bay Then he stole a car and drove south of Los Angeles into Orange County he had Gotten rid of the evidence But he couldn’t rid himself of the desire to kill in order to understand the night Stalkers clients You have to understand. We’re talking about a reincarnated Jack the Ripper We’re talking about an individual who gets off by plunging a knife into somebody Consumer killers and and most killers in General have a good conscience Two detectives to apprehend suitors they need to get inside the mind of a serial killer On August 24th 1985 just one week after his last murder in San Francisco Ramirez Drove South of La to Mission Viejo There he shot bill carnes in the head then he raped his fiancee This quiet neighborhood is over 50 miles from the stalking grounds around La but Orange County Investigators say they are certain that it was the same man who struck here early this morning had been awakened in the residence early this morning by Gunshots She stated that when she woke up there was an intruder in her room the intruder grabbed her he sexually Assaulted her and tied her up the night stalker was unpredictable that was one of the reasons the police always seemed Just a few steps behind him his victims were all over the spectrum The way he selected victims were all over he changed weapons. I mean he used his hands he did strangle He did shoot he did stab he used a crowbar he used his foot in one case where he stomped a woman to death so he didn’t fit the classic pattern as law enforcement new serial killers and That’s what made it difficult with the growing hysteria Ramirez knew it was time to get out of town He ditched the stolen car [and] took a greyhound bus to Arizona, but he left town without knowing a crucial clue had been left behind The night of the Crime a teenager outside fixing his bike Had seen him and he saw this guy drive by that looks just like the composite sketch of the night stalker and the kids got The license plate [number] the police Suddenly had the license plate number [the] car guy [was] [in] they found the abandoned car in Orange County While processing it they discovered a clue on the rearview mirror And apparently what [happened]. It was a very very hot she took over the gloves at a point in time [and] [he] just [has] an ear and he left one print Finally California’s new fingerprinting system had now come online When the fingerprint was processed it matched the prints of a petty thief who had stolen a car in 1984 and Spent six months in Jail The cloak of darkness in which he had hid himself was now torn off [the] night stalker finally had a name Richard Ramirez His face was plastered on TV screens and newspapers Police units were on alert [all] over the city the biggest manhunt in Los Angeles history was in full swing So we felt once the name went out and photographed for mounting the Richard would have tried to escape from Los Angeles through the Greyhound bus people Everyone was on the lookout for Ramirez But the police were wrong again as they meticulously staked out each bus Depot exit hoping to snatch him as he left Ramirez arrived we didn’t know that Richard was somewhere in Arizona Near Phoenix trying to visit [a] brother and he was coming back into town when he got off the bus Ramirez saw the detectives But he remained calm And he walk [like] that walked out of the terminal he went to a grocery store to buy coffee at the same point a woman in the back of store recognized him and She turned as white as a ghost and she pointed what she said How madison [al] matador which means the killer we panicked he literally pam? He tried to get on a bus people on the bus and recognized in the started pointing at him. It’s him It’s him he got off the bus Ramirez Began running for his life He tried to steal a car But people began shouting and running after him someone called the police and 40 police cars and seven helicopters Converged on the scene. He kept running the crowd at his heels, but soon found himself at the end of his rope He was pulling this woman at the cause she started screaming Her husband came running from the backyard picked up a pipe in here and I was in crack the mobile head with a pipe and Richard took off and started running down the street and Everyone’s yelling now El Matador El Matador and in no time There’s like a crowd of a hundred people chasing the block they caught him somebody said get my gun get my gun they knew who he was they got him to the ground and [it] was pumping in the beat and The police came and the police [safer], we’re happy to announce that the individual we have in custody Is Richard Ramirez [the] night Stalker his six [month] spree of gruesome rapes and murders was finally over? The police recovered a car he had used in it they found bullets linked to two of the murders They also recovered a handgun in El Paso the police discovered 375 Pieces of Jewelry Ramirez Had stolen from his victims and sent to his family At home his friends were stunned. It’s very hard to understand that somebody that you grew up with [but] you shared so many wonderful things birthday parties and boyfriends and girlfriends Someone like [that] is doing all this harm. It’s been possible But worse than possible it had all happened and at his trial the bizarre [nature] of Richard Ramirez would again take Center Stage [I] Think [it] is believed that Satan was the one that made music in Heaven before he got thrown down into the pit [if] Satan is a stabilizing force in my life. There is part of me. That’s gotta believe in him the [Nightstalker] had finally been stopped he was charged with 14 murders and 30 other felony counts related to his rape robbery and murder spree. Hi, my name is people versus Racism and During his arraignment in October 1985 Ramirez flaunted his allegiance to the devil once turning to the media [and] raising his palm to reveal a pentagram he had drawn their heresy Didn’t surprise me at all everything He did like that we used against him anyway Because that helped us connect to some of the crimes like some of the crime scenes We have this pentagram, and we had this hale safe, so [anytime] he told his act We just turned it around on and we ended up using it as evidence in court It seemed like an open-And-shut case But it took two years to bring it to a preliminary hearing to public defenders were appointed to Richard Ramirez But he disliked them Another defense attorney came and went before the Ramirez family retained two lawyers who had never before tried a death penalty case Then through a long series [of] legal maneuvering his trial was [delayed] until January 30th 1989 from the beginning Ramirez showed, no remorse from Ramirez’s point of view The trial has to be an insignificant event his view of the afterlife and Satan requires that he view the Consequences [of] an ordinary Human Criminal Justice trial as a trifle He has assured his place in Satanic Eternity Ramirez came to court in Black clothing and black sunglasses as Investigators and surviving witnesses related the gory details of their encounter with Ramirez he calmly leaved through Bloody crime scene photos clearly relishing his crimes anew After a while it became very apparent that he is the type [of] person that could do this the comments that he would make there laughing you know when certain evidence would be shown or by pictures of bodies he’d laugh and giggle and When he realized it was causing immense pain for victims he would nearest them Ramirez was drunk with his newfound fame he even had groupies they ranged from nurses to dancers in exotic clubs mothers law students, I mean it ran the Gamut They were dressed in black Eagerly awaiting the moment when their idol would turn around and smile at them One of them doreen loy was mesmerised. [I] [lifted] him I was Captivated, [I] I don’t even know today. What captivated me so much, but he just fascinated me and That was that [was] it. I think from [that] moment. I knew I was going to have some involvement [with] this person, but his charisma didn’t sway the jury The accounts of the survivors and the Physical Evidence tying ramirez to the murders were overwhelming on September 20th 1989 after 55 days of Testimony and 165 Witnesses Richard Ramirez was found guilty with the jury in the above-entitled action find the defendant Richard Ramirez guilty of Murder He was convicted of 67 felonies including 14 murders He was given 19 death sentences a big deal this always went with the territory and Richard was placed on death row in San Quentin He remains there still a situation, not likely to change But after his incarceration Richard would shock the world again I Can ecstatically happy today and very very proud to have married Richard and his wife in 1996 he married doreen loy. He’s very sexy in my eyes I just think he’s a gorgeous person and to me he’s as beautiful inside as he is outside. It was a marriage made in Prison during our wedding ceremony these commissioner of marriage who performed the ceremony? described our band as an unbroken circle of love and That describes us perfectly and I was waiting for him to say until death Do you part but he didn’t say [that] he just left it out [of] the valve and later? I said why didn’t they say that [Richard]? And he says it’s not good form one [death] run Doreen has reportedly vowed to kill herself when Ramirez is finally executed For some that execution day cannot come too soon I’m awaiting for that sentence to be carried out Richard asked me if I was going to go to his execution I told him I I was planning on it He’s planning on Vienna. He’s a convicted killer and his sentence should be carried out the victims having a lot of problems with it the Children of the Victims want to see this guy die. They want closure they want it to end, but there’s nothing they can do

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    I think his whole family should be put down so they don’t breed ever again

  5. I would not be surprised if in the future it turns that this Phillip Carlo guy is a serial killer himself. He seems like pretty fucked up dude.

  6. people tend to think about serial killers as monsters, they are not, they are humans and are a product of society, collateral damage if you will, always before criticizing them think of them as a car, the first car then the next and the next, changing with time but in this case we have a human going through life, bad and ugly things can happen and change the person mentality, unstable, hate,rejection,fear,bullying, physical and mental abuse etc we actually make them, not in all cases but most of them

  7. Remember this very well. However the mob that chased him down in East Los Angeles were yelling "El Maton, El Maton" the Murder the Murder not the Matador which means bull fighter in Spanish!

  8. If Ramirez's musical taste is important, so should be the musical tastes of all other serial killers. One could start with John Wayne Gacy who was an REO Speedwago fan. Music doesn't have anything to do with it but nobody should forget David Berkowitz's appreciation for Hall & Oates.

  9. Groupies! Really!! These women never learn. Its mind boggling to me that women are attracted to psychopaths and serial killers. They love him coz he raped and murdered innocent people. Its sick. And very disrespectful to the victims families.

  10. Anyone see ghost adventures when they went to Richards graveyard satanic site and recorded three dark figures moving in threes all behind each other mocking the holy trinity while billy was using his voice box between the 3 trees richard did his rituals under

  11. Here's my Richard Ramirez T-shirt design ($15)

  12. Let me say this:
    Had this piece of shit killed in Texas…
    …he would have been executed a long time ago.
    Instead he could marry and die from natural causes.
    That's California 👎

  13. 16:00 the expert says that the warping of sexuality doesn't happen as a child but as a teenager. What a moron. There was no real investigation. We know the father hit himself with a hammer, he was probably psychotic and did a whole lot more than that, and that is the Crux of the matter, but that was not investigated in this whole 40-minute video does not talk about it. They just trust everything that the family said during investigations as though everyone tells the truth. What is stupid video

  14. Of course it's not ok to hit your wife…but being hit by your parents while you were younger doesn't justify you being violent in future

  15. Why the fuck was he allowed to wear shades in court ? What a fucking joke. Also at 39:09 the voice over guy clearly says sand quintin instead of san Quintin

  16. Why in the world do we allow murders to get married in prison? I think that is as sick as the crimes he committed! California has some of the stupidest laws in the united States. The women he married needs to be committed to an insane asylum!

  17. If Richard was not on hard drugs he would have been a very attractive young man . . . But he would have been evil too and that's bad

  18. Los Angeles had it bad in those days, because both the night stalker and the grim sleeper began their murderous careers in 1985.

  19. This story gets more insane and more insane and climaxes at the stupid white woman practically worshipping this weak man. This is truly insane.

  20. The groupies, the wife. Inexplicable. This was a righteous death sentence and it wasn't carried out…he raped a 6 year old child. And wimen thought he was sexu? I can't help but wonder, the women must have been mildly or moderately mentally retarded.

  21. No one:
    The prison system:
    The glue Richard sniffed: He had a great family from a perfectly normal house

    Mother was inhaling fumes and gave birth to two children with severe defects
    Father was physically abusive and violent towards his family
    Cousin was a sadistic misognist who enjoyed killing women and telling his pubescent cousin, and ultimately killed his own wife…
    He sniffed fucking glue.

    Sounds about right.

  22. He was such a coward he couldn’t even attack able bodied people who have a sliver of a chance of fighting back… a woman in her 20s is obviously outmatched by a homicidal man, but at least she could hopefully have the strength to run or escape

  23. I just love the way he was captured he got the shit kicked out by a bunch of people they ganged on him and kicked his ass. Me personaly i would tie him up then i would start with cut one arm, then one leg, the cut the other leg, and last but not least cut his other arm. Then i stabbed him to 75 times in his chest and then ill hammer him in the back of his head then ill shoot him. So he can suffer just as he killed all those innocent people. I dont think in my mind did enough to him

  24. He died of B-cell lymphoma in 2013 after being on death row since 1985 hahahaha 28 years on death row after what he did is a total fkin JOKE and DISGUSTING

  25. There was no hope for him.
    He lost the last remains of sanity that made him human.
    He didn't understand empathy or normal human emotion.
    The only excitement or fulfilment for him was taking life. Not that he had a motto for it. He was so into Satan he just wanted to find a purpose by killing ppl for Satan.
    There was no human in that human shell of his

  26. So those army guys torture rape and kill inocent women while in war what an atrocios stuff.
    And came back to U.S.A. with anybody punish.them .
    Instead they came back as a heroes that's very unfare.

  27. I feel like this guy gets overlooked a lot as one of the most notorious killers because he didn’t kill many people. But this guy was on a different level of insanity and psychopath. He spoke crazier than Manson in my opinion. The way he justify murders was very disturbing.

  28. Between a Psychopath and a Malignant Narcissist, which category would Richard Ramirez likely fall under? Richard's awful childhood would have created circumstances where NPD & ASPD would develop right? He suffered severe head injuries, abuse from his father, and then exposed to horrific war images by his cousin Miguel, the actual murder of Miguel's wife and then drugs on top of that. He was even taught how to kill with stealth. Then in court, he appeared to enjoy all the attention he is getting from media and his groupies, plus make what it appears to be a grandiose statement towards the court, showed contempt for society and lacked empathy. I also learned that he sneered at the victim's families when he heard them cry and in a state of grief. It appears that after all this, he would likely have a combination of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), Anti-Social Personality Disorder (ASPD), Machiavellianism, & Sadism. In my opinion, Richard Ramirez was a Malignant Narcissist based off of his past and then the evil actions he did and then the way he acted in court. But I would like to hear what you guys think? Does he fall under the category of Psychopathy or Malignant Narcissism?

  29. If he killed today the democrats would protect him in a sanctuary city. Oh wait he is an American so probably not well maybe since he is a "minority"

  30. Every time I watched a documentary about such serial killers, they had groupies and fans in the trials. This is really scary to notice how many people are so fucked up mentally to glorify such evil and inhuman acts!!!!

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